The Ultimate Guide of River Rafting in Bali: Rafting Spots and Mandatory Tips!

Traveling while looking for watersport spots in Bali is indeed very easy. As is well known, Bali is a place that has a lot of tourism potential, both natural tourism and artificial tourism. Bali natural tourism involves many water activities, such as snorkeling & diving, surfing, parasailing, and river rafting!

Of the many tours available in Bali, rafting is one of the favorite activities of tourists who like thrilling activity. The rafting itself is a freshwater sport, where visitors will be invited to wade through the river which is certainly very challenging. For those of you who like rafting, here are recommendations for places to go rafting in Bali which are extraordinary!

Rafting Spots in Bali You Should Try!

1. Rafting at Ayung River

Ayung River Bali Rafting

Rafting is a fun sport for people who love challenges. This type of sport requires really good physicality. Not only that, in the game rafting also requires teamwork while crossing the river to the finish line.

Now one of the famous rafting spots that is very challenging is the Ayung river. For those of you who have travelled to Bali, of course, you are familiar with this famous tour. It should be noted, the Ayung River is one of the rivers in Bali that offers an amazing sensation of natural adventure. The route itself is approximately 12 km.

Here you will be invited to go along the river with the swift flow of the river that makes you feel addicted to continue rafting in this place. For those who have never been here, make sure to visit it on vacation later.

2. Rafting at Telaga Waja

Telaga Waja Bali Rafting
Telaga Waja Rafting Bali

The next famous recommendation for rafting in Bali is the Telaga Waja river. The Telaga Waja river flow itself is one of the rivers that can make visitors feel tense. As is well known, the Telaga Waja river is famous for being very beautiful. The river flow is also very clean and clear. The very fresh air makes your rafting even more enjoyable.

In addition to natural scenery and clear river water, you can also see the view of 3 waterfalls that you will encounter when doing rafting here. Make your vacation even more memorable by doing rafting on the Telaga Waja river. So don’t miss it!

3. Rafting at Pakerisan River

Pakerisan River Bali Rafting

The Pakerisan River is a must-try rafting place in Bali. The reason is, this rafting place is located in the area of ​​the Tampak Siring Palace which has been the main river for a long time. Meanwhile, the palace itself is quite popular because it is a historical site that was once associated with Indonesia’s First President, Ir. Soekarno.

How about the atmosphere in this place? The atmosphere throughout this river is very calm and beautiful and away from the crowd. In addition, the river flow along the 4.5 km is also quite calm or not too swift like most rivers. Of course, it is still safe, especially if you and your team accidentally fall or capsize from the boat. It won’t be dangerous.

4. Rafting at Melangit River

Melangit River Rafting Bali

Want to do rafting in a beautiful, leafy place? The river sky could be the best choice. There the feel of the countryside is still very pronounced, especially the beautiful scenery and cool air that will be able to make your mind refreshed. Of course, besides going rafting, you can also find the best photo spots for your photo collection.

The sky river has a length of up to 7.5 km. There you will find a calm and soothing atmosphere from a waterfall in this river. In addition, you will also come across several forest animals who happen to pass by and see the people there doing their activities such as gardening, farming, fishing and others. That atmosphere will surely make you yearn to come there again.

5. Rafting at Petanu River

Water Rafting Bali

The next highly recommended rafting spot in Bali is on the Petanu River. This place is perfect for those of you who want to test your adrenaline. During a trip along the river, you have to pass through a river flow that is equipped with boulders as a barrier. However, don’t worry, even though there are lots of boulders, the river flow is fairly calm and still safe.

The reason why this river is highly recommended is that it has clear and clean water or is free of the trash. This is because the surrounding community is aware of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. Of course, you as a newcomer also have to maintain cleanliness while you are there.

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Mandatory Equipment for Rafting

Rafting Equipment
Rafting Equipment

Rafting is actually not a sport that is too dangerous. The tracks in each spot have different difficulty levels. The level of difficulty or what is commonly called the grade in rafting is grouped from I to the easiest to VI which is the most challenging and is done by professionals.

However, apart from high flying hours and skill, rafting equipment is also the main thing that maintains safety. There are quite a lot of equipment needed to do rafting and must be fulfilled, including the following.

1. Boat

The most important equipment to be able to do rafting is certainly a boat. There are enough types of boats available to navigate the swift currents of the river, including the strength according to the production of each factory.

In general, the materials for making rafting boats are polyester, nylon and PVC. For its own type, non-self bailing and self-bailing boats are known. The first type is not equipped with drain holes, so a bucket is needed to drain the water that enters the boat. The second type is equipped with a drain, making it more practical.

2. Paddle

Based on the manufacturing material, you can choose oars from wood, aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, and many others. Rows that are more widely used have the criteria of being light and strong, such as those made of aluminium and plastic.

3. Buoy

As the main security, you certainly need a buoy. Its main function is to keep you afloat if you fall into the water.

Its secondary function is as a body protector that will protect you against collisions that occur while on the boat either due to obstacles on the river, rowing, or fellow members of the group.

4. Helmet

Helmets are also special protectors to protect the head, whether it is hit by rocks or hard objects in the water.

For the record, don’t use a helmet too tight, especially if the rafting on the track you choose takes a long time. Ties that are too tight will only make your head hurt. But of course, don’t attach it too loosely as it will interfere with movement.

people riding on red and white boat on water during daytime
Source: Unsplash

5. Rope

You will never know what will happen while crossing the ripples of the river, be it slow or swift. Therefore, make sure there is always a throw rope ready to use in the boat. This rafting tool is in the form of a coat strap that is attached to a small bag and has a function for occasional rescue.

6. Whistle

Your voice will not be clearly heard when doing rafting because it is defeated by the swift flow of river water. Therefore, you need a whistle as a communication tool. The method of communicating the whistle also has standards, at least like the following signals:

  • 1 blow means attention;
  • 2 blows mean the way; and
  • 3 blows mean there is a problem or need help.

7. Pump

This tool must always be available in anticipation when the boat is short of air. The pumps are available in two types, namely hand pumps and stamping pumps. You can choose according to practicality.

8. Dry Bag

As the name implies, dry bags will keep your belongings dry during rafting. It’s best if you don’t bring too many valuable items that are not urgent when rafting, but if necessary, keep them in this bag.

Apart from some of the items above, other rafting tools you need are navigation tools, rescue kits, repair kits, first aid kits, and logistics. Although not a few, the presence of this equipment in your rafting activities is very important.

Well, that was rafting places in Bali which are highly recommended for you, rafting lovers. Of course, before you visit these places, make sure you have prepared and considered many things such as rafting equipment, health, medicines, and others. Have a great holiday in Bali, Flokqers!

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