7 Street Boba Menu as Options that You Must Try

Who likes to drink tea with topping boba decorations inside the drink? Drinks with a blend of compositions between tea, milk, and bubble, or more often called boba, which was popularized from Taiwan, it does have a lot of fans, ranging from children, teenagers, and even adults. Indonesia itself also does not want to lose to its home country to quickly follow the popularity of this drink. Various brands of boba tea have made their way into Indonesia and are well known, from international brands to home brands or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, which are more commonly referred to as UMKMs, by offering drink menus in terms of various flavors and prices. One of them that offers a varied menu is Street Boba.

For your information, Jovi Adhiguna’s Street Boba uses a franchise or franchise system to build many outlets in various cities and regions in Indonesia, where boba itself is a contemporary drink favored by young people and even all walks of life. So it’s no wonder that the boba drink business is currently a promising business choice. This opportunity is utilized strategically by cooperating with a well-known content creator, namely Jovi Adhiguna. This is supported by the same target audience with its activities as a content creator in the field of fashion and lifestyle. The business that carries the theme of Japanese pop culture is called “Street Boba.” Not only boba drinks, but Street Boba itself also presents a cafe with the dominant color of yellow and blue which is instagramable so that it fits perfectly with the nuances of young people who are the main target market. The launch of the first Street Boba outlet was carried out in the Ampera area on January 31, 2020. Developing its business in the midst of the current pandemic season does not close the success of Street Boba. It is proven that in 2021, Street Boba has targeted to open 200 outlets spread across many regions in Indonesia.

Although the current pandemic period is quite difficult for many business people to deal with, a local brand of boba tea has skyrocketed since the pandemic emerged. Yes, the local brand is Street Boba, which is quite familiar among boba tea lovers. The drink menus offered by Street Boba generally bring a Japanese feel to the original drink from Taiwan. This uniqueness certainly attracts great interest from the Indonesian people. Various drinks from Street Boba have many interesting flavor variants and will make you curious to try them right away. Here are 7 Street Boba menu choices that you can try.

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1. Nara Miruku Ban

Nara Miruku Ban

Do you like drinks that have the main ingredients of fruit? So, this one menu might be suitable for you to try. One of Street Boba’s menu that uses fruit as the main ingredient is Nara Miruku Ban which is a drink consisting of a blend of fresh milk and bananas. The taste offered from this drink is certainly different from the presence of granules of brown sugar boba.

2. Shizuoka Ichigo

Shizuoka Ichigo

The next Street Boba menu recommendation is Shizuoka Ichigo. For your information, this drink is a menu that you can only order when visiting the Street Boba outlet directly, so it’s not wrong if this drink is called a hidden gem menu. The flavor variants offered by this drink consist of strawberries with fresh milk along with refreshing whipped cream.

3. Shibuya Fresh Milk

Shibuya Fresh Milk

This Street Boba menu is their signature menu. The reason is, the mixture of the typical Street Boba drink menu is indeed unique. Fresh cow’s milk blend with brown sugar and this chewy and soft boba is perfect for drinking at any time, so it’s no wonder that this drink menu is the hallmark of Street Boba itself.

4. Hokkaido Choco

Hokkaido Choco
Pergi Kuliner

For those of you who love chocolate drinks, Street Boba also offers drinks with a chocolate flavor variant! This drink consists of a mixture of brown sugar, boba, fresh milk, and chocolate flavor are good for fixing your mood.

5. Tokyo Locama

Tokyo Locama

It’s different if you are a lover of Lotus Biscoff biscuits, maybe this drink menu can be one of your favorites with the next Lotus Biscoff theme. Yes, Tokyo Locama is a drink consisting of a mixture of fresh milk, brown sugar, boba, and of course the Lotus Biscoff biscuit which has a distinctive aroma that will arouse your taste buds.

6. Kyoto Tiramioshii

Kyoto Tiramioshii

Still the same as the previous drink menu variant, Kyoto Tiramioshii uses Regal biscuits as topping on top of the drink. With a combination of Regal biscuits mixed with fresh milk creamy and brown sugar, of course, it will create a sweet and fresh taste. This drink is given a similar name to tiramisu because, in terms of taste, it is indeed similar to taste-dessert tiramisu. Even though there is no boba in this drink, it still tastes good.

7. Okayama Cookies

Okayama Cookies

In addition to the drink menu which is equipped with topping Lotus Biscoff and Regal biscuits, Street Boba also offers drinks that use Oreos as the main ingredient, namely Okayama Cookies. Inside this drink serves a mixture of fresh milk with Oreo biscuit powder that is crunchy and sweet.

Which drink menu are you looking forward to trying?

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