How to Install Wallpaper at Home

Wall wallpaper is one of the favorite wall finishing material choices. One of the reasons is the wide variety of patterns, colors, and types that can accent walls and rooms. In addition, how to install wall wallpaper is also relatively easy and practical.

However, according to some people installing the wallpaper yourself will take a while and the results can be a bit messy. Therefore, there are still many who choose renovation services or builders because they are unsure of the final result if they do it yourself. Using renovation services or handyman assistance costs more. To save costs, you can install your own wallpaper. You will provide a guide on a series of how to install wall wallpapers.

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Calculate Material Requirements and Prepare Tools

Before installing wall wallpaper, you must first prepare the materials and tools needed. There are also tools needed, such as wallpaper of your choice, wallpaper glue, ladders, rags, cutters, scissors, pencils, plumb bob, rulers, measuring instruments or meters, sponges, buckets, and rollers.

After preparing the materials and tools, make sure you have calculated the height and width of the walls to be closed. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the wall that you will cover, and apply these measurements to the wallpaper paper. Lay your wallpaper on the table and mark the length and width of the walls that you have measured. Mark using a pencil, and try not to mark it too boldly (especially for light colored wallpaper). Do this to make it easier to cut and install the wallpaper later. You also need to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need to cover the walls. This is useful so that you don’t have any remaining wallpaper.

Clean The Wall’s Surface

Some great wallpaper references for you!

Before you stick the wallpaper, make sure the wall you are going to cover is clean of nails and stains before you start coating it with glue. A clean wall will make the wallpaper stick firmly and correctly. If there are holes or protrusions, you can patch or scrape them so that the walls are flat and don’t cause air bubbles while installing the wallpaper. Remove all dust and dirt, then wait for the walls to dry before continuing to install wallpaper.

Position The Wallpaper With Guidelines

To make it easier to adjust the position of the wallpaper when you install your wallpaper, you can make a guideline from top to bottom so that the wallpaper is neatly and straightly using a plumb bob. Don’t rely on the line of the door or ceiling as a measure of the straightness of the mainline, this is because the line of the door or ceiling will be different from the line you made yourself.

Prepare Wallpaper Glue

Some nice wallpaper inspiration for a kid’s room!

In installing wallpaper, you need at least two glue dough. So glue to flatten the surface of the wallpaper and glue for the connection between wallpaper. Wallpaper connection glue is usually thicker, so you don’t need to add a lot of water. Also, use this thicker glue on the edge of the wall. This is so that the wallpaper will be more sticky and durable. To flatten the surface of the wallpaper, you can use something that is not too thick, so that the surface of the wallpaper doesn’t bubble.

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Apply Wallpaper Glue

After you cut the wallpaper and the starting line has been drawn, make wallpaper glue using a wallpaper application brush. Avoid using a wall paintbrush. This is because the bristles of the brush are wider and can fall off easily. That, in turn, will create an unwanted texture on the wall. You only need to apply the glue once.

Start Installing The Wallpaper

Yup, after you’ve applied the glue to the wall, it’s time for you to put the wallpaper on! Paste the wallpaper slowly, making sure each end of the wall is covered and the end of the wallpaper does not cross the line you drew. Let the glue sit for a while before continuing how to install wallpaper on the wall. Generally, the wallpaper will be set from the bottom up so that the rest of the wallpaper will be on top and less visible. For maximum results, you can apply a little glue to each end, corner, and between the wallpapers.

Fit The Wallpaper When Installed

wallpaper illustration
An easy result to be had!

Wallpaper with a certain pattern must pay attention to accuracy when pairing the wallpaper. You have to match the second sheet with the pattern of the first sheet to make it look together. After that, you need to do it again with the following sheets. Make sure your wallpaper patterns are connected to one another.

Finishing and Final Checking

After all the wallpaper is pasted, the last step you take is to clean the surface of the wallpaper from the remaining glue. Wipe the surface of the wallpaper with a damp sponge. Next, you need to check the wall so that no air bubbles enter, you can use the roller to remove the air bubbles. You also need to check each end of the wallpaper whether it is sticking properly

Well, it turns out that installing wallpaper yourself is not that difficult, right? You only need extra care and attention to install wallpaper. Pay attention to all the materials and tools needed before doing it. Good luck!

Tips and Ideas for Beautiful Home Wall Wallpaper

Apart from using wall paints of various colors, the trend of using wallpaper will never be over. The motifs and patterns offered by the wallpaper are considered suitable to add accents to your home. However, the selection of motifs on this wallpaper must be adjusted to the function of the room and also the character of the house owner. Therefore, in this article, Flokq will provide ideas and inspiration on how to install wallpaper for several rooms in your home.

1. Living Room Wallpaper

There are several things that you must pay attention to before installing wallpaper in the living room or family room area. Is the room small in size? Or a large room with a high ceiling? Home and furniture concept? Pay attention to the overall character of the room so you can choose colors and patterns that are suitable for this area. Ideally, wallpaper that are placed in the heart of this house should be bright in color and have a large enough motif, such as floral – so that the wall becomes the focus point. However, this does not apply in rooms that tend to be small and have low ceilings, because using wallpaper with busy motifs will create a narrow impression. The solution is, you can choose wallpaper with a vertical motif, or stretching upwards. Also, pay attention to the selection of colors that better suit the overall concept of the house and the color of the furniture.

2. Bedroom Wallpaper

The bedroom is a private area in your home, which is often a reflection of the true character of the owner. Besides, decorating this room is closely related to real comfort – yep, the bedroom is your last destination after you’ve had a tiring day and want to rest. Therefore, design your room as comfortable as possible, with a touch of wallpaper which certainly adds a warm and cozy impression; like choosing colors that tend to be dark like brown, dark blue, and dark green. According to the psychology journal, this collection of colors can relax the mind and make sleep better. It’s just that, applying this wallpaper is better not done for bedrooms that are relatively small in size. For those of you who have a small bedroom, choose a wallpaper with a neutral color, but bright like cream, with a touch of leaf elements or flowers that are not too big.

3. Dining Room and Mini Pantry Wallpaper

Apart from the living room, the dining room and mini pantry are also usually a place for family gatherings and talking, especially when the weekend arrives. But, did you know that there are several color choices that can increase your appetite? Yep, according to psychological research, bright colors like yellow, light green, orange, and red are suitable colors for the dining room because they can trigger an appetite. However, the use of monochromatic colors such as dark blue and gray is also a great choice for decorating the dining room – this is because the homeowner is more concerned with and maintaining an aesthetic look in his home. So, there is no wrong choice, in this case, please choose a wallpaper that is considered suitable for your dining room, according to the concept and favorite color of the family!

4. Bathroom Wallpaper

This room is no less important than other rooms, the bathroom is also a part of the house where the owner relaxes. A beautiful design that creates a comfortable atmosphere, can be produced from the installation of bright green or blue wallpaper which is believed to be able to provide a cool and fresh feel. Floral, sea, or foliage themes are also many choices for bathroom wallpapers. But remember, choose a pattern or motif that is not too big, given the small size of the bathroom, making it less slick when paired with a large size motif. We also recommend that you choose wallpaper made from vinyl in the bathroom, because this material is resistant to damp areas and is easy to clean, only with a sponge and a little soap, the stain will disappear!

5. Office Wallpaper

For some people, the workspace at home is very important. However, not a few residential owners are confused about finding workspace designs that suit their personalities and needs – especially how to create focus in this room. The tips Flokq can provide for you are; choose a wallpaper that really suits your taste. That way, your mood will stay awake during work. The use of bright wallpaper colors can also be a way to keep you in a good mood and a good level of concentration. Stay away from dark colors that can make you too relaxed!

Pros and Cons of Installing a Wallpaper

However, before you decide to install wallpaper in your home, it’s a good idea to know some of the pros and cons of installing wallpaper.


  1. Installation is more practical than painting.
  2. Saves time and money.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Can cover cracked walls.
  5. Gives the room a luxury feel to it.


  1. Must be cleaned regularly.
  2. It doesn’t last long.
  3. Moldy and damaged easily.
  4. It doesn’t last long.
  5. May cause scars.

Home Wallpaper Store

1. Toko Wallpaper

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This shop in East Java provides a large selection of wallpapers that you can choose according to your needs and tastes. Starting from wallpaper with natural stone motifs to motifs suitable for placing in a child’s room. Starting from Rp. 100,000, you can get enough wallpaper roll to cover 5 m2 of walls. For those of you who need more than 5 rolls of wallpaper, you can get free shipping throughout Indonesia! For those of you who are interested, you can immediately check their website, and there you can find a wallpaper page that is currently on promotion! So what are you waiting for?

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Well, it turns out that installing wallpaper yourself is not that difficult, right? You only need extra care and attention to install wallpaper. Pay attention to all the materials and tools needed before doing it. Good luck!

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