10 Recommendations of Sports Equipment at Home

Exercise is an activity to improve body fitness. In addition, this activity is carried out to increase muscle mass and maintain body strength. Sports have various types and are carried out according to the needs and abilities of each individual’s body.

Some people choose to exercise at a fitness center close to home or the nearest sports field. Some other people choose to exercise at home because it is easier and more efficient. However, during the pandemic, activities outside the home need to be reduced, especially outdoor exercise.

No need to worry, because you can still exercise at home using sports equipment. Here are some recommendations of sports equipment at home that you can use, to be healthier and fitter.

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1. Skipping Rope

One of the recommendations of sports equipment at home is skipping rope. Skipping rope is one of the sports tools used to strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, and abdomen. You can skip skipping for 30 to 150 minutes every week according to your body’s ability.

In addition, the use of skipping jump is that it can burn calories, increase muscle mass, nourish the heart, prevent leg injuries, and train breathing. You can do some jumping techniques as a beginner such as basic jumps, namely by jumping with jumps that are not too high.

2. Resistance Band

Another sports tool is the resistance band. This tool is used to train the strength of muscles such as biceps, triceps, and back muscles. In addition, using resistance bands is also able to train the flexibility of the body.

You must have this tool as a substitute for the tool that you often use in the fitness center. The price is relatively cheap and you can find it at the nearest sports shops. You can also train your leg, thigh, and calf muscles with this tool.

3. Foam Roller

The foam roller is a foam that is used to increase body flexibility. This tool is also often used to reduce muscle pain. You can use a foam roller every day to tighten the stiff muscles in the body.

In addition, using a foam roller will help drain blood to areas that are not affected by blood flow. You can use a foam roller for five minutes as a warm-up before activities or before doing strenuous exercise.

4. Yoga Mat

The next piece of sports equipment is the yoga mat. Yoga mats are used to prevent feet or hands from slipping during yoga. In addition to yoga, this mattress can also be used to do other sports movements such as planks, sit-ups, push-ups, and pilates.

Another benefit is to make body pads so that your body can exercise comfortably. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the thickness of the mattress before using it.

Yoga mats can also improve body balance because a soft surface will make the feet safer and balance the body quickly when changing yoga poses.

5. Dumbbell

Next are dumbbells. Dumbbells are small weightlifters. You can do various exercise movements using only dumbbells, namely squat thruster, overhead extensions, biceps curl, side raise, and press-up renegade row kickback.

By using dumbbells, you can train the strength of the chest muscles, tricep, and bicep. You also train body balance and increase muscle strength in the shoulders. And by using dumbbells, you don’t have to worry about being hit or suffocated by the tool because of its small size.

6. Static Bike

A static bike is a device that resembles a bicycle. This tool can reduce and control the number of calories in the body, just like you pedal a regular bicycle. In addition, you can also strengthen the muscles and joints of the body.

With a static bike, you no longer need to use a regular bike and pedal for a long distance because you can also see the distance you have traveled. You can pedal for 5 to 10 minutes for starters and increase the time when you’re used to it.

7. Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a fitness tool that is round. You can use a kettlebell to increase the strength and stability of the core of the body. You can also start building muscle mass using a kettlebell.

You can also lose weight by doing kettlebell swing movements that will help you burn fat to the maximum. In addition, you can also do a combination of movements such as push-ups, squats, and other cardio movements according to your body strength.

8. Pull up bar

Pull up bar is one of the recommendations for sports equipment at home. This tool is used to increase muscle mass in the shoulders and arms. In addition, this tool is also usually used to train hand strength and increase height.

Exercising using pull-up bars can also prevent diabetes, maintain bone health, minimize joint pain, maintain heart health, and increase confidence because it can improve posture.

9. Gym Ball

The gym ball is one of the sports tools that are easy to find. Usually, this ball is used to train body flexibility and is also suitable for use by pregnant women. You can also tighten your muscles using this gym ball depending on the posture and exercise movements you do.

With gym ball, you can also do planks, push-ups, ball crunches, glute bridges, to V sit-ups. The gym ball is quite popular because it can be used by pregnant women to increase body flexibility and prevent the onset of tension in the muscles.

10. Ab wheel roller

Ab Wheel Roller is a tool used to build muscle mass. If you are a beginner, you can exercise your muscle strength using this tool. You can also increase muscle strength in the lower body.

The exercises that you can do with the ab wheel roller are ab wheel plank, power pikes wheel, ab wheel knee rollout, and ab wheel v-rollout. In addition to exercising muscle strength, it can also prevent muscle cramps.

Those are some recommendations for sports equipment at home that you can use. As a beginner, you need to pay attention to every exercise movement so as not to experience injuries or cramps in the muscles. Warm-up before exercising to regulate breathing and prevent muscle injuries.

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