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Best Expats Neighborhoods In South Jakarta

Jakarta is a large and diverse city with places that welcome everyone to stay. This city has so much to offer; from great culinary experience, luxurious shopping malls, to the dynamic multicultural community.  We understand that it may be hard for some people, especially expats, to settle in a new country. So we’re here to guide you into your first step moving into this city. First thing first, let’s get to know some neighborhoods in Jakarta. To specify the scope, we are going to start with South Jakarta. This hype area is arguably the best place to live in all of Jakarta. This district has the best entertainment spots, shopping malls, schools, and of course, housings. So, here are 3 of the best expat neighborhoods in South Jakarta.

Kebayoran Baru

Kebayoran Baru is one of the sub-districts in South Jakarta that has been well developed from the mid-90s. This well-planned neighborhood is filled with huge housings, parks, tree-lined streets, and plenty of comfortable sidewalks. There are many advantages of living in Kebayoran Baru. First of all, its strategic location near the Sudirman Business District. Well-established companies and important governmental institutions like Indonesia Stock Exchange are located here.

Furthermore, if you are moving here with your family, there are plenty of international schools within the area, such as Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta and JIS Patimurra Elementary School. There are plenty of shopping malls in the area; from the high-class Senayan City mall to a more midrange oriental Blok M. There are plenty of accessible public transportations within the area, starting from the KRL Commuter train in Serpong Station, TransJakarta Buses, and MRT. There are a wide selection of apartments you can live in, such as the Luxurious Essence Darmawangsa Apartment to a more midrange Permata Gandaria Apartment.


Senayan is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated sub-districts in all of Jakarta. This neighborhood is filled with skyscrapers and high rise apartment towers; creating a refined living experience as well as catering to a modern lifestyle. The list of why you should live in Senayan goes on and on but its strategic location is to die for. Furthermore, when it comes to entertainment and shopping, Senayang seems to have all the answers for you. In Senayan alone, there are 3 mega malls, all closely located next to each other: Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, and FX Center. 

There is also a great variety of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes in this area; all ranging from affordable street-food along the streets of Senayan to high-class wine and dine restaurants. In addition, there are also plenty of educational institutions within the area, such as Jakarta International Hotels School and Binus International University in FX Center. Furthermore, the whole area is easily accessible as it has plenty of public transportations such as MRT, train station, TransJakarta, and even ordering your online taxis from ride-sharing apps. Finally, as finding housings is relatively hard in this area, there are still great options for apartments in Senayan such as Ritz Carlton Apartments, Residence 8 and many more.


You can always find fellow expats walking through the streets of Kemang. This neighborhood undoubtedly one of the best expat neighborhoods in South Jakarta. Kemang’s tucked down alleys and narrow streets give this area its own unique and dynamic living experience. Even though this area has flooded from time to time, this just does not seem to keep people away. The entertainment spots such as restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs here are just amazing. 

If you are into shopping with a chill outdoor ambiance, you can go to Kemang Village shopping mall. If you are looking for a more authentic culinary experience of Indonesia’s northern cuisine, go to the famous Mie Aceh Kemang house at one of Kemang’s narrow streets. Furthermore, Kemang also has many international schools if you are moving here with children, such as New Zealand School Jakarta, Australia International School, and Little Lambs International School Kemang. Although there is no particular public transportation station in Kemang, you can still go to the nearest ones (i.e. Pasar Minggu and Duren Kalibata Station) which are approximately only 15 minutes away from Kemang. 

Moreover, Kemang is famous for its unique neighborhood. The housings here are a combination of modern sophisticated houses along with dutch-colonization buildings. However, one thing for sure is that Kemang has a very dynamic community. People in this area love to make communities gathering and also exhibitions that might just interest you. If you google exhibitions in Kemang, there are almost new ones every month. So if you are interested in Kemang, there are plenty of housing options, such as apartments, to choose from.

All 3 of these neighborhoods are some of the best expat neighborhoods in South Jakarta. They’re relatively safe, strategically located, and expat-friendly. Let’s get to know more about each of them specifically!

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