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5 Best Daycares in East Jakarta

One of the most important things that contribute to children’s development is early childhood care. It’s certain that parents play the greatest role in a child’s growth. But, we all know that East Jakarta is full of busy adults who need to work hard. Daycare provides more social interactions for your child, which is very essential. By spending time in a good environment and surrounded by good companions, they can gain enriching experiences and learn.

Hiring a nanny can be an option, but they generally demand a higher cost. Unlike nannies, daycare has supervision and its own regulations. The caretakers are licensed professionals who can understand what a kid truly needs. Since parents have different necessities, the option that they consider as the most beneficial might vary. Daycare includes education, diverse activities, and the price is affordable. So here are the best daycares in East Jakarta that you can find!

1. KinderHive


Living in East Jakarta, it’s no wonder that you’re a hustler. You need to be fast and everywhere from morning to afternoon, or even late at night. Having a young child might stress you out in a way that you think you can’t take care of them. Worry not, KinderHive is there for you to give a comfortable, educative, and safe place for children. Staying here, the children can optimize their uniqueness through the attentiveness, love, care, and stimulation in the learning process.

KinderHive is like the miniature of life where the children can develop various skills. The learning process is made fun as if they were playing around. With fun activities like storytelling and dramatic play, they will develop their thinking and communication skills. Educators at KinderHive will also guide them to learn art and crafts along with fine motor skills in a caring and loving way. There are three programs offered. Full day (7 AM-5 PM), half-day (7 AM-1 PM), and afternoon program (12 PM-5 PM). In their stay, they will have four activities which are logic (mathematics and science), communications (language), motor (cognitive ability and gross skills), and art and life skills.

Phone Number: +6281533338251 or +6281231724050, +62816306940 (WA)


Address: Jalan Bima Blok B IV No. 26, PTB Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur

Opening Hours: 7 AM-5 PM

2. Little Bear Indonesia

Little Bear Indonesia

If you are looking for an Islamic daycare, you may opt for Little Bear Indonesia. This daycare separated their programs into babies, toddlers, and preschools. With educational toys and fun activities provided, your children would feel safe and comfortable staying here. They are also guided by certified teachers that will help them grow. The teachers will train them to sharpen their social, self-help, cognition, communication, and also rough motor skills. Occasionally, Little Bear Indonesia also conducts field trips. Those are conducted as a change of air so that the children would not feel bored with the school-like environment.

Phone Number: +6281398887879

Social Media: @littlebearindonesia on Instagram

Address: Jalan Sadar No. 1A, RT/RW 01/04, Cipinang Muara, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur

Opening Hours: 7 AM-6 PM (Monday-Friday)

3. Nurfahmi Daycare

Nurfahmi Daycare

This daycare center is one of the best daycares in East Jakarta. It’s built to create a world of learning with an Islamic approach. Guided by trustworthy, sincere, and serious hands, they hope that the children can grow into the better version of themselves. Nurfahmi offers four classes namely toddler, kindergarten, playgroup, and daycare. This daycare is available for 1.5 – 8 years old children. Nurfahmi Daycare conducts Educational Field Trips and Presentations, Reporting on Individual Achievement, Writing and Reading Classes, and Scientific Investigation Opportunities.

Nurfahmi School has an interesting learning method called Center Methods. There are readiness, block, science, art & craft, and dramatic play center. The readiness center provides games that stimulate children to be more serious than just playing around. The block center is equipped with blocks of geometric to make them learn about the classification of shapes and sizes. The science center provides natural ingredients to be explored while the art & craft one provides various media to express themselves. Lastly, the activity in the dramatic play centre is designed to develop the children’s imagination.

Phone Number: +62214714918


Address: Jalan Pondasi No. 66, Kayu Putih, Jakarta Timur

Opening Hours: 8 AM-5 PM

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4. Little Star Buah Hati Daycare

Little Star Buah Hati Daycare

Little Star Buah Hati Daycare serves both as a daycare and an Integrated Islamic Kindergarten. This Daycare allows a wide range of ages from 3 months to 8 years old to join the daycare. The activities offered are creative fun games, early stimulation, moral development, Islamic values, story telling, and English. In early stimulation, the children will learn to develop their physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional skills. Little Star Buah Hati Daycare is also concerned about the children’s oral and dental health as they love eating sweets. This concern is then addressed by conducting a dental examination for the children.

Phone Number: +6285717710548


Address: Jalan H. Baing, RT 11/RW 4, Kp. Tengah, Kramatjati, Jakarta Timur.

Opening Hours: 7 AM-5 PM (Monday-Friday)

5. Tunas Wiratama

Tunas Wiratama

Tunas Wiratama is another top daycare in East Jakarta. It aims to help people with children to work at ease, ensuring the safety and happiness of the children. The activities are designed to train the children to be more independent without having to sacrifice the sense of comfort. Even in the absence of their parents for a relatively long period of time. The advantage is that Tunas Wiratama offers a flexible payment system in which the guardian can pay monthly or daily. But, don’t forget to pick up your child on time. Not only is it your responsibility as a guardian, but there is also an overtime fee Rp 15.000 per 30 minutes for pick-ups above 5 PM.

The core activity in Tunas Wiratama is basically to let the children rest and do whatever they want under guidance. The activity will start at 11.30 PM with free activity. They will then have their lunch and clean themselves up. After taking some nap, they will have guided free activities again and have some afternoon snacks. 4.30 AM is the time for going home preparation until 5PM. The maximum overtime hour is at 7 PM so make sure to pick them up by then.

Phone Number: +6285200085299


Address: Jl. Rawamangun Muka Timur No.35, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur

Opening Hours: 08 AM-6 PM (Monday-Friday)

So, there you have it! Some of the best daycares in East Jakarta to take care of your kid(s). It’s very helpful if you happen to be a working adult with children and your concentrations are divided into taking care of kids and working. So, if you happen to live or work near East Jakarta, don’t bother to give it a try for your children and choose what’s best for them!

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