Things to Look Out During an Apartment Tour

Are you going on an apartment tour? Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in apartment hunting, we have the just the tips for you to make your apartment/listing tour an effective one. Here are the things you need to look out for before, during, an apartment tour.

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1. Before Going on the Tour

The most important thing to do before going on an apartment tour is research. In case you’re afraid of overlooking some details, we got a list of ‘what-to-research’ checklist to get you started:

  • Price, this goes without saying, but paying attention to rent price is important because you’ll probably be handling other expenses such as maintenance costs and deposit (if there are any). You’d be better off touring apartments that are well within your budget range, which includes the extra expenses, and all, than spending time touring apartments that you know you can’t have.
  • Unit type, make sure that you’ll be touring a unit type that fits your needs and preferences. Don’t let the agent take you to and try to sell you a 1BR when you’re already firm about renting a Studio.
  • Paying terms and methods, Some landowners insist on having the rent be fully paid upfront or don’t accept rent terms less than a year or six months, but you can avoid them if that’s not what you need. Make sure that there’s no misunderstanding about paying terms and methods. Tip: For extra security, we recommend using websites that handle in-website credit card payments such as Airbnb and Jendela360.
  • Facilities, when you’re scouting a particular apartment, take note of the facilities offered on the apartment’s official website or listing page. You’ll be checking these later during your apartment visit

2. Getting to Your Apartment

You can even glean info about your apartment during the drive there. The same goes for your walk from the lobby up to your unit —if you know where to look:

  • Distance from your office, Try hailing a Grab or Gojek car taxi from your office. Along the way, talk to the driver about traffic conditions. Ask about possible routes you can take to escape traffic jams, rush hours, etc. 
  • Distance from transportation stops. Motorbike taxis aren’t exactly a good option when you need to travel long distances while carrying baggage. Walk around and see if there are public transportations you can take around your apartment.
  • On-site facilities. When you arrive, take the time to look around for facilities before meeting up with your agent. Some things you need to find are laundry services, minimarkets, and atm centers. Car owners should inspect the parking lot as well.
  • Fire Protection Equipment, while Indonesian apartments aren’t big on carbon monoxide detectors, you should still be able to have access to fire escape routes and fire extinguishers. Ask about smoke detectors as well to your agents.

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3. Going on the Tour

While going on the tour, there are things you need to look out for before you fall for your agent’s sweet promises. Keep this ‘Points of Interests’ checklist close while touring the unit to avoid faulty utilities and the resulting unwanted surprises during your rent:

  • Appliances. See if stoves and air conditioners work well. Ask your agents for maintenance service contacts in case they need repair later. Another tip: ask if there had been any previous repairs.
  • Water. Check the water pressure and temperature, does the hot water run? Try flushing the toilet as well and make sure it’s in working order.
  • Outlets. Count many are there in each room and if they’re easily accessible (especially if you prefer to be able to work with your laptop anywhere in the unit). Check if they’re working by bringing your phone charger and plug in all pockets. Bonus tip: bring a phone with a battery that’s less than 100% and charge them on every outlet.
  • Natural lighting. Open the curtains and see how much light comes in. The brighter the unit is during the day, the less you’ll be wasting energy on lamps (thus saving you from a humongous electricity bill).
  • Artificial lighting. Do all the light switches work? If you find a switch that you’re not sure what for, ask the agent.
  • Cell reception and Wifi. Walk around the unit and make sure your phone has good reception anywhere you go. Ask the agent if free Wifi is available for tenants. If you need to set up your Wifi, note that some apartments work with internet providers they usually refer to tenants.
  • Doors and Windows. Can they be locked properly? Ohmyapt advises you to check the tightness of door seals. The same goes for window seals —beware of holes to prevent bugs from invading your apartment.
  • Wall and room corners. Be wary of mold and bubbles. While paint bubbles are caused by a number of factors, they can also be an indicator of moisture problems.
  • Cleanliness. Nevermind the agent’s promises to clean the place up later. They can get rid of the dust in a fairly short time, but not cockroaches and rats! Be very aware of bugs and, ugh, rodent droppings

4. After the Tour

After saying thank you and farewell to your agents, make sure to stick around. There are several more things you can do to maximize your apartment tour (even without a guide)

  • Look around one for facilities more time. Se if there are any other facilities you might’ve missed. This is also a good time for checking recreational facilities like fitness centers and pools.
  • Try talking to residents. They’ll usually be happy to point out things they like and don’t like about their apartment. Don’t hesitate to ask about whether or not they have security concerns or conveniences they encounter while living there)
  • Come again later at night. See how the neighborhood is at night and whether it’s safe for pedestrians to walk around at night. This is also a good chance to determine the noise levels at night especially if it’s situated on the main road.
  • Look up the listing on various websites and check the reviews. Be alarmed if different tenants from different rent times complain about the same problem because it indicates management that is poor at problem-solving you

So there you have the list of things to check when going on an apartment tour, make sure that you don’t miss these because it will affect you in the long run while living there. We hope this helps your plan in moving! Good luck!

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