Volunteer Opportunities in North Jakarta

A volunteer is an activity when you serve others by contributing your time, skills, and any other resources to the society in need. You can do this activity by joining an organization, foundation, community, or even conduct it by yourself along with your connections or friends. Talking about North Jakarta, if you live in the area of Sunter, Kelapa Gading, Pluit, there are some volunteer opportunities you can try to involve according to your preferences. You can also choose to donate money or material things to help. Mostly, all the institution or foundation that opens for volunteer also have several projects which you can choose. So, you may as well choose considerately. The volunteer opportunities in North Jakarta are quite big and most of them are supported by international and well-known organizations. Here are some of the volunteering opportunities you can try:

1. Lion’s Club Indonesia

Lion's Club Indonesia member
Lion’s Club Indonesia

Lion’s Club Indonesia is part of a member of Lion’s Club International Association. It was established in 1980 and is a non-profit organization that aims to raise funds among people and to give back the funds to society in need. The donation will be used for health projects, educational projects, environmental projects, helping in natural disasters, and any other social activities. The mission and vision of this Lion’s Club are to be the global leader in the community and humanitarian service and to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding through Lions clubs. 

Lion’s Club Indonesia helps to contribute to society through 5 focus of services, which are diabetes, environment, hunger, vision, and pediatric cancer. It also owns some of the clinics such as hemodialysis clinic, Kimia Farma pharmacy & clinic, hearing aid center, & Lions Vision center. Lion’s Indonesia is currently building rumah singgah Lions (a homestay) that aims to provide facilities, treatments, and accommodations for those who need treatments and health facilities. Lion’s Club also conducted an event called Lions Run 2020, in the Breeze, BSD, Serpong, and it’s conceptualized as charity races to raise awareness of eyes, and it also opens for non-Indonesian but the winner only Indonesian. It is supposed to be held on March 22th, 2020 but it is currently on postponed due to the coronavirus. You may check the website for further information about this charity race.

Contact Us:

Address: Jl. Pluit Timur Raya Kav. B-2, Jakarta 14450

Phone Number: 0811 1010 307

Email: info@yayasanlionsindonesia.com

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2. Yayasan Taman Baca Pelangi Innovator

Yayasan Taman Baca Pelangi Innovator kids
Yayasan Taman Baca Pelangi Innovator

Yayasan Taman Baca Pelangi Innovator is a community library for underprivileged Indonesian children. Its vision and missions are to help improve the quality of Indonesian education through increased reading interest by providing access to our libraries to at least 4.000 children by 2018, to provide access to quality reading books for underprivileged children in rural areas, & to provide innovative programs along with the community libraries to encourage and sustain reading interest among Indonesians.

Taman Baca Pelangi Innovator focuses to provide easier access to quality reading books for underprivileged children in rural areas and necessary supporting activities to help stimulate and maintain the public’s reading interest. We believe that our community library concept is aligned with UNESCO’s vision that aims to provide education for all. We are planning to develop our libraries in areas where books are strongly needed. The keyword is “NEED”, where children almost have very limited access to quality reading books. Working together with the local community, we embrace children and adults who want to read or even learn to read better. It accepts contributions such as book donations, volunteering, corporate partnership, and parental innovator.

Contact Us:

Address: Maspion Plaza Lnatai 6 C2, Jalan Gunung Sahari kav 18 14420 DKI Jakarta

Phone Number: 021 64701273, 081295794192

Email: tamanbacainovator@gmail.com, info@tamanbacainovator.com

3. Red Nose Foundation

Red Nose Foundation volunteering
Red Nose Foundation

Red Nose Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and personal development of children living in underprivileged circumstances and to promote the empowerment of youth through arts while assisting them to become positive contributors to society. It currently works with 662 children offering over 120 hours of education and art classes each week. People can get involved in this foundation by joining fundraising projects & events, and volunteer opportunities. It allows volunteers from Indonesia or foreign countries (expat-friendly). The availability of opportunities for volunteering including helping as an instructor or developing curriculum and community outreach. The programs in red nose foundation include arts & education outreach, formal education support system, and Hidung Merah performance troop. You can also donate money to help the sustainability of the programs by Red Nose Foundation.

Information for foreign volunteers:

  • Willing to commit a minimum of 2 months
  • Fluent English language proficiency
  • Good cross-cultural communication skills 
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Fun-loving and energetic
  • Preferably have experience and/or hold qualifications in one or more of our fields of activity (e.g. health, education, arts, circus)
  • Indonesian language ability is a plus 
  • Minimum 20 years old

Other information:

  • All volunteers must hold a valid 60 day social/cultural visa. Unfortunately, we cannot act as a visa sponsor. If you are applying from within Indonesia, you will have to leave the country to obtain the social/cultural visa as it cannot be obtained in-country.
  • All volunteers must agree to our child protection policies and code of conduct.

Contact Us:

Address: Komplek Dept PU Jalan B10 RT4/RW10, Bintaro-Passangrahan, South Jakarta 12240 (Main Office)

Phone Number: 02175811243

Learning Centers:

  • North Jakarta Community Center for Children (NJCCC): Jalan Kalibaru Timur VII G Kalibaru, Cilincing North Jakarta 10460
  • Jurangmangu Community Center for Children JCCC: Jalan H Riban RT001/RW001 Jurangmangu Barat, South Jakarta 15222

4. Yayasan Kuasa Berkat (goblessing.org)

Yayasan Kuasa Berkat (goblessing.org) member
Yayasan Kuasa Berkat (goblessing.org)

This foundation aims to build a strong ecosystem in the ministry and give access to connect every church, ministries, and congregation to raise awareness of the importance of unity in building hope in Indonesia. It provides helps for education, health, natural disasters, scholarships, mission service, etc.

Contact Us:

Address: Gading Bukit Indah L-19 Kelapa Gading Permai North Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

There are still many volunteer programs you can find in North Jakarta. You can even make your own volunteer program with your friends. By contributing to volunteer work you already help and show that you care to this society. Good luck!

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