7 Must-Try Croffle Recommendations in Jakarta

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, croffle shouldn’t be an unfamiliar term for you. What is it exactly, though? Croffle is an acronym of the word ‘croissant’ and ‘waffle’, and it is a cross between the two dishes. According to Kompas in August 2021, the dish was created by a pastry chef called Lennox. He created the dish by putting a buttered croissant into a waffle iron, pressing the dough until it is shaped like a waffle. Since then, croffle has become a popular dish for their unique flavor, served both as a savory snack and as a dessert. In Jakarta, you can find delicious croffle in many places. Here are 7 croffle recommendations in Jakarta that you simply must try!

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1. Dear Butter

Dear Butter is at the top of our list of croffle recommendations because it is one of, if not the most, popular places that serve croffles. So much so that you have to be patient if you’d like to order a croffle from one of their branches. Sometimes, their queue lasts for hours! Nonetheless, Dear Butter brings a delicious variety of croffles for you and your friends to enjoy. They’re known for their unique toppings such as blueberry cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese that melts on your tongue along with their croffle. If you’re new to croffle, we recommend you to try their croffle first to understand what the hype is all about! Don’t worry; they have branches all over Jakarta, so you can easily find them near you!

2. Social Affair Bakehouse

Social Affair Bakehouse is amongst Jakartan’s favorite spots to grab a weekend brunch with friends. Famous for their pastries and their delectable dessert, we have to include them in our croffle recommendations! They’re also one of the first few bakehouses in Jakarta to feature croffles in their menu, and boy, their croffles sure are delicious! They have a variety of topping options to go with their croffles, from classics like cinnamon sugar and nutella, to newer flavours such as klepon and red velvet. Sounds delicious, right? If you’re not in the mood to go out, you can even order their croffle from your home. Just remember to be quick; by the time brunch hour is over, their croffles are usually sold out!

3. Bakerman

Number three on our croffle recommendations in Jakarta is none other than Bakerman! If you’re an avid frequenter of Ashta District 8, you must’ve known about Bakerman. From a distance, Ashta District 8’s visitors can see a line of people queueing to buy a croffle from this bakery, especially on the weekends! This is because of the tastiness of Bakerman’s croffles, along with their yummy variety of toppings. Bakerman provides a variety of croffles, from biscoff lotus, to peanut butter & jelly, to salted caramel. If you’re looking for something that’s not too sweet, you should try their original croffle! Or, better yet, order an additional ice cream with your croffle!

4. Tjemilan oleh Kopi Soe

If you’re looking for a cofee shop that provides croffles to pair with your afternoon coffee, we have the perfect recommendation for you. Number four on our list of croffle recommendations is Tjemilan oleh Kopi Soe, a coffee shop that provides both affordable beverages and snacks! They have a variety of croffles for you to try, so both savoury and sweet lovers will be satisfied. The savoury options include unique flavors such as bolognaise, ciki ayam, and ciki keju. Sounds intriguing and delicious, right? We think so too! Kopi Soe is available both on Gojek and Grab, so you won’t have to go out of the house to their croffle and coffee as your WFH snack.

5. Convivium Bakery and Cafe

Convivium Bakery and Cafe is a cozy spot in Panglima Polim, perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends or family! Not only that, this bakery and cafe features delicious croffles in their menu, which is why we have to include them in our croffle recommendations. From Convivium Bakery and Cafe, you can get the cutest, mini-sized croffles with a variety of flavours. They have a plain butter croffle, dark chocolate croffle with chocolate ganache, red velvet croffle with cream cheese and mascarpone, and a savoury option as well; ham and cheese croffle! For fruit lovers, they also have strawberry and cream croffle as well as banana and chocolate croffle. Psst, they also have folded croffles, made specially by their chefs!

6. Benedict

If you’re a fan of The Union Group, Benedict shouldn’t be an unfamiliar restaurant to you. Just like other restaurants under The Union Group, Benedict is a hip and trendy restaurant in Jakarta, perfect for a dinner or a hang out spot for the youngsters. Their menu features the latest sought-after dishes, including croffles! Hence, we have to include them in our list of croffle recommendations. Benedict offers a variety of flavours for their croffles, and they’re constantly updating their croffle menu with new flavours! Their newest ones include banana and nutella, peanut butter and jelly, and ovomaltine. Yum!

7. MONKS Jakarta

Last but not least on our list of croffle recommendations in Jakarta is MONKS Jakarta! This restaurant has two branches already in Jakarta, from Kelapa Gading to Wolter Monginsidi, due to their success. At MONKS Jakarta, you can order classic croffle flavours such as salted caramel, chocolate, and cheese. However, if you’re feeling experimental, you can also try their more unique flavours! Those include croffle martabak coklat and croffle martabak keju! They’re the perfect blend of Western pastries and Indonesian flavours.

These croffles simply look to die for, don’t they? We think so too! Order a croffle from one of our croffle recommendations in Jakarta for your next afternoon snack! We assure you, you will enjoy every single bite!

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