Here Are 10 Ways To Make A Room Cooler Without Air Conditioning

If you feel the air feels hot and stifling, surely you will be looking for something cool to anticipate it, right? Be it a fresh cold drink or a cool room. So, what if you don’t have AC or want to save electricity by reducing AC usage? Relax, you can have a cooler room even without air conditioning, really. Apart from using a fan, here are 10 other ways you can make a room feel cooler.

1. Use lights wisely

You must have known this one tip. Turning off the lights can indeed reduce the heat in the room. So, turn off unnecessary room lights, especially during the day. If you don’t like the dark at night, you can use a table lamp that is a bit dim and has a small watt. In addition to saving electricity, this method can help the room become cooler.

2. Install an exhaust fan

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The next way to make a room cooler is to install an exhaust fan. You can install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. This object serves to draw air out of the house when bathing, and draws hot air generated after cooking. With an exhaust fan, you will reduce the hot air that makes your room stifling!

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3. Install thick curtains

To block excessive sunlight from entering the room, install heavy curtains or curtains. With less sunlight entering, the room temperature will naturally decrease. For best effect, choose neutral colored curtains with white plastic lining. Curtains like this are claimed to be able to reduce heat by 33 percent, you know.

4. Using bright color paint for the walls

Another way to make a room cooler without air conditioning is to use bright color paint for the walls. Bright colors in the room will bring a cooler effect. You can choose bright colors like white, yellow, or pastel. In contrast to dark colors, bright colors will reflect sunlight so that the room does not feel so hot.

5. Make “artificial AC”

Do you want to feel the cold air like air from the air conditioner? Well, there is a simple way. You need a fan, ice cubes, and a large container. Place lots of ice cubes in a large container, then place them in front of the fan. Turn on the fan and you will feel the sensation of cool, soothing air in your room!

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6. Avoid having too many items in the room

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This method can be applied not only to make the room cooler, but also to make the room look neat and spacious. Don’t pile up too many items in the room. A room full of items will make it look cramped and cramped. Not only that, the dust that sticks to piles of goods can also interfere with breathing. To make the room cooler and less stuffy, only save the things you need and get rid of things that don’t really matter.

7. Change the sheets and pillowcases

Well, this method can be applied in your room. Try replacing sheets and pillowcases with a cooler material, such as cotton. Like clothes, cotton is easier to “breathe” so it can keep the surface cool. In addition, try using a pillow filled with buckwheat or wheat bran, because this type of pillow will not retain your body heat.

8. Put Indoor plants around the house

In addition to the room of the house look beautiful, indoor plants can also be a way to make your room cooler. As is well known, plants will produce oxygen for us to breathe. Therefore, the room will feel cooler if you put indoor plants in the room. Well besides that, plants can also absorb toxins in the room making the room healthy and clean.

9. Plant trees around your house

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Apart from indoor plants, planting trees around the house can also make a room feel cooler. This is the most natural way to make a room feel cooler without the help of air conditioning. Plant trees with lush, dense leaves so they can block out the sun. When the sun is cleared, the air in the room will feel cooler.

10. Open windows when it is cool outside

To make the room cool, air circulation has an important role. Open the windows when it is cool outside, such as in the evening or at night. By opening a window like this, you can replace the hot air in the room with cool air from outside. However, avoid opening windows during the day. Because at that time the sun starts getting high and the air will be hot.

Those are 10 simple ways to make a room feel cooler even without air conditioning. How? It’s easy, right? You can apply it in your house, apartment, or boarding house. Hopefully your room will get cooler, even though the weather is hot outside.

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