Best Plants to Decorate Your Place

In general, homes tend to be filled with various types of furniture, but this is common. Using ornamental plants as decoration will make the room more lively and can bring freshness and shade in the house. In addition, there are also some ornamental plants that can filter out the air, so that it can make a healthy and fresh home. Ornamental plants themselves are divided into two types, namely indoor and outdoor plants. To be able to distinguish, let’s see the explanation below!

Difference between indoor and outdoor ornamental plants

Outdoor ornamental plants tend to grow in nature that requires special care, such as good lighting for photosynthesis, so this type of plant can’t last long in the house. While indoor ornamental plants tend to be more resistant to less air, and resistant to lack of natural lighting. It can also be said that this indoor plant is very minimal maintenance, and can survive indoors. This indoor ornamental plant is an attractive choice for those of you who want to decorate your home with plants that are not too difficult to care for, but there are important things to consider when caring for this type of plant.

How to care for ornamental plants in the room

Although it does’nt require extra care, the maintenance of indoor ornamental plants requires a different treatment from outdoor ornamental plants. So as not to indoor ornamental plants do not wilt quickly, there are several treatments needed by these ornamental plants, such as watering, lighting, temperature, fertilizing, pruning, and replacement of planting media.

Watering indoor ornamental plants do not need to be done every day. The amount of water sprayed on these plants can cause root rot. Because of this, the indoor plants only need to be watered when the soil begins to dry out. In addition, when spraying indoor ornamental plants also needs attention. The right time to water this indoor ornamental plant is in the morning. It’s because the water has time to absorb all parts of the plant before it evaporates when exposed to sunlight during the day.

All types of plants need sunlight to keep growing dawn, including indoor ornamental plants. Indoor ornamental plants that obtain very limited light need to be moved outdoors at least once every two weeks. In addition, when placing indoor ornamental plants also need to avoid positions that make it exposed to direct sunlight.

Indoor ornamental plants are very at risk of suffering from drought due to a decrease in temperature and humidity levels. To maintain the temperature and humidity level, it can be done by placing the pot on a container that contains a mixture of water, sand and gravel, or it can also put the plants close together. But enough introduction, here’s the recommendation for best plants to decorate your place.

Peace Lily

Peace lily is a plant that’s suitable to be used as an indoor plant. The dark green color of the leaves and the white flowers make the combination make the colors look beautiful so they are suitable as a home decoration. Peace lily is also good for cleaning the air too, and this plant is also famous for being able to eliminate the poison of benzene and formaldehyde.


Indoor Sansevieria ornamental plants are often referred to as “lidah mertua”. The name alias translates directly to “father/mother-in-law’s tongue. Apart from decorating the room, this plant is also useful as an air filter. Sansevieria has a high leaf shape with several parts forming curves. This Sansevieria suitable to be placed in a corner of the room in order to beautify the room.


Currently, this ornamental plant has become one of the targets of plant lovers. Ranging from green to farigata with a touch of white make this plant much sought after. Especially with the shape of the leaves that have these holes make it look beautiful and interesting.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plant or Ficus Robusta is an ornamental plant that has the purpose of absorbing formaldehyde and producing oxygen. That means that this plant is suitable for decoration as well as refreshing the room. The leaves are green and have a chewy texture making it known as a rubber plant. Plants have a reddish color in the area of the trunk when getting enough sunlight.

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Chinese Money

Chinese money, which has another name, Pilea Paperomiodes, has a very beautiful shape making it suitable for indoor decorative plants that are hung or placed on a table. This indoor plant doesn’t like water, so you only need to water it three times a day. One of the more eye-pleasing plants to decorate your place.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s ivy plant is the right choice for plants for beginners. This plant is also a vines, so you can hang it or attach it to the wall as decoration. This indoor plant also has a variety of colors. Its colors range from dark green to bright yellow. In addition, this betel ivory is also a unique plant because it can live also placed in water.


Lavender plants, in addition to beautifying the room, the aroma of this plant can also make the room naturally fresh. The distinctive aroma of this plant is actually something mosquitoes dislike. The plant will make all activities at home more comfortable without mosquito interference. Surely one of the best plants to decorate your place in terms of a tropical setting.

Spider Plant

Spider plant decoration
Spider Plant

Spider plant is an indoor ornamental plant that has the term Chlorophytum Comosum. Its unique shape and has the benefit of being an air filter makes this plant suitable as decoration in the house.


Cactus is also one of the ornamental plants that can be a home decoration! You can place this plant, with its various shapes, in almost any area. In addition, you only need to water it once a week, so it can make it easier for you to care for it. This ornamental plant would especially make your work space more comfortable and less stiff. The living room is also a good place to put them.


Orchid plants are not a strange thing to people. You can choose between this plants’ many types to decorate your house. You can pick the ones that you can hang or just place in pots. Both of these types become an aesthetic of this orchid plant.

Additional tips

Ornamental plants also need fertilizer to increase their nutrition. Do fertilize them at the beginning or right during the rainy season because the plants will grow more effectively than in the dry season. Ornamental plants that have grown too tall and dense are less pleasing to the eye. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out regular pruning so that weaving does not disturb the view and activity. Various needs of plants such as planting media, containers/pots also need to be replaced regularly. Replace the planting media when the conditions of the ornamental plant indoor turn into too moist or dry, so it is not able to supply nutrients. Replace the pots when the plants have begun to develop to ensure the availability of space to grow.

There you have it, some of the best plants to decorate your place. By all means, pick and choose as you please. Find out more about the ones that you feel are suitable to use as your home decoration.

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