A Guide to Consulates and Embassies in Bali

Once you’ve found a property or at least a place to stay and live in Bali. It’s nice to know someone who can help you show the ropes. You might have friends or acquaintances to show you around, but in case you don’t you can always ask for information from your country’s embassy. Bali is fortunately frequented by citizens from many nationals across the world, maybe including yours. A lot of countries place their consulates in Bali for business and administrative purposes. 

So, in addition to obtaining specific information you can also inquire for business opportunities and ideas that you want to implement. If you’re lucky, you can also try and find a job in your local consulate! 

Lastly, consulates are known to hold small time events like get-togethers or ceremonies. It could be an opportunity for you to know others from your country living at a different place from you in Bali. How exciting! Keep in mind, though that not all consulates do this. So for all you know they don’t have a lot of things going on.

One tip, though. Most of the consulates that exist in Bali are often close to one another. Particular areas that are filled with more than a few consulates are Sanur and Renon in Denpasar. Pretty Convenient, right? If you want to know where your country’s consulate might be and how to get there, here is a guide to consulates and embassies in Bali that you can read! 

1. India 

Source: https://www.cgibali.gov.in/ 

The Indian Consulate in Bali provides assistance in visa services, emergency assistance, passport renewals, and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) cards.  In addition, the Indian consulate in Bali does hold certain events, such as helding a commemoration of International Day of Yoga and virtual celebration of 150 years of the national hero Mahatma Gandhi. 

Location: Jl. Raya Puputan No.163, Renon, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80235

Office hours: 9 AM-5 PM 

Contact info: 

  • (0361) 259502 (Contact Number) 
  • cg.bali@mea.gov.in (email) 

2. Australia 

Australians probably know how close their people’s relationships are with Bali. From holiday trips to business ventures, they’ve gone and done it all. The consulate can issue or renew passports, get in contact with local lawyers or doctors, and provide notarial aid among others. and This is also reflected in how active the consulate is with events and get-togethers where an Australian can meet other Australians or Balinese people. For Canadians, you can also go through the Australian Consulate if you need help! 

Location: Jalan Tantular No.32 Renon Denpasar Selatan, Dangin Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234

Office hours: Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday, 8.30 AM-12 PM

Contact Info:

  • (0361) 2000100 (contact number)
  • +61 2 6261 1111 (contact number)  
  • (+62 361) 2000 100 (after hours emergency contact number)  

3. USA 


The United States also has a consular in Bali. It assists US citizens with the overseas US citizen birth, performing notarials, absentee voting and accepting applications of passports. It does not assist any process surrounding visa applications.

Location: Jalan Tantular No.32 Renon Denpasar Selatan, Dangin Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234

Office hours: 9 AM-12 PM, 13 PM-15.30 PM (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)

Contact Info: 

  • (62-361) 233-605 (phone number) 
  • CABali@state.gov (email) 

4. Germany 

Honorary consulates usually provide very limited services. In the honorary consul of Germany, you can apply for a Schengen Visa. In addition to Bali, you can find one in Surabaya and Medan among other places. 

Location: Jl. Pantai Karang No.17, Sanur, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali

Office hours: 8.30 AM-12.30 PM (with appointment)

Contact info: 

  • +62 361 288 535, +62 361 282 009 (Phone Number) 
  • sanur@hk-dilpo.de (Email)

5. United Kingdom

With the British Consulate, you can be assisted in times of emergency. This includes providing you information and advice in conjunction to the issue that you are facing. They can also provide you emergency travel documents if your passport is lost or stolen. Other than that, they also provide notarial and document services. 

Location: Jl. Tantular No 32, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Dangin Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234

Office hours: 8.30 AM-12 PM (Every Monday, Wednesday, And Friday)

Contact info: 

  • (+62) (21) 2356 5200 (phone number) 
  • www.gov.uk/contact-consulate-bali (contact form)

6. Switzerland 

If you are a Swiss and is encountering trouble, then you can contact the Swiss Consulate for information and advice

Location: Jl. Ganetri B No.9 D, Tonja, Kec. Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80235

Office hours: 9 AM-12 PM

Contact info: 

  • +62 361 264 149 (Phone Number) 
  • bali@honrep.ch (Email) 

7. Norway 

The Norwegian Consulate of Bali will help you with emergency and logistical services such as sending items to Norway. 

Location: Jl. Segara Ayu No.8, Sanur, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227 

Office hours: Every thursday and tuesday. 10 AM-1 PM

Contact info: 

  •  +62-361-2822-23 (Contact Number) 
  • norwegianconsulatebali@yahoo.com (Email) 

8. Estonia  

Location: Estonian honorary consulate in Denpasar, Indonesia – Villa Prashanti, 12 Gang Kuda P – Banjar Kang Kang, Pererenan – Mengwi – Denpasar – Bali 80361 – Indonesia

Office hours: By appointment 

Contact info:

  • +62 811 987 111 (Contact Number) 
  • bharat@consul-estonia.or.id (Email) 

9. Chile  

The consulate of Chile may provide a range of consular services such as visa and passport processing as well as document legalization, but just to be safe make sure to contact the consulate as the honorary consulate only offers limited services. 

Location:  Jl. Pengembak, Gang 1 Nr. 3 SANUR Kota Denpasar, Pulau Bali

Office hours: By appointment

Contact info: 

  • 0811-394-045 (phone number) 
  • chilehonconsulate@bali-villa.com (Email)

10. Japan 


In addition to emergency services, the consulate of Japan in Indonesia provides services in areas such as Visa application and retrieval, issuing or renewing passports, and other related documents

Location:  Jl. Raya Puputan No.170, Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Office hours: 8.30 AM to 12 PM and 1:30 PM-4 PM

Contact info: 

  • 0361-227628 (contact number) 
  • denpasar@dp.mofa.go.jp (Email) 

11. Thailand 

The Thai Consulate can help you with processing Visa and passports. They moved to a new area recently so make sure you caught wind of that! 

Location: Jalan Ciungwanara IV, No. 26 (Baru) / 22 (Lama), Renon, Denpasar, Bali,

 Office hours: 9 AM-12 PM, closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Contact info: 

  • +62 3 61229685 (Phone number) 
  • Rtcdps2yahoo.com (Email)

12. Malaysia

The Malaysian consulate, as it is an honorary consulate, will only provide limited services. They may provide help with visa application and issuing passports, but please make sure to contact them beforehand to know. 

Location: Puri Kumara Sakti, Jalan Bentuyung Ubud, Gianyar, 80571 Bali

Office hours: By appointment

Contact info: 

  • +62 361 973182 / +62 812 37154050 (phone number) 
  • balichmalaysia@gmail.com (Email) 

13. Spain  

The consulate of Spain can provide you with an array of services. This include visa and passport application, information and advice surrounding local culture and events, information and advice regarding obtaining a Spanish citizenship, and also providing specific information surrounding contacts in Spain. 

Location: Jl. Raya Sanggingan Br. Lungsiakan – Kel. Kedewatan – Kec. Ubud Kab. Gianyar – BALI 80571 P.O BOX 39 Ubud

Office hours: by appointment

Contact info: 

  • +62-361- 975726 (Contact Number) 
  • espana_bali@blueline.net.id (Email) 

14. Denmark

source: scandasia

The Danish Consulate in Bali can help you with issuing a new passport, contacting attorneys if you are arrested, contacting your insurance company in case of mishap or accident, and more. They cannot do things such as paying a lawyer to help your release from prison, obtaining work permits and paying a medical bill without collateral from you.

Location: Crystal Divers Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Gang Griya no 6 Sanur, Bali 80228

Office hours: Monday to Friday 10 AM-2 PM (by appointment only)

Contact info: 

  • (+62) (0) 811 3980 220 (phone number) 
  • bali@umgate.dk (Email) 

15. East Timor

The Consulate of Timor Leste can assist you with visa applications, issuing passports, and other documentations.

Location: Jl. Tukad Mas No.4, Dangin Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80226

Office hours: 8 AM-4 PM

Contact info: 

  • (+62) 03 6123 5093 (Contact Number) 
  • (+62) 812 3917 6529 (Contact Number) 
  • cgtl@dpsbali.com (Email) 

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16. China  

The Chinese Consulate provides service for passports/travel certificates, Visa to China, and notarial/legal matters. They also held celebrations and traditions surrounding Chinese culture. 

Location:  Jl. Tukad Badung 8X, Renon, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80226

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 9 AM-11:30 AM and 2 PM-4 PM (except on Chinese holidays)

Contact info: 

  • 0361-239901 (phone number) 
  • 0361-239902 (emergency assistance for Chinese nationals)
  • dpsdpszj@gmail.com (Email) 

17. Finland 

The consulate of Finland Bali is strictly focused on protecting the interest of Finns in Bali. They do not provide assistance in passport renewal or issuing nor do they provide assistance in processing visas. 

Location: Segara Village Hotel Jl.Segara Ayu,Sanur Bali Indonesia

Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM-13 PM 

Contact info:  

18. France 

Since this is an honorary consulate, it’s services are quite limited. It will assist in protecting the interest of French nationals in emergencies. 

Location: Jalan Umalas 1 n°80 Kerobokan – Kuta 80117 Bali

Office hours: Monday and Friday, from 9 AM-12 PM

Contact info: 

  • 0361 – 473 0834 (Telephone Number) 
  • consul@dps.centrin.net.id 

19. Hungary 

The hungarian honorary consulate serves emergency needs for Hungarians in Bali. 

Location: Jl. Raya Dalung No. 88 Dalung, Kuta Utara, Badung, 80361 Bali

Office hours: By appointment

Contact info: 

  • 0062 361 425924 (Phone Number) 
  • 0062 878 5301 5419 (Emergency Phone Number) 
  • huconsulbali@gmail.com (Email)

20. Italy 

In addition to normal emergency related services, the Italian consulate also provides travel documents for Italians who lost their passport.

Location: D/A Lotus E. Building – Jl. By-Pass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran Bali Indonesia

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10 AM-1 PM Except on Holidays

Contact info: 

  • +62-361-701005 (Telephone Number) 
  • +628123904471 (Emergency Number) 
  • italconsbali@italconsbali.org (Email) 

21. Mexico 

Mexican consulate, in addition to emergency issues, might also serve passports and visas. Please contact them to be sure.

Location: Puri Astina Putra Building, Jl. Prof. Moh. Yamin 1 A, PO BOX 3150 Denpasar 80226, Bali, Indonesia

Office hours: By appointment 

Contact info:  

  • +62 (361) 223 266 (telephone number)  

22. The Netherlands 

Services that the Netherlands Consulate usually allow are Visa support letters, certificate of residence, declaration of dutch citizenship, and more. They also support Dutch nationals in case of emergencies.

Location: Jalan Raya Kuta 127 Kuta Denpasar 80001

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM-4 PM 

Contact info: 

  • (+62) 361 761502 (Telephone Number) 
  • dutchconsulate@kcbtours.com 

23. New Zealand 

New Zealanders who are in a pinch can use the number above to make an appointment or request advice and information surrounding the emergency. 

Location:  Suri, Jl. Subak Sari No.9C, Tibubeneng, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Office hours: By Appointment

Contact info: +62 21 2995 5800 extn 111 (emergency contact) 

24. Poland 

Make sure to give them a call first and foremost! Polish consulate can help Poles with emergency services. 

Location: Jl. Dewi Madri III no 9 Renon, Denpasar, Bali 

Office hours: By appointment

Contact info: 

  • +62 361 282 474/ ext. 101 (Telephone Number) 
  • +62 811 389 449 (Phone Number) 
  • +62 812-3666-0202 (Phone Number)
  • iblolec@pacificworld.com (Email)
  • pondokmimpi.tulamben@gmail.com (Email) 

25. Slovak Republic

Since this is also an honorary consulate, it may only help with emergency services for Slovaks in Bali. Contact them just to make sure!  

Location: Jalan Gunung Agung No. 93 Denpasar 80118 Indonesia

Office hours: By Appointment

Contact info: 

  • +62811810680 (Contact Number) 
  • +62361-426171 (Contact Number) 
  • konsulslowakbali@yahoo.com (Email) 

26. Czech Republic 

The honorary Consulate of Czech Republic is available if Czechians are facing trouble or emergencies while staying in Bali.

Location: Jalan Pengembak 17, 80228 Sanur – Bali

Office hours: Monday – Friday 08.30 – 12.00, 13.00 – 16.00

Contact info: 

  • +62/361286465 (Contact Number)
  • +62361286408 (Contact Number) 
  • bali@honorary.mzv.cz (Email) 

27. South Africa 

The South African Honorary Consul offers emergency Services for South Africans Stranded in Bali.

  • Location: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 300B Tuban 80361 Denpasar, Bali Indonesia
  • Office hours: By appointment 
  • Contact info:  
    •  (+62) 361 751 223 (Contact Number) 
    • (+62) 361 752 779 (Contact Number) 
    • bagus.sudibya@bagus-discovery.com (Email)

28. Sri Lanka

Please make sure to make a call before going to the place. The Sri Lankan Consulate might be able to help beyond emergency services

Location: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100, Pedungan, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80221

Office hours: By appointment

Contact info: 

  • (0361) 726200 (Contact Number)

29. Sweden 

The Swedish Consulate might be able to help you with emergency services, but does not provide services such as assistance in applying for Schengen Visa. 

Location: Segara Village Hotel Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur, Denpasar 80228 Bali – Indonesia

Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00 – 13.00

Contact info: 

  • Phone: +62-361-282 223 (Phone Number) 
  • sweconsul@yahoo.com (Email) 

30. Tunisia 

The Tunisian Consulate can help Tunisian with emergencies when vacationing or staying in Bali 

Location: Jalan Hayam Wuruk 159 Denpasar 80235, Bali Indonesia

Office hours: By Appointment

Contact info:  

  • (+62) (361) 242 659 (Telephone Number) 
  • popo@popodanes.com (Email)

And that’s it! Did we miss any! Please tell us if we do, for this is very vital information for people who are visiting or staying in Bali! Thank you for reading! 

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