Living Cost in Kuta, Bali: Your Essential Guide

Thinking of settling down in Bali? Or, do you want to spend a month or two while working remotely from Kuta, Bali? Beautiful beaches, friendly people, and just great vibes. Kuta is one of the most popular areas in Bali to visit, and it is tourist friendly. In addition to its beautiful beaches, restaurants, bars, villas, and resorts, it also offers a lively nightlife. Before you go, make sure to check on the living cost in Kuta to get prepared.

Kuta is especially famous around tourists and youth. If you are considering to stay in Kuta for quite some time, do continue reading as we have rough estimations of living cost in Kuta for a month. However, the cost varies depending on your lifestyle. Are you ready?

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1. Living Cost for Nomad

As for average nomad, the estimated cost is around IDR 14,100,000 per month. This average cost includes the cost for renting cheap hotel for up to 3 months. Other than that, it also covers meal three times a day to eat out.

2. Living Cost for Family

Family members vary, but in case of family of 4-person, estimation of living cost in Kuta is at around IDR 17,000,000 per month. The amount is for accommodation renting in suburbs of the city.

3. Living Cost for Expat

Being one of Bali’s first tourist developments, it is no wonder that Kuta is famous among expat community. Per month, the living cost in Kuta is estimated to be around IDR 8,000,000. This is for renting in the center of the city and has not included the meal plan yet.

4. Hotel Booking

In case of short term or temporary stay, you can try hotel. There are plenty of choices when it comes to hotel, depending on your preference. The median price is at IDR 200,000 per night, to note that it depends on type of hotel you are staying in.

5. 1BR Studio Rent


If you are planning for a more comfortable extended stay, you might want to rent a studio. As for renting a studio, the cost is IDR 5,500,000 per month. Flokq got you, click here for monthly studio rent in Kuta with Flokq here!

6. Food and Beverages

There are plenty of options when it comes to eating in Kuta. From traditional street food to a fine dining in a fancy restaurant, The approximation of food and beverages cost to eat basic meal at a restaurant is around IDR 50.000. You can also cook at your own to save money, and explore your creativity!

7. Co-working


The popularity of co-working space is rising as people need an environment to work productively. Provided tidy space, internet connection, and the working atmosphere are some of the things offered. Co-working space is now also available in Kuta, and the cost per month is average at IDR 3,000,000 per month. However, that also depend on how often you go.

Living cost in Kuta varies from person to person, but hopefully this can give you a little insight. We hope you are going to love your time in Kuta!

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