Why Coliving is Ideal for Millennials

First thing first, what is co-living? Co-living can be defined as a condition when one person lives in a shared room or apartment or houses with other people for certain reasons. Nowadays, with the culture that praises independent living co-living can be a good choice for youngsters who want to start living on their own separately from their family. Youngsters in their early20s and on their beginning journey of career path prefer to live in a shared apartment or houses where they can share with other people (called roommate) to cut down budgets so they can have extra money for their savings. 

Millennials who born from the 1980-2000s love living in comfortable, flexible, highly adaptable places, seek out experiences, and more than willing to share with like-minded people. They prefer a concept of living that easy, convenient yet comfortable. There are some reasons that co-living can be highly recommended for millennials individuals who want to start living independently. Here, we’ve listed some of the notable reasons which are:

1. Lifestyle

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Yes, once you decide to step out of your family house, you can choose whatever lifestyles that you want. You have the complete freedom to decorate your rooms or house or apartment with your housemates as long as it suits you both. You can gain more freedom since your housemates are not your parents. You can be a healthy-freak in term of your lifestyle, or a party animal as long as you don’t walk over your housemate. You can even choose, housemate that shares the same life values and principles so you;t have to worry much about differences or conflicts. It sounds fun but still, you have to be responsible for your choices whatever it is.

2. Financial Reason

Financial Reason

One cannot argue that most of the millennials are currently in their 20s are just early in their career so they are still climbing their way on to financial stability. As we know, the rising prices of land and housing make it quite unaffordable for millennials to buy their own houses or apartment. Not to mention, another expense to maintain the houses or apartments. By living in a co-living situation, they can cut down extra budgets from their incomes with split bills, share meals with their roommate, and split bills in terms of utilities such as waters and electricity. When one chooses an apartment or house to live, they also most probably choose the nearest to their workplace or in the strategic area where they can reach anywhere easily. That means another way to cut budgets for transportation fees. Co-living also means that you both can share things or even meals to save more money. 

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3. Searching For a Better Companion

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Searching For a Better Companion

Living independently at the beginning of your career as a way to conquer adulting can be tough. By living in a co-living situation, you will have the privilege of having a housemate as your companion. Sure, mostly millennials will know that roommate or housemate is the people that they choose wisely. Strangers can turn into a best friend in this situation. You will not only share bills, meals, facilities, but also problems and listening ears on your cloudy days. You will share values and they can also become your partner in everything from the best day to worst days since you will meet them most of the time. There are so many occasions that you and your housemates can celebrate together so you don’t have to worry about loneliness. You can also work together to do the laundry, cleaning, buying types of furniture for decorations, etc.

4. Community

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Co-Living stands for community living. The word itself explains it all. As we know that millennials have their different characteristic from another generation. They can be defined generations who love to share, live in a community or group. The most co-living business offers events and occasions that can be attended by people who live in co-living as part of their service to their clients. Doing this way, millennials can live in a community where they can share their minds and having social living. Living in a community can be very helpful for ex-pats who barely know the area or country that they are living so they can adapt well and not miss out on anything. 

In a social event held by a co-living business, they can also share their ideas, works which can become a great way for finding networks or connections. Co-living spaces promote face-to-face meetings in social events, gatherings, or any occasions. It’s a safe, welcoming, and supportive community for you to live with. You can exchange ideas, discuss opportunities, and solve problems together. They can be your partner in anything. What was a major problem that can be a blessing, looked from your communities’  perspectives? 

5. Life Lessons

There are no rules who will be your housemate or roommate. You have total freedom who you will decide and let in your life. Folks said ‘Never afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It encourages you to grow”. Your housemate or roommate can be in a different world with you. They can dream about their dreams and on different career paths with you. But differences to some extend are to be embraced. You will gain new perspectives, knowledge, and critiques which will shape you into a more adaptable and open-minded person. 

If your companion happens to be from different cultures with you, use it as an opportunity to grow and get to know about their life. Diversity will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and how much you are willing to adapt to a different world. Some cultures can also encourage you to grow as their different mindsets will teach you to look at things or problems in life in different ways. Having more than one housemates who come from different cultures with you? Great! Take the risk and learn to adapt to people who walk differently with you. If things work out, great! If things don’t, at least you learn something from them. Be prepared for another way of living with the co-living situation! 

So, those are the major reasons why young adults are intending to live in a co-living with others. The demands have spiked among them and it’s one of the best living options for the demographics especially in the metropolitan area. So, if you happen to be among them, give it a try to co-live with others!

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