8 Facts and Choices of Tourist Attractions Around White Sand Beach at PIK 2

Do you know where to go this weekend? If you don’t, you should try to come to White Sand Beach at PIK 2. Even though it belongs to the North Beach of Tangerang, this place has become a new tourist and culinary center besides Ancol in North Jakarta.

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 2 is actually a reclaimed island managed by the developer Agung Sedayu Group. The PIK 2 area also has an artificial White Sand Beach which is located slightly apart from the reclaimed islands.

1. Location of White Sand Beach at PIK 2

The White Sand Beach is on the Pantura Tangerang route which is connected to the PIK 2 bridge. The route to get here is fairly easy. For those of you who come from Central Jakarta, you can bring your vehicle across Jalan M.H. Thamrin, then enter the Cawang Grogol Toll Road.

After passing the S. Parman Toll Road, stay on Jalan Prof. DR. Sedyatmo then entered the Jakarta Outer Ring Road. You will cross the Pulau D Bridge until you meet the PIK 2 roundabout. Pass the PIK 2 Bridge, then you will arrive at PIK 2 White Sand Beach.

2. PIK 2 White Sand Beach Operational Hours

This elongated artificial beach is indeed different from most beaches with cream or black sand. Not surprisingly, PIK 2 White Sand Beach has been widely discussed by tourists since 2020.

PIK 2 beach is open every day to the public from 15.00 to 19.00 WIB. Entrance here is free of charge. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the beach is sometimes closed to avoid a surge in visitors. If you travel here, don’t forget to keep applying the 3M protocol, OK!

3. Instagrammable Coastline

The coastline of PIK 2 or White Sand Beach is quite long, which is 4 kilometers. This place used to be called Island C before it was turned into a tourist spot.

Here, you can find many palm trees on the white sandy beach. Even though the new palm trees were planted, they were enough to reduce the scorching sun.

This beach is quite quiet on weekdays. Moreover, the atmosphere here feels like a beach abroad. With a beautiful view, you can take pictures while waiting for the sun to set!

This beach is also suitable as a picnic spot with family or friends. Simply sitting on the sand or your own cushion, you can eat the food you brought from home. Fun, right?

Want to exercise while enjoying the beach air? Well, PIK 2 beach is known as a comfortable jogging and cycling location. This is because there is a special path for visitors who want to exercise.

source: Pixabay/StockSnap

4. New Culinary Center

The Pantai Indah Kapuk area has long been known as a culinary paradise. Starting from Indonesian to international cuisine, everything is here. The PIK 2 area also has many culinary varieties that are not inferior to PIK too.

Besides having good white sand, the PIK 2 tourist area is touted as one of the culinary tourism destinations in North Jakarta. If you are tired of walking around the beach, you can immediately visit Food Street which is located in the middle of the island.

With an open food court concept, this place is filled with restaurants and cafes with varied menus. You can find more than 50 food and beverage outlets here. Among them are Nasi Uduk Bu Djum, Bakmi Jogja, Gorilla Steak & Fries, and Tarachick Nusantara Chicken.

You can also eat Chinese food at PIK 2. Come to Pantjoran PIK, a culinary area with a Chinese concept. When you arrive at this place, visitors will be greeted by Chinese-style building architecture. From dim sum to Liang tea, you can taste it here.

If you stop at PIK 2, you will have no trouble finding a restaurant overlooking the sea. Umaqita restaurant, for example. Here, visitors can enjoy typical Indonesian dishes while waiting for the sun to set.

Since PIK 2 is located not far from PIK, you can easily ‘cross the bridge’ to find a good culinary place at PIK!

5. Mangrove Park Near PIK 2

Spending the weekend at Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 is not just for snacks and walks on the beach, you know. You can also invite friends, significant others, or family to visit the Mangrove Nature Tourism Park, Angke Kapuk.

Only 15 minutes from PIK 2 White Sand Beach, this mangrove park is the perfect place to hide from the heat of North Jakarta beach. Not only that, but this conservation offers clean air in the midst of Jakarta’s high pollution.

taman wisata mangrove near white sand beach at pik 2

source: jakartamangrove.id

You can come here from 08.00 to 16.00. In addition to providing a comfortable track for exercise, this place also has a resort that is open all the time. You can also take the children to learn about mangroves or go around by boat.

This 99.82-hectare mangrove conservation area is very close to Pantai Indah Kapuk. To get here, you can access the inner city toll road, JORR, or use the TransJakarta bus.

6. Close to Shopping Center

White Sand Beach at PIK 2 is located not far from the hits shopping center area in North Jakarta. One of the most complete malls is PIK Avenue.

In this place, you can shop for your favorite branded goods or just have a look. Looking for a good restaurant? Don’t worry, PIK Avenue also has many culinary options for those of you who are hungry.

From PIK 2 beach, you can also access Pluit Village Mall, Emporium Pluit Mall, or Baywalk Mall which is located in Pluit, Penjaringan.

7. Close to Golf Course

Playing golf in the area near the beach? Why not? PIK 2 White Sand Beach is quite close to a number of favorite golf centers in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area. On the reclaimed island of Golf Island, you can unwind by trying out a game of golf with friends.

You can also find Sedayu Indo Golf here. Shifting slightly to the PIK area, there is Damai Indah Golf – PIK Course which is located in a strategic location near the toll road.

8. Many Apartment Choices

If you like the beach atmosphere, staying near PIK 2 White Sand Beach will be very pleasant. Around the North Jakarta area, you can rent apartments ranging from cheap to premium class. This apartment is also easily accessible from PIK 2 Beach.

For a monthly rental price of IDR 10 million and below, you can look at the Green Bay Pluit or Ancol Mansion apartments. You can rent an apartment starting from IDR 3 million.

For those of you who prefer to live in luxury apartments, there is Gold Coast Apartment which is located by the beach. There is also a Regatta apartment that can be rented starting from IDR 15 million.

Besides having many tourist attractions, PIK 2 is also easily accessible from many important places, right? It’s not difficult to find malls, schools, offices, to toll road access.

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