Act Responsibly While Co-Living During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the last few years, co-living has grown popular among society. This type of living is often chosen because this is where people can afford a good housing quality at a much affordable price than to buy or rent a place and live alone. Aside from being affordable, co-living is the right answer to housing shortage since metropolitan cities like Jakarta are often over-populated. Therefore, people can find it hard to find a decent place for them to live in. People who chose to co-live with others also said that they love the fact that the place they live in is more than just a place, it is a place where a community could grow and get along. 

But, a few months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has been circulating the world. This pandemic made the government of every country decide to apply the social distancing policy to the citizens. This policy was intended to reduce the rapid spread of the virus among people. By staying inside, people will not interact with each other and it will reduce the risk of them getting infected. However, co-living is not the greatest place to apply this policy, since we live with other people in the same place. These are the things you need to do while co-living during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Avoid public facilities

The main point of the social distancing policy is for the people to avoid public places and facilities. Viruses like COVID-19 or influenza spread via direct exposure to respiratory droplets from a sick person’s sneezes or coughs. While co-living, there must be public facilities you usually use with the other residents. It can be a gym, yoga studio, lounge, or a movie room. These places are very risky for you to get the virus during this pandemic because it’s commonplace with many people. Words have been going around that gyms are a place that is more dangerous than other communal places. 

The virus can also live on surfaces and objects for days, that’s why its logical to think that the more people touch shared objects- in this case, weights and treadmills, or any gym equipment- the higher the risk that someone could leave virus behind, and passing it to the next person using the equipment. This cycle goes around for everyone that visits the gym and uses the same equipment- and if you do still visit the gym, the cycle will never stop. However, it has been proved that the transmission of COVID-19 occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through contact with contaminated objects. Either way, there is still a chance for people to get infected by touching contaminated surfaces. Therefore, you should really keep your hands off these public facilities. 

covid-19 cleanup

Clean frequently

Think of you and your roommate as a team. Both of you live in the same place and share most of the stuff you guys have. Talk to them and discuss how you have to clean every objects and utensils you have as frequent as possible. You can use disinfectant spray and wipe the surface with dry cloths or if you wanted it to be simpler, you can use disinfecting wipes to sanitize all these stuffs. 


Wash your hands 

Washing your hands is the most important thing to do to prevent getting infected by the COVID-19. The viruses in your hands can only be washed off if you wash your hands with soap with the proper motions for 20 seconds. Moreover, co-living means you are living with another person, even if we have avoided public facilities, there is still a chance to get the virus from you roommate or they got it from you. This is because your hygiene standards are maybe different, so make sure you wash your hands before and after touching shared objects.

Moreover, if you live with a roommate and you usually cook for each other every breakfast, lunch, or dinner, please keep the food ingredients and the kitchen utilities sterile. If it’s not sterile, both of you can catch this virus and it will be very easy for the virus to spread between you guys. Always wash your hands as soon as you come home from the outside or get something from the outside.

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covid-19 masker

Wear a mask every time you go out

Yes, we shouldn’t go outside. We can get pretty much everything through online shops, from groceries, beauty needs, medicine, or even random stuff we’d like to buy. However, there must be certain times when you need to go out- whether you have to get something from the supermarket that isn’t available online, or you have to pick up your grandmother and drive her to the hospital for a monthly checkup. By going outside, you must be aware that you’re very prone to getting infected. Since the transmission of COVID-19 has commonly occurred through respiratory droplets, be sure to wear a mask every time you go outside. Don’t wear surgical masks, because they’re intended for the healthcare workers. You can buy a fabric or

scuba mask instead. Just make sure you wash them after every usage, they are reusable and environmentally friendly!

wash clothes

Wash your clothes and take a bath right away

By the time you got back, make sure to wash your clothes and take a bath right away. Don’t reuse or store your clothes in your messy working chair before washing it. Take a bath and don’t skip any step from washing your hair, face, body, and brush your teeth. You don’t want any droplets that got caught on your body and clothes remain there and endanger you and your roommate’s health. 


Maintain a distance

It can be hard to maintain a 6-foot distance with your roommate. However, you can keep a distance by being not hanging out together in the same room. You may discuss with your roommates to take a turn for using the living room or the kitchen. Yes, life isn’t as fun as it used to be, but hey! Respecting and understanding each other in this situation can be really helpful to prevent ourselves from catching the disease. These actions also give the healthcare workers time to until the cure for the virus is found. 

So there you have the tips and tricks on co-living during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this is useful for you and your roommates! Stay safe and healthy!

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