Things to Check When You Go on Apartment Touring

Apartment Touring

Going around to take a look at what could be your new place can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a mundane thing to do for frequent movers. While some people might settle easily for their soon-to-be apartment, there are some things that need to be understood and observed by both experienced and novice movers. By ‘need’ we mean recommended to be done so that you guys don’t waste more time and money going back and forth or touring an apartment without taking into account the important stuff. So, here are some quick tips and tricks for an apartment tour!

Research and Schedule!

The internet is always a friendly and functioning tool for apartment hunting. They will have things from the size, the price, to the architects behind the building. Some of the more important things to list are the contact and address of potential apartments since your search will be more structured and waste less time and money if you can map them out neatly!

What are the rules

While people might just assume some things when it comes down to rules, it would always be in your best interest to ask the rules for each apartment. Sure, maybe an apartment’s rules are quite standard and flexible, but there are certain details that would be better to be known from the get-go. For those who are frequently moving, these rules might be similar to one another, but still, just to be safe, ask the details for your apartment! 

These things can include the rules for sub-renting your apartment, rules for the keys, rules for visitors, and rules for co-living. Sub-renting is sometimes done by owners of an apartment when they’re not living there, hence renting it to other people can be an option to earn some money on the side. Another thing is the rules for the keys, sometimes it can be quite strict as it is linked to matters of security. Rules for visitors are also important since it is more or less a matter of security too. Again, the key is to not assume too much as it can lead you to an unnecessary argument with the landlord.

Signal reception

While most apartments would give its residents an accommodative service in terms of internet and connection, it would help if you test it yourself once you get the chance to have an apartment tour. This will help you get used to the possible signal trouble should you choose a certain apartment. Besides, it can also make you choose the best possible option when doing a spree of apartment tours. Nowadays, this is as important as having a comfy couch itself, because who wants a nice comfy place with good internet to make it worthwhile? Take a phone call from the apartment, open Instagram, or even send an email. Try it out!


Similar to the previous point, some people might find that they’re more inclined to pick a certain apartment because of the facilities and services that they offer. Maybe because they won’t really have the time for it, or because of the area of the apartment that they like would make it hard to go around. If you like a certain apartment, ask about the facilities! Go to the gym, look at how big the swimming pool is, how comfortable the saunas are! These are the things that would possibly be at your disposal on a day to day basis, so don’t forget to also tour the facilities.

Check-out the Window View

People tend to overlook the art of looking out of the window of an apartment and enjoying the scenery. Some people can find it relaxing to know that their apartment is a comfortable place with a decent view of the city. Whether your potential new apartment would be in the middle of an unintelligible concrete jungle, or an atmospheric almost-cyberpunk city skyline, it doesn’t hurt to check since some good views are love at first sight. So you should be aware that looking is just as important as looking at the view from your window  

Plan out your dream apartment

After looking at the apartments from your list, imagine the modifications and adjustments that you would make. If readjusting it would take too much time, then maybe you should consider other options. If moving stuff in would be not too troublesome to make your dream-apartment come true, then maybe the apartment’s one of the better ones on your list!

Take notes!

To make your search even more structured after the making of a schedule for some apartment tours, don’t forget to take notes and pictures (if you’re allowed) of the places you’ve visited. This will make it easier to compare one place to another. Some people would be too lazy in doing this, but it will be worth it when you do it! Make it as some sort of an assignment to tick the boxes. This way, even when you don’t find that perfect dream apartment, you can get the second best, which is not bad, to say the least.In the end, people would have their own priorities in an apartment viewing but this guide will help you set out the general things that almost everyone would need to take into account when looking for a new apartment. By all means, mix and match, add a few details to the apartment tours! Settling for less is too often the case for potential apartment renters to stop looking for that one perfect apartment. So, don’t be too lazy to do it! A longer stay in an uncomfortable place can affect your overall mood for your daily activities, so don’t give up on finding that perfect apartment!

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