Fun Things To Do With Your Roommates

Living with a roommate can be an unforgettable experience. It might need a bit of adaptation, especially when it comes to sharing your space, things, and most importantly being together almost every day. But it’s as exciting as it gets once you have your sense of freedom and independence from home while still having a person you can count on and share stories with. Some nights, you might want to just stay inside with your roommates, but you’re scared that boredom would get between you two. Worry not! With these 10 fun things to do with your roommate, guarantee you will never feel bored spending time with them inside. Have a look!

Pamper Night

Girls always love to give some loving to their body — anything to make us feel no less than beautiful would do! Set aside an evening and dedicate it to pamper yourselves. Sharing newly bought skincare, trying on new masks, or giving mani-pedi to each other sounds like a fun way to do pampering! Adding some scented candles, turning on relaxing tunes, and dimming the lights to set up the mood, can give you a real spa feeling without emptying your pockets! Brilliant, right?

Pamper night
Maybe have a pedicure session with your roommates

Cooking Time

Don’t you think you should start using those groceries you both pile up in the fridge before it expires? Set up a cook-off to determine who’s best resembling Gordon Ramsay, or cook your own favorite that you’d like your roommate to try! This could be a homemade fine-dining experience as well if you decide to cook a three-course meal and eat it together in the table with candles and fancy platings — don’t try too hard, you can use any available utensils. Snap and take it to the gram!

Cooking time
Invite your roommates to make dinner together

Movie Night

This idea can never go wrong. Watching a movie you both have been dying to see yet haven’t got the time would be the perfect way to chill at night, while munching on your salty or caramel popcorn. If you are in the mood for some thrilling experience, a horror or thriller movie would be perfect. Or instead, go with the classic rom-com for extra giggles and fluffy feelings. Pick a comfortable seat, set up the lights, turn up the volume, and click play. Voila! Cinema right inside your room.

movie night
Gather in the living room and watch a movie together

Zumba Class

Looking for a fun way to sweat off that mac ‘n cheese you made for dinner? Zumba class would be a perfect choice! Exercising can get boring and stressful at times, but when it’s disguised as a dance-battle-kinda-thing between you two, it just turns to be a super fun session! You don’t have to invite an instructor nor go to a studio to attend a zumba class, just look it up on Youtube and there will be plenty of videos to follow at home. Shake it off!

Dress-Up Party

Girls love to feel beautiful at all times, even when there’s no special occasion. Nothing so wrong about getting all dolled up only to have a bit of fun right? Dress yourself up as if you are going to attend a party or impress your partner’s parents. OR you can make it more exciting by doing each other’s make up and picking a suitable outfit as well. You both can go for any theme or maybe become a little bit experimental by following trends or tutorials you have never tried before. Not only that it’s fun; it could also enhance your make up skill and fashion taste! Glow up time!

dress up
Put on some makeup, do your hair, and wear your favorite dress!

Relationship Talk

Having a girl or boy talk about things you can’t share with just anyone could deepen the bond between you two. You can discuss everything, from the guy or girl you’ve been crushing on for months or the crazy lady living around the corner that always gets mad every time you get home late. Pouring your heart out, sharing your problems, and giving each other’s advice is also a great way to know each other better. Who knows their advice could be the answer you’ve been searching for all along, right?

relationship talk
Cozy up together and share some interesting stories

Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza? This simple, practical, yet delicious dish is the gem for every “roommates life” out there. Night, days, even for breakfast, you can never resist a slice of pizza. People just can’t get enough of it! Perfect for every occasion, especially when it comes to bonding time with your roommate. You can try making it yourself to add more fun, but ordering out also sounds like a great idea. Remember to order plenty, because one slice is never enough!

pizza party
Don't forget to order some soda along with your pizza

Find Dates for Each Other

When you both are single, this could be a very exciting thing to do! By signing up yourselves to an online dating app and letting your roommate swiping left and right, you make sure that the next weekend you two won’t have to spend time together again since you both have picked a date for each other! But beforehand, you might have to be sure about your roommate’s ideal criteria, so that you won’t pick the wrong person for him/her. Happy swiping!

find dates for each other
Whip out your dating app (or download if you haven't) and find the right person for each other

Roommate Quiz

Living together means sharing your habits, personalities, and all in between with your roommate. This could turn two strangers into best friends, who are supposed to know ourselves best. But who knows each other’s best though? The only way to discover is by doing a Mate Quiz. Have your roommate answer a list of questions about you — from your weirdest habit to your comfort food, and see who got the biggest score. The one who loses pays for dinner, agree?

roommate quiz
The only way to know your roommate better is by doing a Mate Quiz

Game Night

Next time you go home, bring back some of your childhood board games for your game night in the flat. Whether it’d be Monopoly, UNO, Scribble, or the newest ones would turn a dull night into a competitive one! If you have a console, play a dueling game, like Mario Cart,  that can showcase both of your gaming skills! Don’t get too serious though, as this could lead to unnecessary fights, in case it becomes too heated between you two. Have fun!

game night
Monopoly is a great choice to bond with your roommates

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