Best Street Markets in Tangerang

To Indonesians, street markets have long been holding a special place in their heart. It’s not just a place for grocery shopping, but a meeting place for people from all walks of life. Street markets are the perfect place to observe and learn how Indonesians support one another’s livelihood through trade.

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In Tangerang alone, there are many street markets with different merchandise and perks. Tangerang’s markets are also culinary hubs, which means you can get to taste as many kinds of foods as possible in one spot.

Here are the four most famous Tangerang street markets.

1. Pasar Lama

pasar lama street market tangerang
Source: Google Maps

Pasar Lama Tangerang is a historical street market that dates its history back to the 15th century when Admiral Zheng He (familiar to Indonesians as Cheng Ho) sent his aide Tjen Tjie Lung to land in an area now known to the people of Tangerang as Teluk Naga (Dragon Bay). Tjen Tjie Lung’s party then settled in the area and married into local families and grew a community of Chinese descendants who lived through trade and agriculture. 

Their front yard stalls would grow into what is now known as Pasar Lama Tangerang (Tangerang Old Market).  Even now, you can explore the community’s rich history by visiting the Boen Tek Bio temple within the market complex.

Pasar Lama itself stands in the Royal area from the Pocis intersection to Kebaharan. At noon, it’s a quiet retail district with bicycle shops, textile stores, pharmacists, banks, and street food vendors.

At around 16.00, however, Pasar Lama transforms into a culinary hub with hawkers carting into place and culinary lovers flooding in to taste classic, endlessly beloved recipes like H. Ishak’s chicken satay, Ko Iyo’s chicken porridge, and many more.

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Pasar Lama also has fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. From midnight to 9.00, you can catch stalls selling fish, herbs, spices, and even cooking utensils along the main road!

Address: Jl. Kisamaun, RT.001/RW.006, Pasar Lama, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15118

2. Pasar BSD

pasar modern bsd street market tangerang
Source: Google Maps

Pasar BSD, or officially known as BSD City Market Place, is a modern version of the traditional market in the prestigious BSD area. 

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Unlike most street markets, Pasar BSD contains vendors selling fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and more in one clean, well-maintained area. And, just like in supermarkets, vendors of the same type gather in one area according to their category. For example, you won’t see a seafood vendor next to a vegetable one. 

Despite being a traditional market, some Pasar BSD vendors sell imported goods! Here, you can find fresh beetroots, lemons, kale, etc. Perfect for the cooking addict!

But despite having an impressive inventory and a neat arrangement, Pasar BSD is a favorite of Tangerang residents due to its high quality and affordable products.

Other things you can find here are tailors, baby shops, fashion outlets, home decor shops that sell vintage items, a baking equipment store that offers cooking lessons, and so much more.

But Pasar BSD is also famous for being a culinary haven. Here, you can taste various delicacies such as Surabi Notosuman, jajanan pasar (street food snack), Pempek, and even sushi. They’re the main must-tries!

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Still, there is something you need to look out for if you want to come over on the weekends. Parking is hard to find on Saturday and Sunday, so it’s best to use angkot or online taxi services.

Also, try coming in in the afternoons and evenings. The parking area transforms into a snack kampong in those hours!

Address: Jl. Letnan Sutopo, Rw. Mekar Jaya, Kec. Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15111

3. Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera

pasar delapan alam sutra street market tangerang
Source: Google Maps

Another traditional market nestled in the middle of an upscale neighborhood is the Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera.

Like Pasar BSD, Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera is a retail center within a modern shopping complex. Of course, hygiene and comfort is a priority in the maintenance of Pasar Delapan.

Gathering small and medium business owners, Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera turns into an ideal place for grocery shopping. Here, you can find vegetables, spices and herbs, poultry, and even seafood. Not only are they as budget-friendly as expected of a pasar produce, but they also have the same level of quality control as a supermarket. 

As the Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera also includes a shopping arcade, you can find stores for household appliances and services such as laundry. It’s a one-stop shopping center to get all your morning chores done!

At 17.00, Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera changes into a culinary hotspot, known as the Cafe Tenda area. 

With over 55 tenants, Cafe Tenda stretches from the north gate to the south. Here, you can find street foods such as sweet potato balls (Bola Ubi), Martabak, and all types of Es Campur. 

For something a little more hearty, they have Soto, Ayam Taliwang, Gudeg, and so much more. You can even encounter experimental food creations such as hotplate rice with creative toppings and manually brewed coffee.

Address: Jl. Alam utama, Pakulonan, Serpong Utara, Pakulonan, Kec. Serpong Utara, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325

4. Pasar Jombang

pasar jombang street market tangerang
Source: Google Maps

According to locals in South Tangerang, Pasar Jombang is the oldest known traditional market within the area.

Standing near the Sudimara station, Pasar Jombang continuously fulfills the needs of residents with all sorts of groceries, 24/7.

In the mornings (starting from 1.00), Pasar Jombang is full of vendors peddling fresh produce and hardware. You can expect to see not only meat, fruit, and vegetables, but also shoes, pajamas, and even gold jewelry lining up the street.

As the day goes on, however, the peddlers will disperse, and what remains will be shops selling furniture, household appliances, fashion, and toys.

Fruit and vegetable stalls remain throughout the day, but as night falls, Pasar Jombang welcomes more and more street food vendors and workers, friends, or couples who venture out to seek a place for hangout.

You can find all sorts of snacks and full meals here, though the jajanan pasar are the recommendations. Indulge in a wide variety of them, such as Kue Bantal, Onde-Onde, and fried potato doughnuts. 

Discovering the street market is one of the best ways to immerse local culture. Hopefully, those mentioned street markets will give you an extraordinary experience. Happy exploring!

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