8 Magnificent White Sand Beaches in Bali You Need to Check Out!

Bali’s beautiful and exotic beaches have always been the popular destination for spending a summer-like vacation since it’s always sunny all year. It is widely known that Bali has so many beautiful beaches, both white sand beaches and black sand beaches.

For those of you who are planning to have a vacation in Bali to enjoy the beauty of its white-sand beaches, this article is for you! From famous beaches in Bali to beaches that are rarely visited or maybe even unspoiled or hidden. Let’s take a look at these beautiful white sand beaches in Bali!

1. Kuta Beach

kuta - white sand beach bali

Who doesn’t know this famous beach in Bali? Kuta Beach is Bali’s most popular white sand beach among domestic and even foreign tourists. Kuta Beach Bali has white sand with long and big waves, it really tests surfers around the world. It’s not wrong they choose Kuta beach, as the best surfing location in Bali.

For beginner surfers, there is no need to worry if you want to learn to surf. Along the coast, many surfboards are rented at varying prices, depending on the size and quality of the material. Experienced guides are also always ready to help you break the waves.

Its location is so strategic that Kuta beach is never empty of visitors. Apart from surfing and playing in the sand, you can also enjoy the sunset here. Apart from being a tourist spot, Kuta beach is also often used as a shooting location for television series in Indonesia. Local beach boys sometimes get involved. Apart from the beach, you can also visit various other famous tourist attractions in Kuta such as Waterbom Bali.

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2. Sanur Beach

sanur - white sand beach bali

If Kuta Beach is said to be a ‘sunset beach’, then Sanur Beach is a ‘sunrise beach’ that is no less attractive. This white sand beach, which is located in the east of Denpasar, has the characteristics of calm waves. Might not be perfect for surfing, but could be perfect for relaxing!

The calm waves also indicate that the waters around Sanur Beach are perfect for snorkeling and diving for beginners. The most popular activity on this beach is enjoying the sunrise while swimming in the calm sea.

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3. Pandawa Beach

pandawa - white sand beach bali

This white sand beach of Pandawa is one must-visit and is on the rise lately. Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, Badung Regency, and is also famous among foreign tourists, especially Australia, with the name Secret Beach. Meanwhile, local people are more familiar with the name Kutuh Beach.

Every tourist who visits the beach in Kutuh village will be amazed by the scenery. You will get clean white sand, as well as calm waves, free from pollution and crowds.

If you visit this beach with your family and children, you don’t need to bring your own food and drink supplies because on this beach there are many food stalls selling fried rice, fried noodles, grilled seafood, and several types of western food.

4. Dreamland Beach

dreamland beach
Souce: Unsplash

Dreamland Beach is one of Bali’s white-sand beaches, located in the southern Bali region, precisely in the Pecatu area. This beach is surrounded by a row of high cliffs and is only 30 minutes away from Kuta Beach.

The atmosphere and condition of Dreamland Beach are more or less similar to Kuta Beach, but with a smaller number of visitors so it is perfect for those of you who want to find peace.

The origin of the name of this beach is quite unique. As the name implies, Dreamland, or in Indonesian means ‘Tanah Impian’, was given this name because formerly the local people hoped that the tourism and housing projects in this location could provide them with better jobs. But unfortunately, in the end, this big project was hampered and was not completed. Yet the white sand beach is still stunning as ever.

5. Nusa Dua Beach

nusa dua beach

Are you planning a vacation with children in Bali and planning to take your children to a white sand beach? If so, Nusa Dua beach is one of the white sand beaches in South Bali which is perfect for that. The beach in Nusa Dua is the cleanest in Bali with very calm waves, the water is shallow, perfect for swimming.

Also, the location of Nusa Dua beach is not so far from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, about 20 minutes to the south through By Pass Ngurah Rai. It is located next to the Tanjung Benoa beach Bali which is the center of water tourism objects such as parasailing, banana boat, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Nusa Dua Beach has white sand with calm seawater, the waves are not so hard, making many foreign investors competing to build supporting facilities for tourism facilities close to the beach. For local people, they do not call the Nusa Dua beach by another name, for the beach in the north it is called Mengiat beach Nusa Dua and in the southern part of Geger beach Nusa Dua.

The beach area is very well preserved and maintained. This is because each hotel on the beach is obliged to keep the beach clean. The area of ​​luxurious hotels that stand majestically is built along the coast with a fairly expensive rental price per night. Most of them are star hotels with room rates above one million rupiah and above.

6. Karma Kandara Beach

karma kandara beach

For those who feel that the Pandawa beach is too crowded to visit and want a beach view like the Pandawa beach but don’t want many visitors, then you should choose Karma Kandara beach.

Karma Kandara Beach, which is adjacent to Pandawa beach, are both in the Ungasan Bali tourist area. Therefore the beach has almost the same characteristics and is one of the

The difference is that to enter Karma Kandara Beach, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 250,000 per person. This makes Karma Kandara beach very quiet and visitors’ privacy is maintained. You can also use the entrance ticket to buy food and drinks at one of the luxury restaurants around the beach.

For those of you who want privacy, clean beach sand, the beauty of the sea like in the Mediterranean sea, and don’t mind paying a little expensive entrance ticket. Then the Karma Kandara beach Ungasan is highly recommended for you to visit.

7. Jimbaran Beach

jimbaran - white sand beach bali

Jimbaran Beach is not as busy as Kuta Beach during the day. But at night, Jimbaran Beach will be filled with many people. Jimbaran Beach is one of the white sand beaches in Bali that offers culinary delights on the beach. Therefore, don’t be surprised if there are many restaurants lined up on this beach.

The mainstay menu of these restaurants is fresh seafood which is directly obtained from fishermen around this beach every morning.

Apart from eating in the restaurant, you can also eat on the soft white sand because there are many tables and chairs lined up along this beach resort. At night, several restaurants here will serve live music to compliment your extraordinary dining experience.

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8. Padang Padang Beach

padang padang beach
Source: Unsplash

Padang Padang Beach is a beautiful beach, but not very well known for Indonesians. This beach that is hidden behind a cliff is located in the Pecatu area, not far from Uluwatu. To reach this beach, you have to pass through a cave where the road is only enough for 1 person, so you have to take turns when passing it.

Although it is not as big and as long as other beaches, Padang Padang Beach offers a very unique and clean beauty.

So, there are 8 beautiful, unique, and interesting white-sand beaches in Bali for you to visit. Hopefully, you will have a splendid vacation experience in Bali!

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