Must-Know! These are 10 Popular Cafes and Restaurants Around Renon Field Bali

Bali is famous for having many beaches and other exotic tourist attractions. But there are a lot of things to explore! One of the tourist attractions in Denpasar City, Renon Field, offers a large grass field with a unique monument called Bajra Sandhi.

Niti Mandala Mandala Renon Field or Puputan Renon Field (Renon Field) is a famous landmark as well as one of the fields in the middle of the city that is suitable for sports or jogging. Besides having a jogging track and a super-wide grass field, this place is also surrounded by shady trees.

You can also visit the Bajra Sandhi monument, a historical museum with a magnificent building design. This monument is right in the middle of Renon field. Bajra Sandhi is one of the icons of Denpasar City which attracts domestic and foreign tourists.

The Renon area itself is known for its many aesthetic restaurants and cafes. Well, if you are planning a vacation or staying temporarily in Bali, check out this article to find out about culinary hits around the Renon field.

1. Mie Kober Paon Dedari Renon

Going to Denpasar City, Bali is not complete if you haven’t tried the spicy noodles from Mie Kober! You can find one of the branches of this franchise restaurant in Renon. From Renon Field, you only need to take a motorbike or car for 5 minutes (1.7 km). It is located on Jalan Letda Tantular.

Mie Kober Renon has many cheap menu choices. You can try Mie Setan or Mie Iblis with various levels. There is also sushi, a variety of dim sum, and fresh unique drinks.

Don’t want to eat directly at the restaurant? Relax, you can order it easily on Grab Food or GoFood.

2. Hanamasa Renon

Renon field is also close to the premium Japanese restaurant Hanamasa. As the first international Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, Hanamasa offers an all-you-can-eat self-service culinary experience with five-stars flavors.

This restaurant, which is located on Jalan Drupadi, 700 meters from Renon Field, has many choices of BBQ menus with beef, chicken, fish, and others. There is also shabu-shabu which contains a variety of seafood with tom yam soup.

Because here is self-service, you can choose the side dishes and vegetables you like. The only condition is that you must eat all the food on your plate. Hanamasa Renon restaurant is suitable for those of you who want to eat with family or friends.

3. The Brass Renon

Looking for a restaurant with Indonesian and foreign menus with a variety of wines in Renon? Well, this is one restaurant you should not miss.

The Brass Renon has many menus to suit your taste buds. Want Truffle Mushroom Soup? Check. Various steaks? Check. Asian menu? Check. The price of food and drinks here ranges from IDR 10-275K.

No need to worry if you want to hang out with friends in this place. You see, there is a sharing menu, which can be eaten together! They have truffle fries, supreme nachos, smoky chips, and others.

The location of the restaurant is on Jalan Prof. Moh. Yamin No. 99, only 2 minutes from Renon field! Easy to reach, right? If you want to eat here, you should book a place in advance.

4. Gusto Gelato Renon

Different from the previous restaurant, this place offers a variety of gelato flavors freshly made in the kitchen. The ingredients are also 100% natural, so the taste is much better.

This gelato is quite popular among tourists. You can find the outlet on Jalan Merdeka, Renon, about 3 minutes from Renon Square. Gusto Gelato also opened an outlet on Jalan Mertanadi, Seminyak.

Here, you can choose among 60 gelato flavors, ranging from fruits, sweets, chocolate-based flavors, to exotic Indonesian flavors such as Sambal Hijau, Pandan Bika Ambon, and Chocolate Chilli.

You can also order sweet pastries to accompany the gelato. For example, Canneles cake, Brioche Praline, and Chocolate Fondant. In addition, a variety of cookies and coffee drinks are also available.

5. Ikan Bakar Cianjur Renon

Since 1989, Ikan Bakar Cianjur (IBC) restaurant is famous for serving delicious grilled fish and Sundanese menus with many outlets in Java, Batam, and Bali. So do not doubt the quality!

This restaurant is perfect if you want to have lunch or dinner with your family. The place is spacious and very comfortable. However, during the pandemic, this restaurant prioritizes take-away and drive-thru orders.

IBC has a variety of delicious menu variations, such as grilled fish, pesmol, cah kangkung, various stir-fries, rib soup, grilled chicken, and many more. The right restaurant for Sundanese food lovers. This restaurant is only 1.7 km from Renon field!

6. Gula Bali The Joglo

Wanna try Balinese snacks? Near Renon field, precisely on Jalan Merdeka II, there is a Balinese snack stall called Gula Bali The Joglo. Besides selling snacks, this shop also sells coffee drinks.

There are many menu choices that you can try here. Some of them are rujak kuah pindang, jaja laklak, es daluman, various types of bulung, and tipat plecing. Do you want to eat heavy food? Well, there is toast, BBQ menu, and many more here.

7. Pochajjang Korean BBQ Renon

Korean food lovers certainly can’t miss this one. Pochajjang offers all-you-can-eat cuisine with prices starting from only IDR 99K!

In addition to serving various types of BBQ meat, this restaurant, which is close to the Renon field, offers frozen menus that you can cook from home. You can also enjoy Honey Wings, fried chicken wings with sweet sauce, just like the menu in K-drama!

8. Menantea Merdeka Renon

Looking for a famous drink around Renon Square? You should try a drink at Menantea, a cafe that is located 1.3 km from the field.

As the name implies, this franchise cafe sells drinks made from tea and milk. Apple Kerinci Tea, Prinia Orange Lychee, and Rose Milk Tea are some of its best menus. Such a perfect drink on a hot day, right?

9. Bakso dan Siomay Pak Lebah

This place is not a big restaurant. But don’t get us wrong, this street dumpling stall (siomay) on the edge of the Renon field is famous for its delicious foods!

You can also taste young coconut ice as a companion to meatballs or dumplings. After exercising in the field, don’t forget to stop by this shop! The price is also very affordable.

10. Gosha Kitchen Patisserie

This restaurant is known to have a spacious and comfortable place. If you eat here, you can order Indonesian or western food.

From grilled chicken to dory parmigiana, you can taste it at Gosha. You can also order a variety of gelato, cakes, waffles, and other desserts. For one portion of food here the price is around IDR 40K++.

So, those are the 10 restaurants and cafes near Renon Field! For those of you who want to stay temporarily in Denpasar, Bali, you don’t need to be confused anymore to find a place to hang out in this area. Are you looking for a villa or apartment in Bali? Flokq also has recommendations for you. Click here to find out!

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