How to Throw A House Party

When it comes to partying, people don’t usually think too much about it, especially when you’re the attendee, but when you’re the host, there are several things to think about, not just the drinks! Some of these things might have crossed your mind, but it’s always helpful to have some small checklist in mind! No matter how many parties you’ve gone to, you’re going to need some sort of a list of priorities for you to take into account when preparing your house party. So, here are a few things that you need to think about when preparing for a house party.

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house party

How many people

This is one of the things that people take for granted the most. People seem to be keen on just approximating and not having a clear projection on the people that are about to come. Just take a look at your group chat if you’re doing it for a certain social circle, or take note of some of the most probable people to come if it’s a more flexible social circle. Send an RSVP if you need it. Knowing the numbers will also help you get more people to come since many people prefer a bigger crowd than others!

Know the space of your place

Knowing the limit of your place is not just about capacity for the partygoers, but also on the arrangement of the party and the things that the crowd can and cannot do for safety and comfort sake. Try to walk around your place to have a clear picture of how can you maximize the fun of your party given the limitations of space. Knowing full-well of the size of your party venue can also give you ideas on the dos and don’ts of the party that’ll help you significantly in terms of logistics and again, for safety.

How much food

While knowing the number of people coming or their appetite is a difficult task, you can project it based on what you know and your monetary limits. If you know that there will be people who like to chow while partying, then get some more food, if you have a lack of knowledge on their portion sizes, then try to get a schedule for errands mid-party, this will help you so much on being a responsible host, while also being mobile when the time comes for more supplies! Don’t forget to ask for some help from friends if you need some additional hands for assistance since it’s for collective fun anyways!

Consider pot luck

While you would still preferably be the one giving out most of the food at the party, having pot luck to spice up the cuisine in the party is not a bad option either. It can give a bit of a surprise for the audience and yourself when finding out the food that the people get to the party. It doesn’t even have to be those types of dinner parties or solely potluck parties, pot luck here means people bring food, whether it is for everyone or optional, just snacks or full-on dishes, food only or drinks too, is up to you! It can lessen the pressure on your wallet too!


Having a party without any drinks would be almost a complete waste of occasion, but keep in mind that the drinks that you serve should preferably be in accordance to your attendees. This means that you should be prepared to always also have non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, water, or juice. Even when you know that all of the audience drinks, you should still have those things since you wouldn’t know when someone might need it, especially those parties where a lot of alcohol is involved.

house party


A natural way to spice up the atmosphere is to have games available to the guests! Naturally, if you have a big enough space, set up a place for beer pong and get some cups ready! Also, get some cards like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, or Werewolf to make or break some friendships! Games like Jenga or Twister is an also preferable game especially when you have the space for it! If you don’t have that many games, don’t forget to ask around if you don’t have them! You’ll be surprised how prepared people are for this kind of occasion and how willing they are to be game masters!

Keep the volume down

Not to be a party pooper, but while this guide assumes that you’ve done the necessary administrative and social precautions for partying, knowing and setting your limit would always help. You have to know when to stop, some hours and some people need less sound than others! Setting a limit would also help you keep a consistent atmosphere throughout the party, since having it too loud or too calm in the middle would make things quite awkward sometimes. So, let the crowd know when it is too much!

Get friends to help as host

Being a host is fun and all, but having a group of friends to help you is a preferred method in throwing a house party. Having help in throwing a party always helps. What you need to consider is the preferably proportionate number of ‘enforcers’ compared to the sexes of your guests, for convenience sake. Having friends to help would also help you avoid getting overwhelmed when there are way too many people attending or when some people decide to chug some drinks down your throat! Needless to say, the making-sure-that-things-don’t-get-to-gross part and the cleaning up part would be easier when you have people around to help with the aftermath of all the partying that went around.

With that said, there are always things to improve when preparing a house party. It all depends on the scale, the people involved, and the budget. Remember that having rules is not a minus, it’s a must since parties involve a lot of people and there needs to be a common understanding of the dos and dont’s. But above all, don’t forget to be an awesome host! People can feel more welcomed when the host also has fun!

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