Websites and Apps for Kost Hunting in Jakarta

For most Indonesians, kost is an affordable housing option compared to apartments. Residents can get freedom and privacy. Kost maintenance can also be left to the owner. This is especially true when you are looking for affordable housing options in Jakarta. Nowadays, looking for kost can be easier and faster only through gadgets with websites and kost app.

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Websites and Apps Recommendations for Kost Hunting

To help you get started on kost hunting, we have a list of the best websites for kost-hunting in Indonesia. Whether you’re in Jakarta or other areas, these websites can provide you with references to help with your next move (and budgeting!)

1. Mamikos jakarta

Mamikos is Indonesia’s biggest online kost marketplace. This app is especially useful for people looking for varied accommodations from apartment units to budget kosts below 1.500.000. 

Browsing this site requires basic knowledge of Indonesian.

What it does: Mamikos app and website helps students and employees look for kost rooms according to their budget and facility preferences. They have a built-in chat room on listing pages, so kost hunters can extract detailed information directly from landowners (or virtual assistants if landowners are not available).

What we love: The filters on Mamikos app and website are basic but detailed enough for kost-hunting, making it a good website for beginners or people who prefer simpler search options. Mamikost’s map is also very accurate.

What could use some improvement: Some listing pages don’t have enough user reviews, so you can’t judge the rating of a property unless you look elsewhere.

Search tip: Mamikost directly manages kosts known as Mamirooms, high-quality kosts with affordable prices.  We especially recommend this feature for those who want hassle-free rent.

Mamikos is available for download on Android and iOS.

2. jakarta is another up-and-coming website and app that can help students, employees, and even expatriates find kosts and apartments. They offer online payment for further practicality and safety. Knowledge of Indonesian required.

What they do: Infokost is extremely practical and straightforward in terms of UI. This app also have bonus filters for people looking for kosts with executive facilities (cleaning service, etc.) They are also partners with other kost management sites, adding more to their search repository. 

What we love: They provide room type details on every listing page. Therefore, you can get detailed information about room types without having to contact the landowners directly.

What could use some improvement: Some listing pages don’t have enough facility details. There are also cases when facilities on the main info contradict the details on room type info (ex: main facilities list outside bathrooms while room type mentions attached bathrooms).

Their app is available for download on Android and iOS.

3. OLX

olx kost jakarta

OLX is an Indonesian online marketplace for your every need. With this website and app you can choose from different categories, including kosts in the Property category. OLX has been around from the mid-2000s, which means that it has an extensive kost catalog across Indonesia. Knowledge of Indonesian required.

What they do: OLX invites kost management to put up a listing. That means you can have a wide range of choices from privately-run kosts to rooms managed by co-living companies.

What we love: Not unlike Craigslist, it’s not that hard to filter through listings and find accommodation that’s a perfect fit for you and is managed by trustworthy landowners. You need to find additional information for less detailed listings, though.

What could use some improvement: the website itself doesn’t handle chats or payments, so you need to be extra careful when making deals with individual landowners.

Their app is available for download on Android and iOS.

4. SewaKost

sewakost jakarta

The SewaKost site is another online marketplace that combines the openness of OLX and some of Mamikos’ basic filters and facility details.  Knowledge of Indonesian required.

What they do: SewaKost is an website where you can look for kosts with different facilities and amenities at the same price point. It’s especially useful when you want to compare kosts at a limited budget.

What we love: The listing pages are simplistic, but the facilities are surprisingly finely detailed. The more attentive landowners list nearby points of interest and additional services they offer (if there are any).

What could use some improvement: Every chat and payment occurs directly between you and the landowner. Therefore, it’s best to look up as much information as possible elsewhere before you decide to book accommodation on SewaKost.

5. BabeKost

BabeKost is a website as a media for advertising or information about kost rentals in various regions of Indonesia. Not only renting a kost, the account owner can promote the villa or house that you want to rent.

What they do: The BabeKost website provides various information about kost, villas, and various other housing options uploaded by property owners through accounts that are created independently.

What we love: The kost information is very complete, starting from the description of the facilities, the type of kost, and also the kost rules listed on the kost page with sections neatly arranged. They also display a digital map to show the address location points. 

What could use some improvement: BabeKost does not yet have an app that can be downloaded on Android or IOS to find kost. And also, the site visitors cannot chat directly to the owner via the BabeKost site.

6. is a website and app which provides kost rental information throughout Indonesia. With accurate data, this site can make it easy to find kost quickly.

What they do: Apart from the website, also has an application that can be downloaded on the Play Store to find kost. They provide a location-specific search feature. In addition, there is detailed kost information for rent. They also try to connect kost tenants with prospective residents to interact with each other.

What we love: This kost search website has a feature that can save information on the selected kost that you are interested in. So you don’t have to bother when you want to review kost information.

What could use some improvement: This kost application does not accept direct room bookings and accepts payments, but instead directly contacts the seller contact. Therefore, prospective residents need to be careful when making transactions.

7. Flokq

Website dan Aplikasi Cari Kost Flokq

Interested in living in an apartment? You can also know to rent a kost in an apartment unit. Renting a kost room in an apartment unit will be much cheaper, while the facilities you will get are in accordance with the standards provided by the apartment management.

Flokq is an app and website to find kost. They have hundreds of apartment options available for rent. Usually, apartment units are rented out annually, but Flokq provides a monthly payment option. Flokq also accommodates the community of nomads so that they can have additional friends. With an affordable budget, you can enjoy kost rent with very complete facilities.

Just visit the site, then you can search for a wide selection of apartments spread across the Jakarta area. You can also directly contact the admin via the WhatsApp application if you have more detailed questions.

Hopefully some these app kost can help you find your dream kost while living in Jakarta. Happy kost hunt!

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