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Reinvent Yourself by Practicing These At-Home Self-Care

Do you find yourself having very little personal time because you are too busy with the things you are involved in? Name it, whether it is your career, family, education, or you just have a lot of things to get done with so little time. The term self-care means that you do activities that help you restore your energy by taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. However, don’t be mistaken that self-care means you “appreciate” yourself by slacking off and feeling lazy then procrastinating on your tasks. It just means you take the time off your activities to celebrate yourself. There is no exact way of thinking about what you’re going to do to take care of yourself because everyone is unique in their ways. We are here to share our top 10 ideas that you can apply as a method of at-home self-care.  

1. Be A Bookworm


Spend time to read the books that you have always want to read. Reading is one of the ways to reduce stress. There is nothing better than escaping reality and enter the world on how Sherlock Holmes solved the mysteries, or delving into the middle earth realm and its politics, or even caught up learning witchcraft in Hogwarts. You can shop for books in the online store or go to the bookstores in Jakarta or even go to the public libraries such as Perpustakaan Nasional. It’s worth a try to kill your time and gain new insights or entertainment regarding the books you read.

2. Shut it Down

Take the time to storm away from your smartphone. Spend some time without worrying about your emails and social media notifications. They will wait for you in the end. Read a book, do some sports, or play some games to clear off your mind from your hectic business schedule.

3. Shake that Body


Research has shown that working out will make you feel better about your body[1]. Find the type of workout that you like. It can be an energetic cardio dance workout or a calming yoga session.

4. Do Some Binge-Watching


Binge-watch your favorite shows, especially the ones that made you laugh. Tickle your tummy with watching classics such as Friends to relieve the tension. Netflix is usually the best source to binge-watch any good shows, however anime fans can also watch their favorite anime in Crunchyroll, one of the best anime-streaming platforms.

5. Makeover Me


Give yourselves a warm bath, mani-pedi, apply facemasks, dress in outfits that embrace your beauty and do things to feel good about yourself. Experiment yourself to try different hairstyles to freshen’ up your look. Try different combinations of your mascara, foundations, lip tint, etc. to give you a better look that suits your style and personality. Make sure it’s complemented with proper clothes that match your facial appearance. Don’t forget to show it off to your friends!

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6. Are You the Next Masterchef?

Ordering in might be the easiest way, but wouldn’t it be nice to test your skills? Try new recipes from Tasty or Buzzfeed and elevate your cooking skills. If you have a sweet tooth, try baking the famous chocolate chip cookies, or the red velvet cake or even your favorite dish. You can also try to serve it with some desserts!

7. Dear Diary,


Start journaling to reflect on yourself as a form of self-care. Jot down your thoughts and answer journaling prompts that you can find in Pinterest to get to know yourself better. Writing diaries can also improve your narrative writing skills and storytelling which can be useful if you’re pursuing a novelist career. Researches have shown that it can also improve your mental well-being by expressing yourself in a journal.

8. Dive in Your Dreams

Enjoy an 8-hour of undistracted sleep as a method of self-care. Also, 20-minutes of nap amidst your busy schedule is a good way to recharge your energy. Having a good amount of night sleep can also improve your physical well-being, as it can lower your blood pressure[2]. However too much sleeping can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and death[3]. So it’s probably better if you manage your sleep hours to maintain your health.

9. Declutter Your Space


When was the last time you change your bedsheets and mop the floors? Start decluttering your stuff and put them into compartments. Donate the stuff you no longer need because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. However, if you still need these pieces of stuff you can start to organize and clean them. Any organized and clean workspace can improve productivity, so you can work effectively[4].

10. Inspire Yourself


Listening to self-help inspiring podcasts and watching motivational TED Talks will entertainingly expand your knowledge. Spotify has provided the space for podcasters to thrive and you can listen to their aspiring contents any day. Youtube also provides the space for the TED team to upload recordings of some of their seminar. With access to the internet, you can fully access any of it by your preferences. 

Try implementing these activities regularly to have a significant effect on your wellbeing.  Always remember to take good care of yourself no matter how the world drives you crazy. 

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