11 Easy Hydroponic Vegetables to Plant for Beginners!

If you like gardening or want to start gardening but don’t have a yard, don’t worry! There are plants that don’t need a yard or large area: hydroponic vegetables.

This method of gardening is also easy to apply, so it is perfect for those of you who are beginners in gardening or practical people.

How to grow hydroponic vegetables

Quoted from Wikipedia, hydroponics is the cultivation of planting using water without using soil media. The water requirement in the hydroponic method is less than the water requirement for cultivation with soil. The use of water for hydroponics is also more efficient than the conventional method of planting using soil.

The more efficient use of water makes the hydroponic method suitable for applications in areas with limited water supplies. In connection with this and the lack of land to grow crops, the hydroponic method is a suitable way of planting for those of you who live in urban areas. Instead of bothering to take care of the land, how to grow hydroponics is the best alternative in a house or apartment.

If you are a beginner who has never learned gardening at all, you don’t need to worry about starting to plant because how to grow hydroponics is very easy for anyone to do. Well, this hydroponic method is also known to offer the convenience of growing various types of vegetables. What are the types of hydroponic vegetables?

Types of hydroponic vegetables

The hydroponic method is indeed one of the popular farming methods as an alternative to farming without large areas of land. Moreover, vegetables are an everyday menu that is usually cooked at home. However, not all vegetables can be cultivated using hydroponic methods. The following types are vegetable plants that you can grow hydroponically at home:

1. Lettuce

hydroponic lettuce
Sumber: klorofa

Lettuce is a vegetable that can grow quickly using the hydroponic method. In addition, how to care for it is easy. Therefore, it is very suitable for beginners in gardening.

Even though it is not a difficult plant and the harvest time is short, which is about 30 days, you have to pay attention to its maintenance. Make sure the lettuce you plant gets enough sunlight and nutrients.

2. Mustard greens / Choy sum

hydroponic mustard greens
Sumber: seringbaca

This hydroponic vegetable plant can also be tried by beginners because it is easy. Green mustard is a plant that is able to adapt to various environments and growing media, even rain resistance.

Mustard greens grown hydroponically can be harvested after 2-3 months. However, if you choose high yielding varieties and take good care of them, the harvest can be faster. You can even grow green mustard all year long!

3. Spinach

hydroponic spinach

Spinach is one of the vegetables with so many benefits because it contains many vitamins that the body needs. Not only good for the body, but spinach can also be grown at home easily hydroponically.

As you probably already know, spinach is a vegetable that is easy to grow using water. Spinach also doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. In just 12 weeks, you can harvest spinach for you to cook!

4. Leeks

hydroponic celery
Source: IDNTimes Bali

Leeks are one type of vegetable that often complements dishes. Unfortunately, even though we usually use only a little for cooking, we still have to buy a bunch of green onions. Not infrequently, some leeks become wilted and turn yellow before being used because they have been left too long. Well, you can plant it at home, you know, to get fresh green onions.

Like a plant that needs a lot of water, leeks are suitable for hydroponic planting. Apart from water, leeks only need about 12-14 hours of sunlight per day. We recommend that you put this plant in a place exposed to sunlight, yes. Then, just wait 6-8 weeks for the first harvest and 3-4 weeks for the next harvest.

5. Celery

hydroponic celery
Source: Freepik

Like leeks, celery is often used as a complement to dishes. In addition, celery is also a mainstay vegetable for preventing and treating various diseases, from lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, to joint pain.

Because of its many benefits, why not try growing celery at home so that it can be consumed easily? Growing celery hydroponically is also easy, you know! After that, you can harvest them after 1-1.5 months.

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6. Chili

hydroponic chili
Source: Hydroponic Farming

Chili seems to be a mandatory ingredient in every kitchen, huh?

Well, chili is also a hydroponic vegetable plant that is suitable for planting by beginners. Because the price is getting more expensive on the market, you can be more economical because you have your own chilies. Besides that, you can also sell it back.

Hydroponic chili care is actually easier than others. You only need to choose superior seeds and pay attention to the nutrition of the water. For harvest time, the harvest time for chilies is around 80-90 days, or wait until the chilies start to turn red with a green stripe.

7. Cucumber

hydroponic cucumber
Hydroponic Cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable that has various benefits, ranging from complementary dishes such as fresh vegetables, drinks such as juices, to facial treatments. Because of its usefulness, why not try growing cucumbers at home?

All types of cucumbers can be planted by hydroponic planting and are quite easy, you know. You can plant cucumbers and then be them at around 2-3 months of age. However, keep in mind, cucumber growth and harvest time depend on the variety too.

8. Beans

hydroponic beans
Source: Aeroponics vs Hydroponics

This one vegetable is also rich in vitamins, you know, such as vitamins A, B, and C. In addition, beans also contain high protein so they are good for meeting the body’s nutritional needs.

Hydroponically grown beans will be easier to grow and you can harvest them in a short time, at around 25-30 days old. In addition, in one growing season, you can harvest beans about 20-25 times!

9. Basil

hydroponic basil
Source: Pertanianku

Vegetable plants that have this distinctive fragrance can also be planted hydroponically. People usually use basil leaves as a complement to dishes because they have a distinctive aroma and taste.

Basil grown by hydroponic cultivation can be harvested at the age of 50 days each week when fully ripe. Also, don’t forget to make sure there are special lights, yes, because basil requires good lighting.

10. Bellpepper

hydroponic pepper
Source: Dispertan Banten

Paprika is usually used as a mixture of foreign dishes, so not many Indonesians regularly cook using peppers. However, it turns out that paprika is better cultivated using hydroponic methods than soil.

To cultivate peppers hydroponically, you must pay attention to the concentration of nutrients this plant gets. Besides having high economic value, consuming peppers can also ward off free radicals!

11. Broccoli

hydroponic broccoli
Source: Labsatu

Broccoli is a vegetable that is often a mainstay of a healthy diet. This one vegetable can also be grown hydroponically, here. Although it tends to be more challenging and requires more attention, the results will be worth it.

The broccoli harvest period is indeed quite long compared to the others, which is around 2-3 months. However, you will definitely feel worth it when you see the results, especially hydroponic broccoli also has a high selling value.

Those are 11 hydroponic vegetables that are easy to grow at home and are suitable for beginners in farming. Growing vegetables for your own consumption can make you more economical, even if cultivated it can be a new source of income!

So, what plants will you try to plant using the hydroponic method?

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