Kost in South Jakarta

Kost in South Jakarta

Are you looking for a kost in South Jakarta? South Jakarta is one of the administrative areas of DKI Jakarta that many people are interested in living in. South Jakarta is known as an elite area. This is because South Jakarta has various well-known shopping centers, entertainment, and culinaries. Office areas can also be found in this area, such as the Kuningan and TB Simatupang. However, South Jakarta has various residential areas with a very comfortable, strategic neighborhood and close to many essential places. No wonder South Jakarta is an ideal area to live in.

With a convenient and comfortable atmosphere, of course, the property values ​​in South Jakarta are quite high. If you want or have to live in South Jakarta because of work, maybe you can choose to rent a kost as an affordable option.

List of Kosts in South Jakarta Based on Location

You can choose a kost that matches with the priority of the comfort you want to get. Such as a kost with location near offices, culinary centers and shopping. Here’s a list of kosts in the recommended areas in South Jakarta.

Kost in Kemang, South Jakarta

If you hear the word Kemang, the things that come to your mind must be the bars, restaurants, and other entertainment places along the road. This area is not only ideal for local residents, but also expats. Beside that,  Kemang is also surrounded by the luxury housing and offices. For shopping centers, there is Lippo Mall Kemang Village. The atmosphere in Kemang feels so alive for 24 hours. Looking for a kost in the Kemang area is the right choice. However, you need to budget around 3 – 5 million rupiah per month to live in this strategic area. The following are our recommendation of kosts in Kemang, South Jakarta:

1. Kusuma Kemang Suit

Kost South Jakarta - Kemang Suites @ Kemang
Kusuma Kemang

Kost Kusuma Kemang is one of the luxurious kosts in Kemang area. Kusuma Kemang has 2 types of rooms, measuring 4 x 5 meters and 5 x 5 meters. Each room is equipped with a queen size bed, AC, TV, and bathroom with a water heater. The kost facilities are a swimming pool, fully furnished shared kitchen, gazebo and parking area. There is a garden that makes the kost look more beautiful. Kost Kusuma Kemang also provides laundry and cleaning services.

Address: Jl. Banga XII No.6A, Pela Mampang, South Jakarta

Telephone number: +622129707600

Price: Rp. 5,000,000 / month

2. Urbanite at Kemang

Urbanite at Kemang

This kost has an eco-friendly concept with a minimalist design but is still comfortable because of the beautiful atmosphere. Each room at Urbanite kost measuring 3 x 3 meters. Most importantly, it has fully furnished furniture, including AC and a private bathroom with a water heater. This kost is located in a strategic area. You can go to Starbucks and Mcdonald’s within walking distance.

Address:  Jl. Kemang Raya 1 No.4B, Bangka, South Jakarta

Phone Number: +62818982050

Price: IDR 3,500,000 per month

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Kost in Setiabudi South Jakarta

Setiabudi is part of Jakarta Golden Triangle area, because it is the most important business center area. Setiabudi has many office buildings located in the Kuningan area. The location is very close to a shopping centers and also several embassy offices. This makes this area favored by expatriates and office employees alike. The following are our recommendations of kosts in Setiabudi, South Jakarta:

1. Avalon Setiabudi

Kost South Jakarta - Avalon Setiabudi @Setiabudi
Avalon Setiabudi

Kost Avalon is an exclusive kost with a strategic location. It can be reached in a few minutes from shopping centers such as Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, JACC (Jakarta City Center). The facilities in each Avalon Setiabudi room are equipped with a queen size bed, TV, wardrobe, table, chairs, mirror, and a private bathroom. Residents will also have access to use the shared kitchen and living room. Not only that, residents also get free Wifi access, cleaning service, laundry and cable TV.

Address: JL Setiabudi 3, No.10, Setiabudi, RT.2 / RW.3, Kuningan, South Jakarta

Phone Number: +628193232522

2. Alivio Suites Kuningan

Alivio Suites

Kost Alivio Suites is a premium residence. They provide 24 hour services. Each room is designed with convenient and premium facilities including Wifi, AC, private bathroom, queen size bed, shared kitchen, rooftop area, lift, reading corner, smoking area, laundry service, and parking area. This kost room has 2 types, measuring 4 x 4 meters and 5 x 5 meters. The plus point of this kost is close to various transportation centers.

Address: Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No.15, South Jakarta.

Phone Number: + 62811-1546-477

Price: IDR 5,500,000 / month (deluxe) to IDR 7,500,000 / month (suite) Also

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Kost in Cilandak, South Jakarta

Cilandak is a strategic area that many people are interested to live in this district. Various public facilities are easily accessible, such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers. If you work in the TB Simatupang office area, you can find a kost around Cilandak near to your office. The atmosphere in Cilandak may not be too noisy or busy like other central business districts, so it is suitable for those of you who need a calmer vibe. The following are our recommendations for kost in Cilandak, South Jakarta:

1. Flokq Parama Kost in Apartment

Kost South Jakarta - Flokq @ Parama Kost Apartment TB Simatupang
Flokq Parama Kost

Located in the TB Simatupang area, Flokq offers to rent a kost in apartment. Have quick access to the Jakarta Outer Ring Road and Fatmawati MRT, this apartment is suitable for those of you who often have activities in the TB Simatupang, Pondok Indah, Cilandak, or Lebak Bulus areas. This apartment-kost is also close to the Jakarta Intercultural School, Don Bosco School, and Siloam Hospital. Besides that, you can also reach several shopping centers, such as Poins Square and Cilandak Town Square in just 10 minutes. This apartment is fully furnished. There is a swimming pool and tennis court in this apartment

Address: Jl. TB Simatupang

Price: Visit flokq.com for more information

2. Topaz Guest House

Topaz Guest House Cilandak

Every unit in Topaz Guest House has 4 × 6 meters in size with various choices of beds. There is a parking space for private vehicles at no additional cost. What’s more, there’s a free breakfast every morning! The location of this kost is also very strategic. You can walk to reach Jalan Cipete Raya. Besides that, it is also close to the Cilandak Townsquare shopping center and also the MRT station.

Address: Jl. MPR Raya, West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Price: Rp. 4,500,000 / month

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List of Kost App and Website

Do you still need more kost recommendations? Nowadays, finding a kost is much easier. People no need to travel around the intended city area to get their ideal kost. There are various applications and websites that can be accessed through your gadgets with internet connection, and it will give you hundreds or even thousands of kosts.

You can search the area that you want to live in with the search feature in the application. You can even determine how much budget you provide for kost. The application or website also has a list of facilities that are provided by the kost. Don’t worry, some applications or sites for looking for kosts accept a variety of trusted and integrated payment methods.

The applications for kost hunting that we recommend are:

  • Mamikos
  • Infokost.id
  • OLX
  • SewaKost
  • Orento
  • RoomMe

We also have review the mentioned applications on the article that you can read here.

Type of Kost

From hundreds or maybe even thousands of kosts available in South Jakarta, there are several types of kosts that might be able to adjust to your standard of comfort. Like a kost which doesn’t have strict rules, such as 24-hour access, free to invite guests. Also there are kost only for men, only for women, and for both.

Kost With Non-Strict Rules

Kost with non-strict rules means the residents have 24 hour access and more freedom. Usually, several kost have time limits to access the kost gate. The purpose is to maintain the convenience of other residents. In addition, at a certain kost, there is a rule that limit the number of guests that can visit and even limits the gender of the guest. If you feel uncomfortable and don’t fit with those rules, you might be looking for a kost with non-strict rules. The following are our recommendations of non-strict kost in South Jakarta:

1. Kost 10 Residence

Kost 10 Residence

This kost has two types of rooms with different sizes. The first room is 12 m2 and the other is 20 m2. Each room has its own bathroom. In addition, Kost 10 Residence also facilitates its residents with cable TV and refrigerators in each room.

Alamat: Jl. Tebet Utara I No. 10, Tebet, South Jakarta.

Nomor Telepon: +6221 22008916

2. Graha Kebagusan 21

Kost Bebas Jakarta Selatan - Graha Kebagusan 21
Graha Kebagusan 21

Around this kost, there are minimarkets that can be reached only by foot. This kost also located to office buildings, shopping centers, and entertainment centers. The building in this kost is also new, so the design is more modern and makes you feel at home living in this kost. For those of you who want a good quality service with pocket-friendly prices, Graha Kost 21 is the right choice. Even though it is cheap, this accommodation provides adequate facilities and quality of service is maintained.

Address: Jl. Kebagusan Raya No.21, Pasar Minggu

Phone Number: 081996707371

Kost For Men Only

This type of kost only accepts men as the residents. The existence of this kind of kost that is specific to a certain gender is to maintain the personal convenience of residents who feel uncomfortable when living close to or in the same area with strangers who have different gender. The existence of this type of kost is also to keep the values ​​and culture of locals. The following are our recommendations for kost in South Jakarta that only for men:

1. Kost Adn Residence

Adn Residence

Adn Residence is a kost located in South Jakarta that only accepts men as their residents. The location is near shopping centers and also various restaurants. The rooms of this kost are quite large and it’s equipped with a double size bed, wardrobe, desk, TV, AC, and private bathroom. Residents can also enjoy Wifi access.

Address:  Jl. Kh Muhammad Naim I No 15, Kebayoran Baru 

Phone Number: +628111477500

2. Kost Gudang Peluru

Kost Putra Jakarta Selatan - Kost Gudang Peluru Tebet
Kost Gudang Peluru

Gudang Peluru Kost is a premium kost for men located in Tebet, South Jakarta. Each room is fully furnished, including Wifi and AC. Electricity is also included. Not only that, this kost also has a private bathroom with a water heater in each unit. There is a shared kitchen which can be used.

Address:  Jl. Bullet Warehouse Blok D4 No 16, Tebet.

Phone Number: 085329110362

Kost For Women Only

This type of kost is only accepts women to be the residents. The existence of this kind of kost is to accommodate certain people who feel uncomfortable and insecure when living near the opposite gender. The following are our recommendations kost in South Jakarta only for women:

1. Kost Home Sweet Home

Kost Home Sweet Home

This Home Sweet Home kost is located in the Kemang area, South Jakarta, which is very strategic and has many entertainment places. These kost facilities are fully furnished including AC, Wifi access, and a private bathroom with a sitting toilet and shower. This kost has sufficient parking space. In addition, there is a dining room, kitchen and shared living room.

Alamat: Jl. Kemang Selatan IV, Mampang Prapatan.

Nomor Telepon: +6282228090158

2. Kost Saidi

Kost Saidi

This Kost Saidi is located in the Kebayoran Baru district. The location is very strategic, close to the ITC Fatmawati shopping center. Every room of this kost is equipped with a private bathroom, fully furnished, including air conditioning and wifi. Although this kost is specifically for female residents, this kost can be accessed for 24 hours.

Address:  Jl. H. Saidi I no. 17, Cipete Utara

Phone Number: +6281283399982

Kost For Both Gender

For those of you who don’t mind the presence of the opposite gender around your place of residence and don’t want to live in kost that is specific to a certain gender, then you can try this following recommendations:

1. Kost Mampang 31

This kost has 2 different types of room, which are 3 X 4 m and 4 X 6 m in size. All rooms are well ventilated. All rooms are also equipped with premium quality furniture. Each unit includes a bed, table and chairs, wardrobe, as well as shared facilities such as a living room, a kitchen, and a large parking area for both cars and motorbikes.

Address:  Mampang Prapatan 8, Jalan Senang No. 31.

Phone Number: 08161866244

2. Kemang Eleven Homestay

Kost Campur Jakarta Selatan - Kemang Eleven Homestay
Kemang Eleven Homestay

It is strategically located around entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants, culinary centers, and shopping centers around Kemang. In each room there is a bed, private bathroom, table & chairs, Wifi, telephone, cable TV, refrigerator and hot water. This kost has 4 types of room with different sizes, namely Superior (7m x 6m), Deluxe (6m x 5.5 m), Standard (5m x 4.5 m), and Small (4.5m x 3m).

Address: Jalan Kemang Raya no. 11, Mampang Prapatan.

Phone Number: 081298001153

List of Kost in South Jakarta Based on Budget

Need recommendations for kosts in South Jakarta that can adjust your budget? Maybe you want to limit the budget spent on housing costs so that the cost of living in South Jakarta can be cheaper. Or maybe you prioritize the comfort and convenience in reaching various places while living in Jakarta. We have recommendations for kosts in South Jakarta that can adjust your budget.

Affordable Kost in South Jakarta Below 1 Million per Month

Living in a big city, especially in the most popular areas in South Jakarta, does have a high cost of living. However, it is still possible to find kosts at very low prices below 1 million per month. If the facilities, services, and location of the kost are not the main things that being considered, and your budget is specified around 1 million per month only, you can see the following list of affordable kosts in South Jakarta:

1. Sunny Kost 

Located in Mampang Prapatan area, precisely Jalan Pondok Jaya, this simple kost has a room size of 3 x 3 meters. This kost can accept men or women to be the resident. Each room facilities include a bed with a single size, a wardrobe, and a desk. Each room has a private bathroom, but still using toilet seat. There is a living room as well as a parking lot for motorbikes. The price of this kost is 1 million rupiah per month. 

Price: Rp. 1,000,000 / month

Phone Number: +6281319719161

2. Kost Pedia

It is very profitable to find a kost at a very low price in Kebayoran Baru district which is known to have many culinary options, shopping centers and entertainment. This kost is located right on Jalan H. Saidi Guru, North Gandaria. Kost Pedia only accepts female residents. Room facilities are equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a fan, wifi access, and shared refrigerator. However, the bathroom is outside the room.

Price: Rp. 900,000 / month

Phone Number: +6281808527022

3. Kost Raja

This kost is located in Mampang Prapatan precisely on Jalan Tegar Parang. Kost Raja has a room measuring 3 x 3 meters with complete room furniture, such as a bed, wardrobe, and also a private bathroom with a sitting toilet and shower. This kost provides space for drying clothes, so residents can save money without having to pay for the laundry service. Kost Raja only accepts male residents.

Price: Rp. 850,000 / month

Phone Number: +6281808527022

Exclusive Kost in South Jakarta Budget 3 – 5 Million Rupiah

If you have more budget for housing costs in Jakarta and want premium facilities that are very comfortable, you may be interested in exclusive kost. Exclusive kost is a kost that provides high-quality and very complete facilities. Usually this kost has special services such as a 24 hour receptionist, cleaning service, hosuekeeper, and also laundry. The price offered by the kost starts from 3 million to 5 million rupiah. The following are our recommendations for exclusive kost in South Jakarta:

1. Kost Cozy Living

Kost Eksklusif Jakarta Selatan
Kost Cozy Living

Cozy Living is a kost located in Cipete Utara. Cozy Living kost is the right choice, because the rooms are quite spacious with an area of ​​25.5m2. Each room is equipped with a bathroom. The location of the kost itself is very easy to reach and close to restaurants, minimarkets, and malls that will facilitate your daily needs. 

Address: Jl. H. Naim III, Cipete Utara, South Jakarta.

Phone Number: +6281 29145799

Price Range: IDR 4,500,000 / month

2. Topaz Mansion Tebet

Kost Eksklusif Jakarta Selatan
Topaz Mansion Tebet

Located in an upscale area, we recommend this kost for workers, executives, and expats. You will get hotel-like rooms with high-quality furniture, complete with air AC and cable TV. You will also get a bathroom with a water heater. Your room will also be cleaned regularly. There is also a shuttle service that can take you to important areas like the nearby SCBD.

Address: Jl. Tebet Barat Raya No.11, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

Phone Number: +6221 22008916

Price Range: Rp. 3,500,000 / month

3. Kost Exclusive Wall Living

Wall Living

Boarding Wall Living Exclusive Wall Living kost is the perfect kost if you work around Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio and may have easy access to the office because it is close to the office complex. You can reach the road in just 10 minutes by walk. The facilities are complete and of course with premium quality and design.

Address: Jl. Tiong No. 9A, RT. 8 / RW. 6, Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

Telephone number: +6221 29410559

Price Range: Starting at IDR 4,600,000 / month

For other recommendations of exclusive kost in South Jakarta, read also these following articles: Tebet Exclusive Kost and Pondok Indah Exclusive Kost

Have A Lot Budget for Living Cost? You Can Try Living in a Shared Apartment!

What is a shared apartment?

A shared apartment is an apartment unit that is rented jointly by sharing space and rental fees with other people. You can feel the guaranteed facilities, services and security of an apartment at an affordable price. Even though you are in one apartment space, you can get full privacy with each room. You also have the right to choose a roommate to live with, either it’s an old friend, or a new person by getting to know them first. The shared apartment is perfect for those who don’t want to live alone.

What are the advantages of a shared apartment?

Apart from spending less money on housing, you can also save on utility costs because you can share with your roommate. Apart from that, you can also share your daily needs starting from food, household furniture, and cleaning tools. This of course will save your monthly expenses.

Apart from saving money, you can also get many lessons and new values ​​in life through your roommate. It is possible to have a wider network of friends when your roommate has colleagues visiting the apartment. You also won’t feel lonely. There are lots of fun activities you can do with your roommates.

How do I rent a shared apartment in South Jakarta?

Flokq @Parama Apartment – Queen Bedroom

If you want to rent a kost room in an apartment, or live in a shared apartment at an affordable price, you can visit Flokq website. There are various choices of apartment rooms that can be rented. Generally, apartment rentals are charged on an annual basis. With Flokq, it can help you to rent a room in the apartment that you want paid per month. With a budget of 3 – 5 million rupiah per month, you can get the convenience to live there.

Hello Flokq

Flokq helps people find a great place to live. Explore how you can live your life to the fullest in your city with Flokq!

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