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24-Hours Eateries: Cure The Cravings in South Tangerang

One of the main reasons for people to hang out is because they’re bored and they need to refresh their minds by gathering with their friends outside. Especially hanging out in South Tangerang, it’s one of the best cities for a taste of nightlife! From restaurants, attractions, night clubs, malls, and more! South Tangerang is always a place for youth.

However, you must’ve experienced where you are not satisfied chatting with your friends and that you want more time but the place you’re hanging out is about to close. It feels really sad to the part when you don’t want to say goodbye yet. Moreover, if you and your friends are usually busy, you must’ve found it really hard to have a synced schedule to meet up and hang out together. Or maybe, you are just in the mood to eat something at odd hours. Worry not, for there are places that will welcome you at any time of the day. Be prepared, here is our curated list of best 24-hours eateries in South Tangerang.

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1. Haka Dimsum Shop


HAKA Dimsum serves the best dim sum at an affordable cost. This eccentric Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of dim sum for you to enjoy. The place is kind of tiny, so the seats usually remain full and you have to add your name to the waiting list in order to get a seat. However, it is worth the wait since the dim sums are cheap, delicious, and don’t take long to get served to our tables. Spoiler alert, be prepared to fall in love at the first bite.

Phone Number:

Social Media: @hakadimsum on Instagram

Address: Ruko Sektor I, Jl. Griya Loka Raya No.6, Rawa Buntu, Serpong Sub-District, South Tangerang City, Banten 15310

Price Range: Rp100.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

2. Kaca Mata


Kaca Mata is a Chinese restaurant that already has numerous branches around the city. They are best known for their famous nasi campur. Besides, they also serve pork barbeque and duck with Hainanese rice. Fulfill your midnight craving with their delicious dishes at an affordable price!

Phone Number: (+6221) 22212506

Social Media: @nasicampurkacamata on Instagram

Address:  Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya No.7, Parigi, Kec. Pd. Aren, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15227

Price Range: Rp150.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

3. Green Bean Porridge and Crabs Black Men of Brass

Have you ever tried mung bean soup? If you haven’t tried them at Green Bean Porridge and Crabs Black Men of Brass. They are ready to serve you a warm bowl of mung bean soup at any time in the day. 

Phone Number: +62 877 7484 3936

Social Media:

Address: Jalan Pondok Jaya Rt 007 Rw 02, Pondok Jaya, Pondok Aren, Pd. Jaya, Kec. Pd. Aren, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15224

Price Range: Rp100.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

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4. McDonald’s

McDonald’s once again is the savior of everyone’s hunger. Doesn’t matter if it’s still too early in the morning, in the afternoon, or too late in the night, McDonalds will always be your savior. Who could resist their crispy fried chicken with warm omelet and rice? Or a big mac and cold cola? Whether you eat the foods in their place, take it away through the drive-thru, or order it from their McDelivery application or their hotline, let’s be real. Nothing cures your midnight cravings better than McDonalds does! There will always be a McDonald’s in your city!

Phone Number: 14045

Social Media: @mcdonaldsid on Instagram


Price Range: Rp100.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

5. Dim Sum Klawing

Another dim sum place that is ready to fill up your belly no matter what time it is. If you are on a tight budget but you crave for dim sum, then this is the right place for you. The selection isn’t the best, but they also sell frozen dim sum so people can stock them up in their fridges and just steam it up anytime they want in the comfort of their own homes.

Phone Number: +62 821 1340 2586

Social Media: Dim Sum Klawing on Facebook

Address: Jl. Gg. Masjid No.70, Bambu Apus, Kec. Pamulang, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15415

Price Range: Rp50.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

6. Dapur Rumput Laut

Dapur Rumput Laut

This restaurant is very unique. Just like its name, they sell various plant-based or more specifically seaweed-based foods. Through some process, they make seaweed to various dishes such as noodles, bread, pizza, casserole, meatball, nugget, and so much more. For you who are bored with conventional dishes and want to try something new, this is the right place for you. Interested to try these unique dishes? Pay a visit to their place anytime you want- literally. 

Phone Number: +62 857 5742 3077

Social Media: Dapur Rumput Laut on Facebook

Address: Perumahan Pondok Maharta Jalan Nuri, Jl. Raya Pd. Kacang Tim. No.5, RT.004/RW.11, Pd. Kacang Tim., Kec. Pd. Aren, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15226

Price Range: Rp70.000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening Hours: 24-Hours (Every day)

So, now you know 24-hours eateries in South Tangerang. So, don’t be worried when your stomach starts to growl in the middle of the night. Just hop on to these places and fulfill what your belly asks for! If you are too lazy to go out, call them, or use the delivery service of other applications to order the food.

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