Co-Living Guide in Jakarta: Physical Distancing with Roommates

Who would’ve thought that life would get down to this? When usually you go home any time you want or roaming the city freely, now everywhere you go you have the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. It sure changes a lot of the habits and routines that people usually do.  For some, they enjoy doing work remotely or exploring hobbies, but for others, this is something almost completely new, even missing social interactions and outdoor activities, this can be a walk in the park or just hang out with friends. 

Moreover, if you’re living with a roommate in a co-living place, it’s quite a worry if your roommate has gone out to places, or even you! So to help you a little bit out of your confusion and to keep you and your roommates healthy, here are some tips to ensure physical distancing with your roommates after you or they have come back from the outside world!

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Limit going out in general 

While this might be a goes-without-saying kind of thing, what we mean by limiting is in the context of co-living which is going out together. Now, while going out together might seem like a good idea considering the fact that a lot of people go out mostly for getting more supplies, limiting the number of people in your co-living habitat will decrease the chance of having more problems around your home. If you can, having just one person per-going-out can limit the safeness around your home. This is to give less possibility of the pandemic transmitting through you or your roommate(s). Not to worry, if you follow the next steps, going through this pandemic will be easier and not to mention, actually very much doable.

Have a hand sanitizer for each people

The habit of keeping your hands clean is important now more than ever since the virus is vulnerable to sanitized things, having separate sanitizers is one good idea to make this clean habit more solid. Keeping your hands clean is one thing, but make sure you don’t share, it can decrease your chances of keeping them clean since you or your friend might forget a few details in your hygiene and forgot to tell or act accordingly. So maybe it’s best if we get to the kind of a germophobe side of life for a while. Co-living is to keep yourself clean means to keep your home and others living in it clean and safe too, so you get to get two birds with one stone. Who knows, it might be just the thing that might get you out of reach from those pesky viruses!

Careful with Eating Utensils

While some people already do this even before coronavirus, for those who have not, it’s a good idea to separate your utensils especially if you and your roommate still goes out to a relatively troubling place in terms of cleanliness. Just divide the things you have with the number of people in your home, simple math. But if you happen to not have that many eating utensils, then be more rigorous in washing the dishes or more importantly in cleaning yourself up before eating. Also, don’t be too lazy to wash your hands first especially before eating, 20 seconds is not that long. Even if you almost always order deliveries, things as simple as washing your hands would make a good amount of difference!

Have separate disposable gloves and mask stock

Some of you might already not have the option to do this part, but for those who still can acquire gloves and masks, it’s good to try and separate them. Since it can be said that these ‘corona gear’ are some of the best tools against the pandemic, it would be safer to make sure that your first line of defense doesn’t get contaminated because of mixing with possible points of contact. Keeping your stock and your roommate(s)’s stock separate can decrease the possibility of negligent in the future, and for all intents and purposes, we assume that you want to avoid these mini possible future accidents. For the place of disposal, don’t worry, it’s okay to just have one for you and your roommate(s). 

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Have a co-living grocery shopping schedule 

Dividing assignments around the house might already a habit for some, but in the spirit of trying newer and safer things, we think this fits in nicely. Because most probably grocery stores are trying to keep people inside them to a minimum, it would be good that you have a rotation of sorts for getting more supplies for your home. Some stores might be stricter than others where they might limit groups of shoppers to send only one person. So adjust accordingly based on the store of your designation. That’s why having a set schedule for grocery shopping would be good, and also following up on limiting the people that go outside, it’s best to have the least amount of people for this as possible.

Social distance your bathroom items

Again, for the sake of maximum safety and the purest possible form of being germophobic, keeping things separate between you and your roommate(s) is a good measure for every part of daily life. Things related to the bathroom are included in this category for quarantine safety. Since dividing the bathroom would be very much impractical (unless you have a really big bathroom and two of every hygiene facilities), keeping or rather having things separate is your best bet in minimizing the possibility of getting the virus inside because of neglect or your general forgetfulness.

If you’ve gotten this far, some of you are probably thinking “why is this guide so intense” Well the reason for these extra steps is that this guide is made with the broad assumption that it is still necessary for you and your roommate(s) to occasionally go out. So the measures taken here might not be too fitting for those who have the option to not go out completely or at the bare minimum. But still, some of these steps are indeed helpful especially if you want to get the maximum degree of safety from the virus. Some people even say that the way you interact should be as if you’re already infected. So being extra is important, to say the least. So whatever your circumstances are, adjust accordingly!

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