10 Recommendations of Menteng Apartments to Rent

Menteng is an area in Jakarta that is very comfortable to live in. Many Jakartans decide to live in Menteng by renting an apartment. If you are looking for a place to live around Jakarta, Menteng can be your choice. In this article Flokq will tell you 4 reasons why you should rent an apartment in Menteng and 10 recommended apartments that you can rent.

The following are the reasons why you should rent an apartment in Menteng:

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1. Have many choice

Menteng is a very busy area. Because this area is a busy area, you have various options for renting Menteng apartments. Starting from apartments at affordable prices, to luxury and exclusive apartments, you can find many types of apartments in Menteng. You only need to prepare your budget and choose the best apartment that suits your needs.

Some of the apartments in Menteng that you can choose from are Menteng Park, Capitol Suites, Fraser Residence, Menteng Square Apartment, Salemba Residence, Cik Ditiro Residence, and many others. The apartments provide good and complete facilities for the residents. As for the unit type, you have choices ranging from studio units, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, to 4BR.

2. Many transportation options

If you rent a Menteng apartment, you don’t worry about public transportation options. Because Menteng has many public transportation options that are very easy to access. You can travel by taking the KRL Commuter line from one of the closest stations such as Cikini, Gondangdia, and Sudirman stations. In addition, you can also take other public transportation such as MRT and Transjakarta. So, if you want to use public transportation that is more private, you can use an online motorcycle taxi or taxi.

3. Very strategic location

Located in the Central Jakarta area, you will easily find many things you are looking for here. This area is a very busy area. So, your morning and evening activities will always be there. You can find many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and hangout places. Even if you rent a Menteng apartment, you can also go to famous malls which are very close. So you can imagine how strategic the Menteng area is?

4. Many places that can be visited

Menteng is an upscale area with lots of hangouts. Some of the hangout places that you can visit are live music venues, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, and other hangout places. Apart from that, you can also visit one of the malls close to Menteng, namely Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Sarinah. So, if you rent a Menteng apartment, you won’t run out of places to visit.

Now, after we tell you the reasons why you should rent an apartment in Menteng, we will also provide some recommendations for apartments in the Menteng area. The following are recommendations for apartments in Menteng that you can rent:

1. Kempinski Residence

Flokq @ Kempinksi Residence

Kempinski Residence is one of the luxury hotel apartments in the Menteng area. This apartment is located in the center of the capital city of Jakarta and offers luxurious, modern and elegant rooms. Kempinski Residence is a comfortable apartment to live in if you work in the Sudirman or Thamrin areas. With walking distance, you can reach the Grand Indonesia mall and the Plaza Indonesia mall. You also have easy access to several public transportation such as MRT, KRL, and Transjakarta if you rent at the Kempinski Residence. This apartment is very comfortable, right?

In addition, this apartment also provides premium facilities for its residents. Some of the facilities provided are a swimming pool, gym, spa, jacuzzi and children’s playground. In addition they also have other facilities such as bars, cafes, and restaurants. So if you are looking for an apartment rental in the Menteng area, Kempinksi Residence can be your choice.

2. Fraser Residence

rent apartment menteng at fraser residence
Flokq @ Fraser Residence

Fraser residence is a luxurious residence located in the Menteng area. This apartment has a luxurious and comfortable design. If you work in the Sudirman, Thamri, or Rasuna Said areas, this apartment is suitable for you to rent. Fraser Residence is an elite residence because of its location and this residence is also surrounded by many shopping centers such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia.

In addition, Fraser Residence residents can also enjoy several available facilities such as a large swimming pool, fully equipped gym, spa, and sauna. Apart from that they also provide meeting rooms and relaxation rooms as well as massage chairs. Anyway, your comfort will be guaranteed if you rent a Menteng apartment at Fraser Residence.

3. Menteng Park

Flokq @ Menteng Park

Located in Cikini, Menteng Park is an apartment designed with a combination of modern luxury and comfortable apartments. This residence offers high-class facilities that will give its residents the convenience of living and their daily needs. From supermarkets, laundry, and ATM centers, everything can be accessed easily.

To ensure residents stay fit and healthy, this apartment also provides a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, jogging track, and tennis court so you can exercise at your leisure. Menteng Park rooms are also equipped with cable TV and a very fast Wi-Fi connection. Menteng Park also has 24-hour security with CCTV, so you don’t need to worry about the security of this apartment.

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4. Menteng Executive Apartment

This luxurious apartment is known as one of the best places to rent in Menteng. Built by the famous Agung Podomoro Group, Menteng Executive Apartment offers elegant residences with premium facilities.

It provides a high-speed WiFi connection to support you working from home. Looking for sports facilities? No worries, because it has a semi-outdoor swimming pool, a spacious tennis court, and a fully-equipped fitness center. You can also find a beauty salon, laundry, and mini-market to fulfill your needs.

5. Capitol Suites

Capitol Suites

Located in the Tugu Tani area, Menteng, this apartment consists of 29 floors with 327 units. Capitol Suites is such a great option if you seek an apartment in Menteng with quite affordable prices.

Apart from its complete facilities, Capitol Suites offers easy access to several vital places in Menteng or Cikini area. It is close to some entertainment areas, including Taman Ismail Marzuki and the cinema Metropole XXI. The apartment is also reachable from Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and business districts. Moreover, you can find many public transportation options here.

6. Menteng Square Apartment

Looking for an affordable Menteng apartment to rent? You should check this apartment. Menteng Square Apartment offers comfortable living at prices start from IDR 3 million. There are three towers with well-maintained facilities to maximize your comfort.

Plus, it stands in a strategic location near some arterial roads in Central Jakarta, such as Salemba, Proklamasi, Matraman, and Pramuka. Menteng Square Apartment is also close to the central business districts in Sudirman, Thamrin, and Kuningan.

7. Salemba Residence

salemba residence
Salemba Residence

Surrounded by some universities and offices, this apartment might be your perfect choice to rent near Menteng. Salemba Residence provides complete facilities and fully-furnished modern-styled units.

Living in this apartment will give you many advantages, including easy access to public places and transportations. Moreover, it is not too far from business districts in Sudirman or Thamrin. You can also find a big bookstore and some hospitals nearby.

8. Keraton at the Plaza

This apartment is located in MH Thamrin, near Menteng. Brings out the high-class concept, this place is suitable for those who’d prefer living in a luxurious apartment.

Inside the building, you can use private elevators, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, and spas. Besides having many premium facilities for the residents, Keraton at the Plaza also provides easy access to the Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta and Plaza Indonesia shopping center.

9. Menteng Regency

Menteng Regency

This award-winning apartment is a perfect choice for executives or professionals who work in the central business district or around Central Jakarta. Living here will make it easier to shop in famous shopping malls like Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia.

Plus, you can enjoy several premium public facilities inside the building. Some of them are a swimming pool, a fully-equipped gym, and a kids’ playground.

10. Ratana Apartment

This apartment is located in Menteng, the elite area of Central Jakarta. It brings out the classic-vintage concept with spacious units at affordable prices.

Despite its location in the middle of the city, it is surrounded by greeneries, so it gives a serene and shady ambiance. The apartment is also accessible from many vital places, including shopping malls and offices.

Well, those are 4 reasons why you should rent an apartment in Menteng and 10 apartment recommendations that you can rent. So? After reading this article, are you more sure about renting an apartment in Menteng?

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