8 Benefits of Kost in Apartment for Employee and Students

Boarding in an apartment as a living option for employees and students.
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The number of facilities in an apartment that is comparable to the price offered makes many people interested in living or kost in apartment, including employees and students. The strategic location of the apartment and the city center is also a distinct advantage that makes your mobilization easier.

Apart from that, there are many other things that you can only enjoy living in an apartment. Such as being able to save money, live with pets, and make new friends at community events. Thus, it’s very common if now people decide to leave conventional boarding houses and start boarding in apartments. Here are some benefits for you, Flokqers!

What is Boarding in an Apartment?

The term boarding house in general means living in one house with many separate rooms and several shared facilities that all occupants of the room can use. Because they are in a shared house, there are rules and regulations that all occupants of the room must obey. Most boarding houses have only one security guard and have a curfew, which limits visiting guests’ hours.

Boarding or kost in apartment is an alternative to conventional boarding where residents live in one apartment unit with other occupants with separate bedrooms and a kitchen, living room, and dining room that are shared with one or two flatmates or housemates who live with them. Apartments rarely have rules like boarding houses, so you can live your days more optimally. In addition, the apartment also has a more complete security system and facilities.

8 Benefits of Boarding in Apartments

apartment has easy access and strategic location
Source: Flokq.com

1. Easy access and strategic location

Unlike most other types of residence, the apartment is located close to the city center or in the major area of ​​the city. This perk will make it very possible for you as an apartment resident to get easy access to office areas, universities, entertainment centers, hospitals, and other public support facilities.

With easy access too, you can save money on transportation costs in your daily activities. If you want to use an online motorcycle taxi or taxi service, you can easily include the address of the apartment which you can find straight away in the Google Map system.

Supporting facilities such as a gym are usually available
Source: Flokq.com

2. Complete facilities for daily activity

Apartments provide supporting facilities that are well managed for the convenience of residents’ activities. You won’t likely find the facilities that the apartment has in other types of residence! Starting from mini-markets, laundry service, swimming pool, yoga and fitness centers, to co-working spaces.

With these facilities, you can enjoy your days in the apartment more productively without having to pay extra. If you are feeling dull in your room and need a quick break, you can also relax in the green open area or the rooftopavailable in the apartment.

Apartments are generally equipped with 24 hour security.
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3. 24 hours security

The apartment is equipped with security officers who are available 24 hours as well as CCTV in certain areas to ensure the safety of residents. Access to and from the apartment is also not as easy as other types of residence, apartments generally require separate access cards that are only owned by residents and apartment managers to get to the elevator.

Likewise with vehicle entry and exit access, many apartments implement a parking system using a ticket or special access card for residents’ vehicles. In addition, apartment security will also be ready to receive and store packages that you can pick up at any time through the receptionist or security guard room.

The boarding house in the apartment is fully furnished and ready to use.
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4. Fully furnished and ready to use

The rooms in the apartment are well-furnished and ready to use. So, you don’t need to bother spending energy and money to move furniture from your previous residence when you are moving to boarding or kost in an apartment. You only need to bring yourself and your personal belongings, then you can immediately prepare to become residents.

If you are already in an apartment room and need help to tidy or clean the room, you can ask for help from the apartment janitor at no additional cost because they include it in your monthly service bill.

Apartments are usually free from blackouts of electricity and water so you don't have to worry
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5. Use electricity & water with no worry

Electricity and water are basic needs that must be available 24/7. However, it may become a concern when there is a power cut in the area where we live. By boarding in an apartment, they will ensure that residents always have the availability of electricity and water, as well as providing generators so that residents can do activities comfortably.

If at any time the water pipe in your room leaks or the lights go out and need to be replaced, you can ask for help from the building maintenanceofficer who is always in the apartment.

Boarding in an apartment could make you more economical
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6. Recorded expenses, easier to save money

Unlike housing types such as boarding houses, the apartment will give you an invoice or bill every month which includes details of electricity, water, and other costs that you need to pay along with the amount of usage. With the details provided, you can evaluate the amount of your usage so you can use existing resources wisely and save expenses.

The payment is also easy, you only need to make one transfer to the account number provided by the apartment and send the proof of transfer. If you choose to board or kost in an apartment with a co-living operator like Flokq, you don’t need to take care of different electricity, water, and maintenance bills, it’s all would be just one click of payment away!

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A boarding house in an apartment allows you to live with a pet
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7. Pets are welcome!

In case you didn’t know, there are a number of apartments that allow residents to live with pets. You can spend quality time with your pet while using the supporting facilities available in the apartment, such as taking your dog for a run on the jogging trackor letting your cat explore the green open area in the apartment area.

Because the apartment is in a strategic location, you can take your pet to animal health centers around the city without going through long distances.

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Boarding in an apartment allows you to expand your circle of friends to socialize.
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8. Socialize without sacrificing privacy

As social beings, humans have a need to socialize. However, sometimes matters of privacy can be a problem. By boarding or kost in apartment, you can choose to live with close friends or people you already know in the same apartment unit with a separate bedroom. You can also live with other people who are also looking for a place to live in an apartment.

Whichever choice you make, you can still socialize with your roommates without sacrificing your privacy. If you choose to live in an apartment provided by an operator like Flokq, you can also participate in community activities that we regularly held.

Those are the 8 advantages that you can have if you choose an apartment as your boarding house. Of course, Flokq will be happy to help you find a room in an apartment that suits your needs. Hopefully, this article makes you even more sure about choosing a boarding house or kost in apartment, Flokqers!

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