Drinking White Wine (Apparently) Also Has Many Benefits

White wine is known to have a fairly good antioxidant content. This content is proven to protect the body from various dangerous diseases. Although it has many benefits, there are some recommended consumption limits. For men, the maximum recommended limit of alcohol consumption per day is two glasses. Meanwhile, for women is no more than one glass. Usually, one glass of white wine contains approximately 150 ml. So if you consume white wine according to the recommendations, you will get the benefits of drinking this alcoholic drink

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If you like drinking this alcoholic drink, it never hurts to read this article to find out more about the benefits of white wine. Here are some of the benefits of white wine that you should know.

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Benefits of White Wine

1. Relieves stress

The antioxidants in a glass of this alcoholic drink are considered to help relieve stress. This content is proven to reduce the production of stress hormones in the body. If you are currently experiencing stress, maybe you can buy white wine to get the benefits.

2. Good for the heart

In addition, alcoholic beverages if taken in limited quantities, are very good for heart health. This alcoholic drinkis also believed to help lower cholesterol levels in a person’s body. Not only that, but a study also mentions that regularly consuming limited amounts of wine has a lower risk of dying from heart disease or stroke.

3. Prevent Alzheimer’s

Not only good for the heart but this alcoholic drink was also carried out on test animals, polyphenols or antioxidant compounds were assessed to reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a type of disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. The main symptoms are memory loss and confusion for the sufferer.

4. Reduce the risk of kidney disease

White wine contains caffeic acid, in several studies this content has been shown to reduce a person’s risk of developing kidney disease. Even when compared to other beer drinkers, people who like to drink limited amounts of water have a lower risk of osteoarthritis or inflammation of the joints and bones.

Although the benefits look tempting, there is still much more research to be done to really confirm this. So, do not let you ignore and even consume excessive this alcoholic drink to nourish the body.

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White Wine Vs Red Wine

In the production process, white wine, skin, seeds, and grape stems are cleaned before entering the fermentation process. Meanwhile, in the process of making red wine, the skin, bidi, and stems participate in the fermentation process. This means that red wine contains more of the skin-derived content, such as tannin and resveratrol. But in white wine, these two ingredients are not found.

Although this alcoholic drink does contain antioxidants and several other nutrients, the amount is not as much as red wine. So, if the question is red or white wine, the answer is red wine. Even so, still don’t use this reason as a basis for drinking a lot of alcohol. Because the loss that you can get is also proportional to the harm to health.

The bad effects of white wine

If you already know the many benefits that you can get from a glass of white wine. Unfortunately, consuming too much alcohol can have the opposite effect of its benefits. Because in addition to causing addiction, excessive alcohol consumption from the recommended recommendation can cause arrhythmias or heart rhythm disturbances. Even this habit can increase a person’s risk of stroke.

Other problems such as in addition to cirrhosis and liver fibrosis, inflammation of the pancreas, and damage to the pancreas can also occur. Finally, the risk of cancer, especially liver cancer, can also be increased in people who are addicted to alcohol.

White Wine Price

The price of White Wine is quite varied, one of the most popular is White Wine from the Orang Tua brand. The price is quite cheap, under Rp. 100,000, which is Rp. 60,000. It’s even more economical if you buy it in larger quantities or a dozen via e-commerce, which is IDR 600,000. Or, you can also buy it at shops that specialize in alcoholic beverages and small stalls.

History of wine in Indonesia

The history of wine in Indonesia is inseparable from the legendary popular brand Cap Orang Tua. It all started with Chandra Djojo negoro and his brother who started a business selling herbal wine in Semarang in 1948. Two years later, they started working with the Lum family, NV Handel Maatshappij May Lian & Co. They finally worked together and formed the parent brand in Semarang. From there, the Orang Tua company diversified and their Amer brand rose to legendary levels as more and more people spread this recreational drink delicacy.

white wine
Source: unsplash

source: unsplash

What do White Wine and Red taste like?

The taste of Red Wine is a mixture of the dominant alcoholic taste and comes from the fermentation of colesom grapes; so it will taste a little herbal and a little like herbs. In addition, there is a touch of sweet syrup which is quite dominant in Amer. The syrup element is a bit thick in overall taste.

Meanwhile, White Wine tastes sweet with a fairly distinctive aroma of alcohol. This fermented wine makes the sweet taste of the wine quite dominant. There is also a touch of sweet syrup that will be felt on the aftertaste

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