All about Bike Hanger, 10 Types and DIY-style

A bike hanger is an effective way of storage, especially when it comes to limited space left in the room and high mobility. By hanging, the bike is stored neatly without taking up much space. Hanging the bike in the living room or even the bedroom can also save the hassle of going to the garage. This effective layout is very suitable for residents in practical residences such as kost or apartments.

The wide variety of choices available on the market makes it more flexible in choosing hangers according to  the needs and existing layouts. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own bike hanger DIY-style, with a simple design and materials such as iron or mild steel.

10 Types of Bike Hangers

Here are the types of bike hangers that are most commonly available.

Vertical Model

This hanger model can help to store the bike vertically on the wall, saving lots of space on the floor. Even more so if the bike is hung sideways to the wall.

It comes in very handy to use, just hook the front wheel of the bike to the hanger. By using this model you can store a bike with less space. The room also looks more decorative with the bike being stored like wall displays.

Vertical bike hanger is a great solution to save up space
Source: Alibaba

Horizontal Model

With the same concept as a vertical bike hanger, this model also hangs the bike to the wall. The thing that distinguishes it is the hook point, which points to the frame part. Usually, there are two hooks to make it stronger. Aside from looking neat and decorative, the horizontal hanger also ensures that your bike is safe from scratches.

Horizontal bike hanger is a cool option to have decorative storage
Source: Desertcart

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Pedal Hanger

Still using the on-the-wall concept, this model places the bike by attaching the pedals and the two wheels to the hook iron. The advantages of using this model are to keep it from scratches and to have a solid position. A bike hung using a hanger like this also looks cooler and more decorative because of its diagonal hanging position.

Pedal hanger is a great way to store your bike and avoid scratches
Source: AliExpress

Hanger for Multiple Bikes

Got more than one bike? No problem! You can mount your bikes on a multiple model hanger by attaching their wheels to the hook. And no need to worry, this model has been designed with proven materials and with a measurable distance between each bike so that they are not too close to each other and damage the frame or wheels. Not only bikes, but you can also neatly store equipment such as helmets to the hanger.

Hanging multiple bikes at once is now possible using this hanger
Source: Amazon

Cute and Colorful Hanger

If you are bored with a colorless design and want to have a hanger that matches the design of the room, a cute-shaped hanger is a right solution. Especially when you want to hang your kids’ bikes, funny shapes and colors can be the right decoration. The concept of the hanger is the same as before as it stores the bike against the wall. You don’t need to worry about falling or scuffing because even though the shape is cute and varied, this model is made of sturdy material.

Great for kids and fun-themed decorations
Source: AliExpress

Ceiling Bike Hanger

This model is quite quirky compared to before because the bike is attached directly to the ceiling. This model can be used if the remaining floor and wall space are small, coupled with a high enough ceiling structure. Hanging the bike from the ceiling is suitable when the bike use is relatively rare and you want to install the bike as a semi-permanent display. This type of hangers also varies from metal hangers to those using a rope as a hanger.

By hanging your bike to the ceiling, you can add a unique touch to your room and save many spaces
Source: Shopee

Bike Hanger on Stairs

Hanging under or beside the ladder is also a great variation to have. The area under the stairs is often overlooked and neglected. You can maximize and even made a unique aspect of the room by placing a bike. This model does the job by hooking the bike right at the sloping bottom of the ladder or next to the handle of the ladder. Its practical and unobtrusive placement is a plus and the bike can avoid floor dust.

Hanging a bike under the stairs is a good option to maximize unused space.
Source: Dekoruma

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Gravity Bike Rack

If the space on the wall is too full to hang a bike, this standing rack is a great alternative to storing a Bike. This bike hanger does not need any attachments to the wall but can be leaned close to the wall space. This model varies and can even hang two bikes vertically at once. You can freely adjust the height according to the height of your two bikes, perfect if you have two bikes of different sizes.

Gravity bike rack creates eloquent vibe to your room
Source: Alibaba

Bike Repair Stand

The bike repair stand model makes storing the bike while making repairs easier. The position of the hanger that attaches to the center of the frame makes access to tinkering with spare parts more freely. This model is suitable in a multi-function room such as a garage or gym.

Storing and repairing your bike can be done in a bike repair stand
Source: The New York Times

Car Rack Model

For bike users who are mobile and use their bike away from home, hanging the bike on the car is worth checking out. In general, this model has four types. First, the roof rack, where the bike is attached to the top of the car. Though a bit tricky in the installation, it’s perfect for long trips because there is no visual obstruction behind the car. The second is the towbar mount where you latch the bike on an additional backrest behind the car. This hanger model can carry multiple bikes.

Roof mount model is very efficient for a long travel
Source: The Rack Warehouse

Then there is the most common type which is a rear mount with a much easier installation making it perfect for close trips. Finally, the cargo type, where you place the bike inside the car. This hanger model is effective when you have free time to remove both wheels and is very beneficial because it protects the bike from dirt and rain during the trip.

Rear mount bike rack to the car is very practical to bring your bike on a short trip
Source: Tokopedia

Build Your Own Bike Hanger!

After looking at the various Bike hangers, some of them have very simple concepts. Instead of spending money on buying, you can make your own! DIY bike hangers can also be shaped according to the remaining layout of your room. The materials needed are few and easy to get. Only with nails and a hammer or a small wall drill, as well as iron or mild steel wrapped with bearings, you are good to go. The steps are exactly like installing a shelf on the wall in general.

Here are some recommendations for how to craft a bike hanger.

Source: Youtube

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There is also a tutorial on making hangers with additional ornaments for storing bike equipment to make it more practical and decorative.

Source: Youtube

These great options can help you choose how to organize your own space layout more easily. Or, just make it yourself! So say goodbye to storing your bike outside of the house or placing it indoors and take up a lot of space.

What do you think is the best way to hang a bike? You can also give suggestions in the comments section if you have your own way of storing bikes.

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