22 Best Thai Rom-Com Movies

Thailand has a lot of good quality movies, in terms of storylines, cinematography, and the acting of the actors. Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which is productive in releasing various famous movies to foreign countries. One of the Thailand movie genres that are successful is romantic-comedy. Movies with this romantic genre are liked by teenagers. Especially, when combined with the comedy genre, it becomes more appealing to the audience.

Many of these rom-com Thai movies have indeed been proven to be able to make the audience feel emotional and mixed with laughter, because of the romantic and ridiculous scene. Rom-com Thai movies are particularly a delight for many audiences outside Thailand, too.

So, without further ado, for those of you who are curious about Thailand movies with the rom-com genre, Flokq has 22 rom-com Thai movies you should watch.

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)

The movie A Little Thing Called Love may be familiar to you because this Thai rom-com movie has been one of the most popular Thai movies since it was released. The movie A Little Thing Called Love tells the story of a bookish girl named Nam, and for the first time, she feels the thrill of love for one of her seniors named Shone. Nam does various ways to win Shone’s heart, such as with the help of his friends, and by using a book that contains various methods to win a man’s heart. Nam also started to make various changes to herself that made her a better person than before. The story in this movie is very light and simple, but sweet, and will make you watch it many times.

2. SuckSeed (2011)

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Next, we recommend watching Suckseed. It is a movie in which there are spices of romantic romance and many sides of comedy. This Thai rom-com movie tells the journey of a band whose purpose is formed to attract girls. From the storyline, this Suckseed movie tries to describe the polemic faced by teenagers when starting their band career. It feels relatable because it is typical for teenagers to form bands only aiming for popularity among the girls in their schools. Watching this movie will not make you feel bored because the director of the movie has arguably succeeded in combining elements of comedy, romance, and friendship in the right proportion.

3. Hello Stranger (2010)

The movie Hello Stranger tells the story of a woman and man who are traveling and accidentally meet from the airport, plane to South Korea. These two people who don’t know each other finally meet and go through various interesting things together while in South Korea. From the normal to the absurd. It’s just that, they don’t know each other’s names and identities. This Thai rom-com movie, which takes two different backgrounds, namely Thailand and Korea, has a funny but quite touching story.

4. Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009)

This movie tells the story of a girl who feels hopeless because she hasn’t married yet at the age of 30. The girl is a female office employee who goes to work every day by train. On the train, she met a man and fell in love with him. But the funny thing is, the difference in working hours makes this Thailand movie romantic comedy interesting. The girl works from morning to evening while the man works at night as a train-technician. The interesting storyline brought this Thai rom-com movie directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem and written by Navapol Thamrongruttanarit to dominate the box office and recorded the biggest revenue in 2009.

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5. May Who? (2015)

Ever imagined life with superpowers? Who says superpowers will always make you popular and adored. May, the main character in this Thailand romantic comedy movie, has superpowers. His body can discharge electricity if he is too sad, too excited, or excited. But the super-strength he has makes her not be too close to the people she likes because it can be dangerous. May Who? presents hilarious humor that is sarcastic and slapstick. The cuteness given by this movie is centered on the figure of May. Although a lot of humor is inserted in this Thai rom-com movie, May Who? still presents a drama that makes the audience churned out.

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6. ATM: Er Rak Error (2012)

This romantic Thailand movie is about a bank that has a law that prohibits fellow employees from dating. If that happens then one of them must resign. One of the bank directors, Jib, always investigates the dating relationships of his employees and even fires them. When in fact, he was dating his employee, Sua. Not only is the love story in it complicated, but the problems that the characters in this movie have to face are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. This Thai rom-com movie is arguably funny, entertaining but sweet.

7. I Fine.. Thank You.. Love You (2014)

This movie has a balance of comedy and romantic elements. Where you will find it difficult not to laugh at the ridiculous behavior that occurs between the two characters. However, you can also feel the chemistry between the two of them is very sweet. I Fine Thank You Love You is one of Thailand’s best-selling romantic comedy movies. This movie tells the story of a young man who tries to learn English to stay in touch with his Japanese girlfriend who goes abroad. Compared to romance, the recommendation for Thailand movies this time is dominated by comedy scenes. The success of this rom-com Thai movie made it the highest-grossing first-day movies in Thailand’s history.

8. Love at First Flood (2012)

Adapted from real events, this best Thailand movie combines disaster with elements of comedy and romance. Love at First Flood photographed this flood by presenting a story about a man who wanted to become a flood volunteer because his friend told him that there were two beautiful female volunteers in that place. Between the two women, there is one volunteer who rejects her because she thinks the man has a psychological disorder. Until finally, because they meet every day the two people have feelings of love. Quite a lot of funny events in this Thai rom-com movie.

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9. London Sweeties (2019)

Thailand and its romantic comedies always manage to make smiles of their own. This Thai movie is no less interesting to watch. It tells the story of three Thai young people who migrate to England and try to survive with limited language skills. To sum up, this movie presents scenes full of laughter and adorable moments of falling in love.

10. Mr. Hurt (2017)

Mr. Hurt tells the story of Don Sichang, a professional tennis athlete from Thailand who has a superstar girlfriend, Anna. But reality says another, Anna refused Don’s marriage proposal and is dating the vocalist of the band The Rockets, Jimmy. The choice of characters in this movie makes the problems that arise in Mr. Hurt’s story more varied and still makes sense. The excitement is that the elements of sports and music are integrated into this Thai rom-com movie. We can see daily problems from the perspective of sportsmen and musicians, which can refresh our eyes and hearing, of course.

11. Friend Zone (2019)

Just like its title, this Thai movie is about a man who falls in love with his best friend but trapped in the “best friend” status. Actress Baifern Pimchanok, who played in “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, is playing a role as the long-time best friend that the guy falls in love with. Their relationship is pictured with such comedy, and the story may relate to some of us with the same “friend zone” situation. Worth watching!

12. Pee Mak (2013)

Starred by Mario Maurer and Davika Hoorne, this 2011 movie was famous among Thai movie lovers. “Pee Mak” is about a friendship between five people. One of them, Pee Mak, got married and has to leave his pregnant wife for a war. When he wants to meet his wife, the villagers warn him not to find her because she was dead in a fire. But that doesn’t stop Pee Mak. This movie brings out both the horror and comedy genre. Despite its dark ambiance, you will enjoy some light jokes throughout the movie.

13. Bikeman (2018)

A guy named Sakkarin has to lie about his real job for the sake of his family. He is actually a motorcycle taxi driver who pretends to be a banker. His job brought him to meet his old crush who already had a boyfriend. Besides showing Sakkarin’s love struggle, this movie will make you laugh from the start until it’s finished.

14. Brother of the Year (2018)

Brother of the Year is a Thai romantic comedy film that is also popular. This film tells about the dynamics of brothers, Chut and Jane. This drama will take us on a roller coaster of emotions. Starting from their life stories that make us laugh at the beginning of the story, to the touching story of this brother-sister relationship flashback that will make us prepare tissues. Anyway, this film is a must for you to watch!

15. Season Change (2006)

In order to get closer to his long-time crush named Dao, Pom was so determined to enter the music school. But his fantasy is ruined as Aom, a quirky girl appears in his life. “Season Change” is another typical high school rom-com, but Pom’s love struggle is what makes this movie stand out.

16. Oh My Ghost!

The next Thai rom-com movie contains a hilarious scene about a group of transvestites running an apartment haunted by a ghost in love. Oh My Ghost or Hor Taew Tak is becoming more famous for its absurd yet hilarious slapstick humor.

17. Friendzone (2019)

Friend Zone tells the story of the relationship of two people who are trapped in the friend zone or friend zone. Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon) is a man who has been stuck in the friend zone with his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), for ten years. If you want to watch this Thai romantic film, you can watch it on Netflix.

18. Low Season (2020)

This film is about Lin (Ploypailin Thangprapaporn), a young girl who has special abilities and can see ghosts. Lin meets Put (Mario Maurer), a young screenwriter who writes horror stories. Put secretly inspires Lin in his new writing. The two then join in on an exciting journey and fall in love. 

19. The Con-Heartist (2020)

This romantic-comedy Thai film tells the story of a woman named Ina (Baifern Pimchanok) who dates a playboy student named Petch (Bank Thiti Mahayotaruk). ). One day, Ina almost becomes the target of a scam by Tower (Nadech Kugimiya), an accomplished con artist. However, the meeting between Ina and Tower makes the two of them actually get involved in exciting adventures and grow the seeds of love between the two. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

20. The Teacher’s Diary (2014)

If you are interested in Thai romantic films with teacher characters, The Teacher’s Diary is one recommendation that you should not miss. This film tells the story of a volunteer teacher who teaches in a remote place in Thailand. She then found a diary belonging to the teacher who previously taught there. It makes the new teacher fall in love with the owner of the diary. This film is full of touching and motivational stories.

21. Heart Attack (2015)

The film titled Heart Attack or also known as Freelance tells the story of a freelance designer named Yoon who is passionate about his work. So excited, he didn’t sleep for days and suddenly red spots appeared on Yoon’s skin. He went to the hospital and met a doctor named Imm. Soon they fell in love where Yoon did not follow the rules of treatment to meet again with Doctor Imm.

22. One Day (2016)

This Thai romantic comedy tells the story of a person named Denchai who is an IT employee of a company who falls in love with his co-worker named Nui. Denchai who is clumsy and unsure of himself just stares at Nui from a distance until one day Nui gets into an accident that causes him to lose his memory. This is used by Denchai to claim to be Nui’s girlfriend.

So, those are some recommendations for the best Thai rom-com movies that we have summarized for you. In your opinion, what movies attracted you to watch first? Also, don’t forget to bookmark this article so you don’t forget the recommendations about the best Thai rom-com movies that we give. Happy watching!

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