8 Budget Restaurants in Kuta with Delicious Dishes

Kuta is indeed very famous and has become the main destination for tourists while on vacation in Bali. You will easily find hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, and other tourist attractions in Kuta.

Being very famous, Kuta is indeed cost you more money on everything than other places in Bali. However, there are still some budget restaurants in Kuta that serve you with good food and cost less.

Here are the 8 budget restaurants in Kuta that you must visit while you are on a budget vacation in Kuta!

1. Gourmet Sate House

Most Indonesians like satay. If you also like satay, then when you go on vacation to Bali, especially Kuta, it is highly recommended for you to visit the Gourmet Sate House. This restaurant specializes in satay, and for now, there are 12 different types of satay. So when you visit the Gourmet Sate House, I am sure you will find your favourite satay menu.

Gourmet Sate House Restaurant Kuta

All satay menus are served with peanut sauce, pickles, and a choice of rice or lontong.

The type of satay culinary, as you know, the price per serving is usually more expensive, if you compare it to other Indonesian culinary delights. Moreover, the type of satay made from mutton is quite expensive. The satay menu with pork is not available at this restaurant.

Satay in Gourmet Sate House

To maintain the aroma and taste of the satay, Gourmet Sate House uses charcoal grilling instead of gas grilling. Therefore, if you want to enjoy satay while on budget vacation in Bali, you should definitely have to visit the Gourmet Sate House in Kuta.

2. Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta Kuta

Finding a place to eat that serves cheap food in Kuta is not difficult. One of the restaurants in Kuta that serves dishes for the Indonesian tongue at low prices is Warung Indonesia at Gang Ronta Kuta.

There are two food ordering options at Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta, you can order from the food menu or choose side dishes and vegetables, according to your preferences.

Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta Kuta

If you want to get a cheaper price, choose the food menu from the food counter. For food prices, if you choose directly from the food counter, then the price depends on the food you choose. In addition, avoid choosing a red meat menu such as beef rendang. If you only choose the menu from chicken, tempeh, and vegetables, the price range is around IDR 14,000 per portion.

3. Warung Nikmat Kuta

As the name implies, Warung Nikmat, the taste of the cuisine is also delicious (Nikmat = Delicious). Just like at Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta Kuta, at Warung Nikmat Kuta there are also two ways to order food. The first way to order from the available food menu and the second way, choose the food you like from the food counter.

Warung Nikmat Restaurant Kuta

If you prefer to choose side dishes from the counter, the price of food will vary. Therefore, if you are looking for a food stall that serves Indonesian dishes, then Warung Nikmat Kuta is a must-visit!

4. Warung Wardani Kuta

A vacation to Bali without enjoying Balinese culinary is not complete. Then where is the place to eat in Kuta that serves Balinese, halal, and affordable menus? Warung Wardani is the answer. Although there are many places to eat that serve Balinese specialties in the Kuta area, the taste of the cuisine at Wardani Warung is one of the best.

Warung Wardani Restaurant Kuta

There are two Wardani stalls on the island of Bali, one is in Denpasar and the other is in the Tuban area, Kuta, adjacent to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The main menu at Wardani stalls is Balinese Nasi Campur, and you won’t find any other food menus. There is not only one type of Nasi Campur, there are four types.

Warung Wardani sate lilit

The specialty of Warung Wardani’s cuisine is its shredded chicken, it’s delicious and not too spicy. In addition, the satay lilit has a very soft texture.

5. Warung Murah Double Six

If you are looking for a restaurant around Kuta that serves buffet stalls with Indonesian dishes at low prices? Then Warung Murah Double Six fits perfectly the criteria you are looking for.

warung murah kuta

Warung Murah, as the name implies, serves a food menu with prices starting from IDR 20,000 per portion. One serving consists of white rice, side dishes, and vegetables. There are many choices of rice, such as white rice, yellow rice, or brown rice. There are also many choices of vegetables and chili sauce.

warung murah restaurant kuta

In addition, you are free to choose the side dish you like, as long as there is only one type of side dish in one serving. Side dishes available at Warung Murah Double Six such as:

  • Rendang sapi.
  • Sate Ayam.
  • Kentang Kare.
  • Kare Ayam.
  • Ayam Betutu.

6. Sate Babi (Pork Satay) Bawah Pohon

From the name, you know for sure that the main menu of this shop is pork satay. The appearance and layout of the shop is like a sidewalk, but the taste of the satay is great (it’s a little spicy, but you can stand it).

sate babi bawah pohon

There are two types of pork satay sold at Sate Babi Bawah Pohon, satay pork skewer and pork satay lilit. The price per pork skewer is IDR 2,500, not including lontong. Apart from satay, pork soup and tuna pepes are also available.

The Warung Sate Babi Bawah Pohon is very often packed with visitors, especially at lunch, so you have to be willing to queue. You can book in advance, but you have to pay up front.

7. Warung Malang Kuta

Warung Malang is a restaurant serving Chinese and seafood dishes.

The hallmark of Warung Malang is the size of the portion which is quite large. So for those who usually eat a lot and want low prices, this restaurant is for you.

warung malang

The dining area is quite spacious and very clean. If you eat here, order seafood fried rice which costs only Rp. 32,000. There is also a selection of Hokkien fried rice and crab fried rice.

8. Warung Tom Yum Kuta

If you look at the name, you will already know that Warung Tom Yum serves Thai food. At Warung Tom Yum, apart from providing Thai food, it also serves other dishes, such as Asian and Western dishes.

warung tom yam

The price of food at Warung Tom Yum is included in the cheap category. considering the location is still in the heart of Kuta tourism. Besides that, the portion size of the food is also quite a lot. The atmosphere of the place to eat is also very cheerful, with red wall paint. The restaurant area is not too large, but the dining room is in an open area.

When you are looking for Warung Tom Yum location which is on Jalan Popies Lane 1, you have to walk slowly because Jalan Popies Lane 1 is very busy.

Those are all the 8 budget restaurants in Kuta for you who want to eat well and pay less. Hope this helps you choose which place to eat! See you in Bali, Flokqers!

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