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Top Soto Places in West Jakarta

West Jakarta is one area in Jakarta that has many recreational areas. You can visit the Kovee VR Theme Park to play realistic video games, or the Pandora Experience to play together to solve a maze, explore the art and contemporary space on Museum MACAN, or just to accompany a child at Cocoland Seasons City. You can also visit a lot of shopping malls such as Lippo Mall Puri and Mall Taman Anggrek where a lot of branded stores available Your trip will be complete by knowing a few culinary spots in West Jakarta. One of them is Soto. Despite a lot of lists, in this article, we provide 5 of the best Soto places to complete your trip. Don’t miss it!

  1. Soto Lamongan Kedoya
Soto Lamongan Kedoya

If you are in the Kedoya area, you should try Soto Lamongan Kedoya. The outlets are spacious, neatly arranged, and clean. They have a large parking area, good and friendly service making it an added value for Soto Lamongan Kedoya. Besides, you can also try other menus such as satay, and various rice variants. The sauce is tasty and the meat is tender. The portions are quite large so you can be full. Suitable for both family and colleagues to enjoy. Let’s go!

Phone Number: +6221-5801-521

Social Media: @sotolamongankedoya on Instagram

Address: Jl. Kedoya Raya No. 12, Kedoya, Jakarta Barat

Price Range: 

Mains starting from Rp25.000,00 – 35.000,00

Opening Hours:

10.00 – 22.00 (Monday – Sunday)

  1. Soto Mie Puri H. Darjo
Soto Mie Puti H Darjo

If you are in Kembangan, you should try Soto Mie Puri H Darjo. With a fairly wide outlet, with a traditional concept and clean interior. Surely you will be comfortable eating here. The Soto Mie is so delicious with risoles and savory noodles, and a lot of meat and crispy makes Soto Mie H Darjo into this list. The service is fast and friendly, suitable for you to enjoy with your family. Don’t forget to add the lime juice so that the freshness is maintained. The soup contains broth that tastes good, and the vegetables are complete. Let’s try it!

Phone Number: +6221-5823-715

Social Media: @sotomiepuripak on Instagram

Address: Jl. Kembangan Abadi Utama, Blok A7 No. 7, Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat

Price Range:

Mains starting from Rp30.000,00 – 50.000,00

Opening Hours:

10.00 – 17.00 (Monday – Sunday)

  1. Soto Tangkar & Sate Kuah Daging Sapi H. Diding
Soto Tangkar & Sate Kuah Daging Sapi H Diding

Soto Tangkar dan Sate Kuah Daging Sapi H Diding is a good place in the Pasar Pagi area. The outlet is simple and suitable for getting a Betawi sensation here. The interior is neat and clean, and the service is friendly and good. You can see the cart inside the outlet. The Soto Tangkar which is orange with its savory, surely you will be satisfied to eat here. The meat is delicious, and there is a unique spice sensation in the soup eaten with rice. The aroma is very good, you should try it with colleagues or your family. Yum!

Phone Number: +6221-6300-608

Social Media: @sototangkar_h.diding

Address: Jl. Pasar Pagi Lama, Los T 28B-28C, Kota, Jakarta Barat

Price Range:

Mains starting from Rp 50.000,00 – 70.000,00

Opening Hours:

8.00 – 20.00 (Monday – Sunday)

  1. Soto Betawi Babe Jamsari
Soto Betawi Babe Jamsari

If you are in the Kebon Jeruk area, you should try Soto Betawi Babe Jamsari. With its traditional outlets and dominated by simplicity, it is perfect for lunch with a partner or colleague. The place is clean and the service is good and pleasant so that it adds value to this place. The sauce added with oranges will produce a fresh and savory sensation. The way that they are using milk towards the mixture is impressive and their beef is very tender. The fresh sides and toppings compliments the delicacy. Nice and yummy!

Phone Number: +62818-7572-757

Social Media: @sobetjamsari on Instagram

Address: Jl. Ilir Raya No. 1, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat

Price Range:

Mains starting from Rp25.000,00 – 40.000,00

Opening Hours:

9.00 – 20.00 (Monday – Saturday)

  1. Soto Roxy H Darwasa
Soto Roxy H Darwasa

Last but not least, Soto Roxy H Darwasa. Roxy is famous for its technology center, but you can also enjoy delicious Soto at Soto Roxy H Darwasa. With outlets that have large blue banners, with a clean place and friendly service. Milky creamy soup with a flavorful aromatic broth. Their cracker adds texture also with soft, slightly crispy meat that will guarantee your satisfaction. The meat can be mixed with other organ meats. Indonesian President Joko Widodo has eaten this soup! Can you imagine how good it is? If you’re at home, don’t worry you can also order via online transportation app so you can enjoy it at home. Highly recommended!

Phone Number: +6221-6326-801

Social Media: @sotoroxydarwasa on Instagram

Address: Jl. Tidore No. 2, Roxy, Jakarta Barat

Price Range:

Mains starting from Rp20.000,00 – 40.000,00

Opening Hours:

7.00 – 15.00 (Monday – Sunday)

Here you have the best 5 Soto in West Jakarta! It’s relatively cheap and worth your while! Here are some tips! Soto is much tastier when being eaten on a rainy day or cold night, its warm soup will get you all warmed up! Enjoy! Don’t forget to check other culinary recommendations at Floqk Blog!

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