How to Get Rid Of Wall Paint

If you want to replace old paint with new paint, the first step you have to do is remove the old paint by peeling it off. On walls that are quite old, usually the wall paint has experienced calcification. Wall paint that has been calcified has significantly reduced adhesion. By peeling off the old wall paint, it is hoped that later it will produce a better color. It will be different when the new paint is applied immediately without peeling off the old wall paint first, usually the paint will break down faster. Therefore, to solve this problem you must first clean the wall by peeling all the old layers of paint so that the wall becomes plain again.

However, not everyone knows how to properly peel off old wall paint. How to peel off old paint on the walls of the house is indeed a tricky job. Due to the difference factor in the walls that are exposed to sunlight, some walls are easy to clean, some are not. However, by using the right method, peeling off old wall paint can be done easily and quickly. Therefore, we will provide some tips on how to remove old wall paint, and these tips are quite practical, and can save your work time significantly.

Prepare the Necessary Materials

Before exfoliating, the first step that needs to be done is to prepare all the equipment needed, such as paint remover or thinner, paintbrush, gloves, hand scraps, masks, cloth rags, and sandpaper. You don’t have to use the exact same equipment and can replace it with any available equipment that you have.

Tips for Getting Rid of Wall Paint

There are things you should pay attention to when exfoliating paint. Paint remover or thinner is a chemical liquid that can you can use to help the paint peeling process. Do not inhale the aroma of these two chemicals. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a mask and gloves when you are doing this exfoliating process. This is because the chemical content can harm you. If the liquid accidentally comes into contact with any part of the body and causes a reaction, then immediately clean it and wash it with clean water. In addition, another thing that is no less important is cleaning the equipment after use.

To get rid of old wall paint, you can use two kinds of materials, namely by using a paint remover or you can also use a thinner. Both ingredients contain compounds that can remove old paint marks, making it easier to do so.

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How to Remove Wall Paint Using A Paint Remover

As the name implies, paint remover is a liquid that can remove paint sticking to walls. Many paint and material stores are selling all kinds of paint remover. The types also vary, from the highest to the lowest level of aggression. How to use it is also easy, here’s how to peel off wall paint using a paint remover.

  • Brush the paint remover fluid on the part of the wall paint that you want to remove. Take this step gradually and don’t forget to use gloves and a mask in its application. This is because this liquid is corrosive and itchy if it comes into contact with the skin. Therefore, you have to be careful in applying it.
  • Allow about 2-3 minutes for the paint to appear bubbling.
  • Peel the wall paint using a scrap when the paint is still damp by pressing the scrap to the bottom of the paint so that it is more completely peeling.
  • If the paint is completely peeled off, then clean the remaining liquid paint remover from the wall using clean water or a cloth.
  • After the surface of the wall is dry, grind it with sandpaper. You can use the coarsest sandpaper at the beginning of the sanding, and after this you can use the sandpaper which is more necessary at the end. In this way, you can remove wall paint quickly.
  • The next step is to clean the wall from the remaining dust. You have to make sure the surface of the wall is completely clean so that the final result can be maximized. You can repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  • If so, then you are ready to repaint your wall with the color you want.

How to Remove Wall Paint Using Thinner

If the price of paint remover is too expensive, you can use a thinner as an alternative. What you need to pay attention to is to choose the type of thinner that is of good quality. There are many types of thinner on the market, make sure your choice is epoxy or ND. Apart from being cheaper, using thinner will make it easier to strip the old paint on the walls of your house. Using a paint remover is almost the same as using a paint remover, you can follow the method below.

  • You only have to wipe the thinner liquid on the surface to be peeled. Without waiting long, you can immediately scrape the part you want to peel, because the thinner will evaporate and dry quickly.
  • If it takes too long to follow up on the thinner that has been splashed, the stripping process may fail and the wall must be re-applied with thinner.
  • If the wall is too wide, you should apply a little thinner so that the thinner does not evaporate and go to waste.
  • After the process of peeling the old wall paint is complete, sand and clean the walls from any remaining dirt.
  • After the old wall peeling process is complete, then you can start painting just like painting a plain wall.

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Well, that’s all we can say on how to remove wall paint, and a few tips that we can give you. We hope this article can help you out in straightening out the colors in your home.

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