10 Apartments for Self Isolation in Jakarta Near Hospitals

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take extra care of ourselves and our families. It is undeniable that anyone can be exposed to this virus even when they are fully vaccinated. If you are planning to rent an apartment in Jakarta, Flokq has 10 recommendations for apartments that can be used for self-isolation in Jakarta near hospitals.

Self-isolation is usually done at home or a government referral hotel when we are tested positive for Covid-19 with mild or no symptoms for 10 days. But, you can also do isoman or self-isolation in the unit when renting an apartment, anyway.

1. Taman Rasuna Apartment

You can stay and self-isolate comfortably at the Taman Rasuna Apartment. The location is also close to the MMC Jakarta Hospital; can be reached by driving for just 5 minutes or 10 minutes on foot.

No need to worry about the apartment facilities. You see, each unit is equipped with complete furniture and there are adequate public facilities nearby.

Located in the Rasuna Said area, South Jakarta, this apartment is one of the largest and oldest apartments in Jakarta. There are 300 units spread over 17 towers. Besides being sought after by local executives, Taman Rasuna apartments are quite popular among expatriates.

This place is suitable for those of you who want to stay near the business center in Sudirman and its surroundings. Taman Rasuna Apartment is located in the Rasuna Epicentrum superblock, where you can find many offices, cafes, and close to city parks.

During self-isolation, you can order food from several nearby restaurants using a delivery app. If you need to work or watch Netflix, you can take advantage of the internet connection here.

2. Nuansa Hijau (Green View) Apartment

Are you looking for an apartment for self-isolation in the Pondok Indah area? Well, for those of you who have more budget, you should consider renting the Nuansa Hijau Apartment.

Here, you can rest with many luxurious facilities. One of the advantages of staying here is that you can enjoy views of the Pondok Indah Golf Course from several units. So, doing self-isolation will not be boring.

Plus, the location of the apartment is only 5 minutes from Pondok Indah Hospital. Of course, this makes it easier for you if you have to do a check-up with the doctor.

This apartment has a unit size that is quite spacious, so you can move freely during self-isolation.

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3. Pondok Indah Golf Apartment

Another apartment for self-isolation which is also close to Pondok Indah Hospital is the Pondok Indah Golf Apartment. The distance can be reached by 6 minutes by car! This luxury residence offers views of the Pondok Indah Golf Course.

While staying here, you can use the complete facilities in the unit. In addition, you can order food via delivery service from your favorite restaurant because this apartment is connected to Pondok Indah Mall.

The apartment is also not far from several shopping centers in South Jakarta. This will make it easier for you if you have to shop for groceries online.

Not only that, renting a unit at Pondok Indah Golf Apartment will give you easy access to vital places in South Jakarta. There are many international schools, offices, and other places that will make your activities easier when you finished with self-isolation.

4. Parama Apartment

The following self-isolation apartment is located only 6 minutes from Fatmawati Hospital. There is also Siloam TB Simatupang Hospital which can be reached in 5 minutes. Easy access to this hospital will benefit you if your conditions worsen during self-isolation.

The units in this apartment are spacious, which is 125 sqm to 276 sqm. No need to bring a lot of things when renting here, because each unit is fully furnished. It is suitable for those of you who have to self-isolate in the unit.

This apartment can be the right choice if you want to rent monthly. In addition to complete facilities in each unit, the apartment offers many 5-star public facilities for residents. There are sports facilities, a 24-hour security system, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and much more.

Traveling by public transportation is not a problem, because you can access Fatmawati and Lebak Bulus MRT stations in less than 10 minutes. For those of you who often travel by private vehicle, there is a Pondok Pinang toll gate which is very close to the apartment.

5. Bona Vista Apartment

This apartment in the Lebak Bulus area is in a strategic location close to Mayapada Hospital (5 minutes), and Fatmawati Hospital (10 minutes). Rent a Bona Vista apartment will give you convenience when you have to self-isolate.

With the concept of an open and airy apartment, you can live comfortably while recovering. If you are already tested negative for Covid-19, you can take advantage of the high-end facilities here.

Some of them have swimming pools, soccer fields, and jogging tracks. There is also a mini-market that is open 24 hours to meet your needs.

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6. Apartment Gading Icon

Are you looking to rent an apartment that can be used for self-isolation in North Jakarta? Well, this Gading Icon apartment can be your best choice.

With a low rental price, this apartment offers many advantages like a high-end apartment. One of them is the location which is very close to Gading Pluit Hospital that can be reached in just 11 minutes. If you are tested positive for Covid-19 and feel that your symptoms are getting worse, you can immediately contact the nearest hospital.

This apartment is suitable for professionals who work in the Kelapa Gading area. Here, you will be pampered with complete facilities and very easy access to public transportation.

7. Green Pramuka City Apartment

As one of the favorite residences in Central Jakarta, the Green Pramuka City apartment offers a place to live in a strategic location at affordable prices. This place is also suitable for those of you who want to make an apartment for self-isolation. The location is also easy to reach from the Persahabatan Hospital (6 minutes).

More than half of this apartment area is a green area where you can enjoy the fresh air in the middle of the city. In addition, there is the Green Pramuka Square mall if you need food from your favorite restaurant. Each apartment unit is also equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.

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8. Tifolia Apartment

Renting an apartment in the East Jakarta area is indeed beneficial for those of you who work in the area. Besides being a comfortable place to live, you can also make it an apartment for self-isolation.

This apartment is only 11 minutes from Pulomas OMNI Hospital. Plus, Tifolia offers housing at low rental prices and complete facilities.

You can find many shopping centers around the apartment. Want to order food quickly? There is a canteen, coffee shop and food stall on the ground floor. Laundry service, ATM center, and a mini-market are also available to fulfill your daily needs.

9. Tamansari Semanggi Apartment

Located in the middle of the business district, the Tamansari Semanggi apartment is not far from the Hospital. Only 6 minutes from the apartment, you can visit Siloam Semanggi Hospital. In addition, there is an MMC Hospital that can be reached within 11 minutes. So, you don’t need to panic if you have to seek emergency help because of Covid-19.

This apartment, which is often a rental destination for expatriates, has several restaurants, minimarkets, dentists, and pharmacies. If you feel mild symptoms of Covid-19, then you don’t have to go far to look for medicine.

10. Puri Garden Apartment

This apartment is located in the middle of the business area in Puri Indah, Kembangan, West Jakarta. The location is close to Pondok Indah Puri Indah Hospital which can be reached in 4 minutes.

Well, this residence is suitable for those of you who want to rent an apartment that can be used for self-isolation. Apart from being close to the hospital, the Puri Garden apartment also has many facilities, such as a mini-market and cafe. This apartment is located close to Puri Indah Mall and Lippo Mall Puri.

Those are 10 apartment choices for self-isolation in Jakarta and close to hospitals. Don’t feel hesitate to visit Flokq for other apartment recommendations!

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