One-Day-Food-Hunt in Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is a district of North Jakarta which is known as a neighborhood that the local populates as a city within a city, due to their integrated residential-commercial planning and their supporting facilities. Kelapa Gading is a well-planned area and located in a strategic area, therefore there are a lot of property companies that have developed Kelapa Gading. 

Kelapa Gading as a residential area is generally targeted toward the middle to upper market. Aside from being a residential area, there are a lot of offices and commercial establishments around Kelapa Gading. It also has places like malls, restaurants, cafes, office buildings, and transport hubs. Therefore, with this, we would like to introduce you to the best place to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert in Kelapa Gading. Check the list down below! 

1. Have your breakfast at Hours: Coffee and More

view of Coffee and More
Coffee and More

Hours: Coffee and More is a café located at Kelapa Gading, precisely at an office building across Mall of Indonesia (MOI). Hours: Coffee and More has a beautiful chic design yet feels very homey. The details in the café are very Asian inspired, as there are a lot of Japanese and Chinese design elements at Hours: Coffee and More. In the front area of the café, there’s a coffee bar as well as a juice bar with a spacious seating area where there are several private rooms which could be nice for events or just hanging out with a group of friends. 

As for Hours: Coffee and More menu, they offer a wide range of Western food with some fusion twists which you can pair with their beverages. As you are at Hours: Coffee and More for breakfast, therefore you should try their Eggs on Cloud and Broken Fried Rice. Eggs on Cloud is a whipped egg white baked with the yolk that is served with brioche, sautéed mushroom, bacon, baby tomatoes, potatoes, and greens on the side. Eggs on Cloud has a very beautiful plating, it almost feels guilty to eat the menu as it is presented very beautifully. Meanwhile, Broken Fried Rice is a bowl of Vietnamese fried rice, where it has a hard-fractured rice texture served with sautéed shrimp, sunny side up, and pickles. It tastes very Indonesian. It has a beautiful taste, it is very comforting and delicious. Pair the food with a hot cappuccino, the coffee has a good balance and nice consistency. 

Address: Graha Kita Karya, Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya No. 1, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kec. Kelapa Gading, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240

Phone Number: +6221 45858134

Social Media: @hours.jkt on Instagram

Price Range

Mains starting from Rp45.000,00 

Coffee-based drinks starting from Rp30.000,00 

Operating Hours: 07.00 – 22.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

2. Have your lunch at Sushi Hiro

Sushi Hiro foods
Sushi Hiro

Sushi Hiro is a Japanese restaurant that focuses on serving sushi with unique presentations on mini wooden stairs. The Japanese restaurant is located in Kelapa Gading Boulevard Raya street. The restaurant is always packed with customers with a long queue. With that in mind, you shouldn’t worry about the taste of their sushi, it tastes amazing. The décor of Sushi Hiro mainly consists of wooden furniture with self-cut papercraft ornaments hanging from the ceiling which gives a traditional yet classy Japanese vibe. 

Expect to find wise selections of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi, gunkan, maki, noodle, donburi, chirasi, temaki, agemono, skewers, and desserts. As Sushi Hiro is famous for its Sushi Moriawase (Sushi Stairs), therefore you should try it! There are a lot of variants when it comes to Sushi Moriawase but we highly recommend their Hiro Salmon Sushi which consists of Salmon Sushi, Aburi Salmon, Aburi Salmon Cheese, and Aburi Salmon Mentai. There is nothing else that is needed to say other than that the salmon is very fresh, which is the most important thing in serving salmon. Please do note that if you want your sushi served in a wooden stair, you should order a minimum of 4 sushi. Another one you should try is their Salmon Lava Chirasi, a bowl of Japanese rice topped with crushed salmon, floss, and ikura. In a bite of Salmon Lava Chirasi, you can taste various flavors such as savory, salty, and spicy. All the taste blends beautifully. 

Address: Komplek Graha Boulevard Blok KGC No. A01, Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading Timur, Kec. Kelapa Gading, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jkaarta 14240

Phone Number: +6221 29375196

Social Media: @sushihiro_id on Instagram

Price Range

Sushi Moriawase starting from Rp100.000,00

Mocktails starting from Rp43.000,00

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday

  • Lunch: 11.00 – 14.00 WIB 
  • Dinner: 17.30 – 21.30 WIB 

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 

  • Lunch: 11.00 – 14.30 WIB
  • Dinner: 17.30 – 21.30 WIB

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3. Have your dinner at Fat Stone

Fat Stone foods
Fat Stone

Fat Stone is an Asian restaurant which served their menu in a unique stone pot. Fat Stone offers various Asian dishes, such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and even Indonesian food. Basically, all dishes will be served in a hot stone pot over a portable stove on the table. 

Some of the menu that you should try is their Beef Ribs from Hell and Korean Budae Jjigae. Beef Ribs from Hell is one of their best-selling menus at Fat Stone. As suggested by the name, it is a beef rib braised which is later deep fried and served with sambal. Before eating the Beef Ribs from Hell, you should stir and mix all the sambal and the ribs altogether. The ribs are very tender and the sambal is very spicy but addictive. As for their Korean, Budae Jjigae is a stew dish that has a lot of toppings such as beef shabu, chikuwa, smoked beef, sausage, egg, mushroom, kimchi, tofu, bokchoy, green onion, carrots, and many others. The taste is very comforting, even though it seems kind of funny with a bunch of ingredients in the pot. 

Address: Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No. 20, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kec. Kelapa Gading, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240

Phone Number: +6288 81818365

Social Media: @fatstone on Instagram

Price Range

Mains starting from Rp70.000,00 

Operating Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 

  • Lunch: 11.30 – 14.00 WIB
  • Dinner: 18.00 – 22.00 WIB

4. Have your sweets at C for Cupcakes & Coffee

Cupcakes & Coffee foods
Cupcakes & Coffee

C for Cupcakes & Coffee is a café that offers a lot of pretty yet tasty cakes. The café décor is very beautiful as it is filled with a lot of gorgeous ornaments and wooden furniture. As C for Cupcakes & Coffee is famous for its Bulldog Mousse Cake, therefore you should try it! The cake is very realistic looking, so it is no surprise if you can’t bring yourself to eat it. The cake itself has a very rich chocolate flavor and very smooth. Another menu that you should try is their Doggy Onsen, dog-shaped ice cream with cream cheese and boba on top of a waffle cone. The dog-shaped ice cream comes in 3 shapes and flavors, such as coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. 

Address: Ruko Inkopal, Jl. Boulevard Barat No. 17, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kec. Kelapa Gading, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240

Phone Number: +6281 398999911

Price Range

Desserts start from Rp12.000,00

Coffee-based drinks start from Rp28.000,00 

Operating Hours:

08.00 – 21.00 WIB (Monday – Friday) 

08.00 – 22.00 WIB (Saturday – Sunday) 

So, there you have a one-day food guide at Kelapa Gading. We know that there are a lot more restaurants in Kelapa Gading, but we hope that this helps you in deciding what you want to eat if you are at Kelapa Gading! 

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