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How to Get Over your Homesickness

Being away from home to live apart from your family would be an enticing experience. Whether you’re living alone or together with roommates, you must be getting the sense of independence and freedom you’ve been craving for since high school. But once the homesickness kicks in, you might feel uncomfortable, anxious, and wanting to go home so badly even when you know you couldn’t. Worry not, as we got 5 tips to help you get over your homesickness. Check it out!

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1. Keep In Touch, But Not Too Much

Being away from the people we love and constantly spend most of the time together might be one of the biggest things that weigh us down during time apart. In this kind of technology era, distance isn’t something that prevents us to be in contact with each other. Through social media, voice and video calls, we can catch up with anyone easily, anytime we want. If you’re feeling the need to hear your mother’s voice, or know what your best friend is up to right now, don’t hesitate to make a call and have a talk.

Staying connected to family and friends back home is very important. But, don’t let yourself become too dependent on it or otherwise, it would make your effort to get over your homesickness even harder. Arrange a weekly phone call, maybe every weekend, so that you would have plenty of things to talk about and still going strong in your adaptation to your new environment. 

2. Explore Your Surroundings

The most exciting part about moving to a new place is to get to know your surroundings and learn something new. This way, you may discover things that you might never know about the place, or even makes you even more interested in the new area. Whether it’d be the nice coffee shop down the road, the favorite restaurant people always come to, or the unique routine a lot of your neighbors doing would be something quite interesting to put your mind into. Conduct a little research about the place you’re living in, what’s special about it, and find a few landmarks that are definitely worth visiting for a newcomer. Then, you would not spend too much time thinking about what is happening back home and start dwelling on what’s in front of you. Be an adventurous tourist!

3. Make Yourself at Home

One of the reasons why we experience homesickness is because our new place has not quite yet felt like home for us. That’s why, one thing to get over it is to make yourself at home, starting with decorating your new place to feel more like your room back at home. Bring a piece that will remind you of the smell of your house or the ambiance of the living room, and place it in your new crib. Or, cook a replication of your mama’s cooking. This will give you a sense of home and brings comfort to yourself. Then, make friends with your neighbor next door or find a community around that will make yourself feel supported. Another way would be finding a space that provides a sense of familiarity, whether it’s a cafe, library, park, or anywhere else that can make you feel at home. 

4. Create a New Routine

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Sometimes, things might suddenly get so boring, even when doing things you’ve constantly enjoyed for years. Maybe your place has dimmed your spirit due to homesickness. One way to fight this boredom is to find a new routine, a daily or weekly one. This does not only mean doing basic stuff such as waking up at the same time or cooking breakfast every morning but more of a fun and interactive activity. Plan a grocery shopping with a special menu to make each week or arrange a night out with your friends every Friday night or weekends to have some chill time together. 

5. Exercise routinely

Some people consider exercise as a coping mechanism. It puts off their mind into something that not only brings fun and keeps them occupied during leisure time, but also helps them get in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Once you get used to the new routine and surroundings, you can figure out what type of exercise you can do or explore from the gyms nearby. Or, a routine at-home workout session from Youtube tutorials would also be perfect to keep you fit and busy enough from pondering over your hometown. Go get them muscles now, all right!

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6. Treat Yourself

Adaptation is not an easy thing to do for most people. It takes effort, to get used to new routines, know new people, while at the same time getting over feeling homesick and missing our friends back home. This process can take you to a stressful state and even worsen your homesickness. Thus, once or twice it’s important for you to treat yourself. What type of treat, you may ask. It could be anything, as long as it feels like a rewarding prize for you! Maybe a short gateway to the nearest beach around, a salon and spa treatment, or fancy dinner to your favorite restaurant. Whatever makes you feel happy and content again, you deserve it!

7. Stay Positive

Homesickness is one form of anxiety. It gives you an uncomfortable feeling, killing off your spirit to do anything, even makes you feel sick and queasy. That’s why you can get over that feeling by not letting yourself and thoughts be consumed by the negative energy. Stay positive by doing the things you love, being grateful every day, keeping yourself motivated by the people you love or the dream you are pursuing. Don’t let the newness keeping you from being the best version of yourself. Remember, every great thing happens through hardships. Focusing on your thing and always push through will get you to the place where you want to be. Homesickness ain’t got nothing on you!

We hope that you can overcome homesickness better after reading the article. It might take time but we absolutely sure that you will get through this! 

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