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Top 5 Central Jakarta Apartment to Rent Near Gambir Station

Gambir Station is known as the busiest station in Jakarta. Per day, this station is able to serve 17 to 21 thousand passengers, both passengers who are departing from Gambir Station and arriving. For those who travel out of town by train quite often, whether it’s work or other matters, you don’t have to worry about being late to Gambir Station. You can take the initiative by renting an apartment around Central Jakarta. By doing that, you can save your time and costs to the station.

Just in case you are still wondering where to rent an apartment there, Flokq has 5 apartment recommendations located in Central Jakarta, near Gambir Station. Wait no more and check these ones out!

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1. FLOKQ @ Oria

The first recommendation is Flokq @ Oria, an apartment located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. This apartment consists of 8 floors with a total of 150 units. The units at Flokq @ Oria provide fully furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished facilities. You can choose the comfortable one. Like other apartment buildings in Jakarta, Flokq @ Oria is equipped with a gym, swimming pool, and a large parking area to meet the needs of its residents. Each room is equipped with high-quality luxury bedding and internet access, so you can relax and enjoy a quiet day by staying here.

This is the most interesting part. It only takes 8 to 10 minutes to get to the station by car, or just 5 minutes by using online transportation. Besides being close to the station, transportation access is also very easy. Good news, huh?

Estimated time to the station: 5 to 10 minutes

Price per month: Starting from Rp. 6.5 million

2. Red Top

This one is located in the same neighborhood as its hotel. Even though the building is old, the luxurious impression of this apartment in Central Jakarta still looks very good because it is routinely cared for by the officers. Some of the five-star facilities offered are an exclusive swimming pool, gym, basketball court, jogging track, and 24-hour security system to increase the safety and comfort of residents. If you’re craving some snacks in the middle of the night, you don’t need to go far from the apartment because there is a mini-market that is attached to the apartment building.

One thing you need to know is the travel time to the green-wall station from this apartment is about 7 minutes by motorbike or online transportation, and 8 minutes by car. It is 3 until 5 minutes faster than the time estimation from Flokq @ Oria. However, this apartment, which is located in Central Jakarta, is still relatively close to Gambir Station.

Estimated time to the station: 7 to 8 minutes

Price per month: Starting from IDR 6.7 million

3. Menteng Park

The next apartment is Menteng Park. This apartment building brings the impression of luxury, indicated by the use of marble and granite. The various facilities available in this apartment make it easy for you to carry out activities and fulfill daily needs. Grocery stores, laundry, ATM centers are all within easy reach, without having to leave the apartment neighborhood. This apartment in Central Jakarta is also equipped with cable tv and WiFi, perfect for those of you who want to spend time alone watching movies or series on Netflix.

In addition to getting promising facilities, the location of this apartment is also quite close to Gambir Station. The time taken is only about 8 minutes by motorbike or online transportation, and 10 minutes if you want to use a car. This is a plus point if you rent an apartment here!

Estimated time to the station: 8 to 10 minutes

Price per month: Starting from IDR 5.8 million

4. Capitol Suites

Next, Capitol Suites. This apartment is included in a luxury residential complex located in the Tugu Tani area, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Capitol Suites is perfect for anyone who wants to live near the Cikini or Menteng area, and also for those who work in the center of government. This apartment in Central Jakarta provides high-end facilities for its residents, including a semi-indoor infinity pool and twin whirlpool, where you can swim and enjoy stunning city views. 

For Flokqers who like to go leisurely without rushing, this apartment which is located close to Plaza Atrium is the right choice for you. It only takes 5 to 6 minutes on the way to Gambir Station. This vertical building has become one of the favorite choices of various apartments in Central Jakarta.

Estimated time to the station: 5 to 6 minutes

Price per month: Starting from IDR 8 million

5. Menteng Regency

Lastly, the Menteng Regency apartment. This luxury apartment located in the heart of Jakarta has premium facilities that are ready to be provided for every occupant. They have a garden area, jogging track, swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, and tennis court. Much interesting, isn’t it? Well, you will be happier to know that they have a jacuzzi in the pool area. A perfect place for calming a complicated mind, or after a busy week.

Do you have read this far? Congrats, because you just met the closest apartment to Gambir Station, compared to previous apartments. Glad to tell you that we save the best for the last. Let me surprise you by telling you this. The time taken is only about 4 minutes! Yes, only 4 minutes by car or online transportation. If you want to get there by walking, you can, but it takes 20 minutes longer than using transportation. By renting this apartment in Central Jakarta, you can reach Gambir Station without any worries.

Estimated time to the station: 4 to 5 minutes

Price per month: Starting from IDR 16.5 million

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So, that’s it! Are you interested in renting an apartment in Central Jakarta, more precisely near Gambir Station? Rent your dream apartment now with Flokq to get the best facilities!

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