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Ensuring you get whatever you need is a must, like a job, a salary, a phone, internet connection, foods, utilities, and prominently a place to live. Getting these basic things doesn’t come easy, moreover if you have many targets to spend your money in, you’d be confused about which to trade-off, whether or not to have the iPhone XS Max or to pay rent for next month. Or doing an impromptu trip with your friends on the weekend or not since your bills are paid, yet. 

Back in the city, especially the big and metropolitan cities in countries like the US and UK, people seem to be financially able to provide for themselves a comfortable place of living regardless of the tally amount of an apartment. Even more, they’re able to spoil themselves in the lavish restaurants or conduct a weekend getaway with their best mates. Alluring, obviously. The key to being like them is to live in a flat-sharing room. The solution to this is of course living with a roommate or co-living! Believe it or not, it is an efficient way to fulfill your needs without cutting your budget. Even so, many people are still unfamiliar with the idea. So, here we provide reasons why you shouldn’t live on your own and have roommates for you who are still confused.

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Split chores! 

Flat-sharing is a term used when two or more people live in the same property together. It could be a property where everyone has their own bedroom but the other rooms in the dwelling such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc will be shared with your flatmate. A flatmate or housemate is someone who is currently living in a property that is shared with someone else. Some people also called it a roommate. 

Living anywhere and with anyone or even by yourself, you won’t be able to escape chores. Of course, if you’d want to live in a clean and organized place you have to work for it. Having roommates is actually a solution for you who are too lazy to do all the work, from cleaning the house, taking the garbage, and even laundry. Some chores even cost a lot, like laundry. Plus, if you choose to have a housemaid to do all the chores, the pay will still be divided with you and your roommates!

More importantly, you can always choose first who you want to be roommates with. Whoever fits well for you to work together to do the chores. Feel free to say yes or no and politely reject someone if you think you two can’t get along. It is essential for you to be in good hands and in a comfort zone. Don’t ever force yourself.


Living costs split into two or more! 

When you live by yourself, the first crystal clear consequence you need to handle by yourself is your rent. Eerie, it sounds. This monthly fee you ought to pay for a place that you merely spend time in. Or even to the nominals that got you to always rethink twice whenever you’re about to spend your money. Paying the rent fee all by yourself is irritating when you know that you can get the same facilities and comfort whilst living in a flat-sharing room. 

Living alone will actually cost you higher rent in some cases. For example, living in an apartment that comes with two bedrooms yet you only use one bedroom for your stay is more expensive than sharing the apartment with someone else. The rent that may cost you $4000 now can be deducted to $2000 when having a flatmate to share with. Bills that consist of phone bills, water bills, electricity, laundry, and taxes are the real-life ghosts in your life haunting you wherever you go. When you live in a flat-sharing system, some of the aspects I’ve mentioned can be decreased, like:

Electricity, of course, you’re gonna split the bills with your flatmate since you both use pretty much the same amount of electricity. Well, except if you have this giant television complete with the ultra-sound speakers and a hairdryer that every time you turn it on, people have to stop using electricity for whatever reasons they’re using it to let you dry your hair. It is obviously rude for you to not take the bigger payment part, right?

Water bills. It is hard to not separate the bills into two because we all hardly count how much water we use every day. Just ensure that you always turn off the sink tap after you use it, 

After splitting some of the common aspects you used to work hard onto settle, the world feels a little easier. You don’t need to be Atlas alone. There is always a solution or another perspective to solve one thing and another.

You don’t feel alone. 

Having someone to talk to after a long and tiring busy day at work or sharing magpies about the brand new season of Money Heist is a magnificent feeling to have. Your flatmate could be someone you look up to, your go-to person, your BFF. Considering they are the ones that you see first at the dawn of the day or the last person you meet at the dusk of night. 

When you’re not in your best condition and it appears it’s troublesome for you to reach things-to make supper to take your own medicine your roommates will also be there is all handy. They will be there comforting you if you just got a reprimand from your boss. They will support what’s best for you because they actually care. Knowing this fact is just another marvelous feeling. You will know who is worth your trust, who is worth your friendship. The hesitation fades away as you get to know them.

A well-heeled lifestyle. 

If you manage to save money on rent and bills, you are more likely to have the deliberation to spend more money on something else. Spending it for a night out with your folks, traveling to another country, checking stuff from your bucket list, gyms, and ordering an organic salad that might cost the same as your main menu-but, hey, you got the extra money, don’t you? Even better, you can save your money for the latter use as a form of investment. Or sending your parents some unforgettable anniversary gifts. 

These glittering and alluring fascinating advantages can be obtained by you commencing whenever you want to. Flatmates, roommates, housemates-whatever you called them-are not as peculiar as it sounds. In fact, it brings lots of benefits to you more than you know.

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