Everything You Need to Know about Indonesian Kretek Cigarettes

Cigarettes have become part of the lifestyle for some people. Even though it has been equipped with warnings on the dangers of smoking on cigarette packages, in fact, it does not stop people from smoking. You may be familiar with e-cigarettes, filter cigarettes, and kretek cigarettes. But do you know what kretek actually is? The following is a complete explanation of cigarettes and kretek and their effects on the body.

What are Kretek Cigarettes?

Kretek cigarettes are an original Indonesian cigarette product and have been known to foreign countries. Kretek cigarettes use real tobacco which is dried and mixed with clove sauce. They are different from the ones that are from artificial tobacco. It offers a sweet sensation and the aroma of spices from the cloves mixed into them.

History of Kretek Cigarettes

There are many versions of the history of kretek cigarettes. One of them is the story of Haji Djamhari around the end of the 19th century in Kudus, Central Java. Starting from the chest pain he felt, then he applied clove oil and the pain subsided. From there, he experimented mixing cloves with tobacco and then rolling it into cigarettes — which has become a habit for men.

Since then, Djamhari’s concocted kretek has been considered a ‘medicinal cigarette’. Initially, kretek was wrapped in dry corn leaves. Sold per bundle of 10, without packaging at all. Then, in 1906 Nitisemito started a cigarette business, and in 1908 his business was officially registered under the brand “Tjap Bal Tiga”. The presence of Tjap Bal Tiga is considered a pioneer in the development of the kretek cigarette industry in Indonesia.

Types of Kretek Cigarettes

Based on the manufacturing method, kretek cigarettes have three types as follows:

1. Handmade Kretek

It is made manually by humans using a traditional kretek mill. Hand kretek cigarettes are conical in shape and are without any filters or filters inside.

2. Handmade Kretek with Filter

Kretek Filter is kretek which is made manually using traditional grinding tools and is made by humans. As the name implies, this type has a filter or filter in it and is cylindrical.

3. Machine-made Kretek

Machine-made Kretek is made using a machine. This type of kretek cigarettes are cylindrical and use a filter inside. The emergence of machine-made cigarettes is due to the high demand that is not proportional to the number of kretek cigarette producers.

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How Do Kretek Cigarettes Taste?

When asked how cigarettes taste, the majority of smokers will mention some of the things they feel after smoking. Smoking is considered capable of providing a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Cigarettes have a high taste and present a soft sensation because they are from a blend of tobacco with spices. Not infrequently, people consume cigarettes to expel the cold because they can bring warmth to the body.

Kretek vs. Filter Cigarettes

The main difference between kretek and filter cigarettes is the use of filters in the cigarette. Filters or filters function to minimize tar particles inhaled into the lungs, but only work for large tar particles. Meanwhile, small particles may still be inhaled by the lungs.

Even though they have used filters in them, in fact they are still far more dangerous than filter cigarettes. However, the smoke from filter cigarettes feels softer in the throat so that the smoke can go deeper. Filter cigarettes have even undergone various innovations to minimize their negative effects, such as adding menthol to using a lower tar level.

Dangers of Kretek Cigarettes

Merokok dan pengaruhnya bagi tubuh
Source: hellosehat.com

You must have often seen warnings about the dangers of smoking in cigarette product advertisements. In fact, on cigarette packaging, you can find the effects that smoking causes on the body. The following is a complete explanation of the dangers of kretek cigarettes, especially when consumed in excess amounts.

1. Heart Disease & Stroke

Kretek cigarettes, like other types of cigarettes, have bad effects on heart health. Smoking can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke even many times. This is caused by the nicotine hanging in cigarettes, as well as carbon monoxide as a dangerous substance that can be inhaled while smoking.

2. Cancer Risk

Kretek cigarettes also have an adverse effect on the health of other bodies because they can increase the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer as the organ most often interacts with cigarette content. This is because the presence of chemicals and other harmful substances in cigarettes that can increase the risk of cancer.

3. Nicotine Addiction

It contains nicotine in it, making smoking an effect on nicotine addiction and dependence for smokers. This is bad for health because nicotine has no benefits for the body.

4. Problems with the Reproductive System and Pregnancy

The effects of kretek smoking on the reproductive system are from the chemicals contained in kretek cigarettes that can damage the eggs and sperm. In the long run, it also affects the health of the pregnancy and the health of the baby. For men, smoking can damage the DNA in sperm which can transfer to the baby. As for women, smoking can lead to miscarriage and the risk of premature babies or birth defects.

5. Impacts on the Skin

In addition to the health of internal organs, smoking also has an effect on skin health. This is because smoking can reduce the intake of oxygen that is released to the skin. So that the smoker’s skin looks dull and makes the skin age faster than it should, and causes wrinkles, not to mention the toxins that circulate in the body can also cause cellulite.

Prices and Brands of Popular Kretek Cigarettes in Indonesia

There are many producers of both filter and kretek cigarettes in Indonesia. The majority of smokers also have their favorite cigarette preferences. These brands generally market their products at different prices, ranging from Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 25,000 per pack.

1. Sampoerna

Rokok kretek merk Sampoerna
Source: clovecig.com

One of the most popular cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia is PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Their products include Sampoerna A, Sampoerna U and Philip Moris Bold which are included in Machine Kretek Cigarettes (SKM) and Sampoerna Hijau and Dji Sam Soe which are included in Hand Kretek Cigarettes (SKT).

2. Gudang Garam

rokok merek Gudang garam
Source: quora.com

Many popular cigarettes in Indonesia also come from the producer PT Gudang Garam Tbk. Kretek cigarette products from this manufacturer also vary, including Gudang Garam Signature, Gudang Garam Merah, Gudang Garam International, and Gudang Garam Patra. This producer also produces filtered products that can be selected, including Surya Pro, Surya Pro Mild, and Surya Exclusive.

3. Djarum

rokok merek Djarum
Rokok Djarum

Another popular cigarette producer in Indonesia is PT Djarum such as Djarum Black, LA, and Djarum Super which is included in Machine Kretek Cigarettes (SKM), and Djarum Chocolate which is included in Hand Kretek Cigarettes (SKT).

There you go! Complete information about kretek cigarettes that you need to know. Make sure to consume them in a safe amount so you can still enjoy kretek cigarettes and avoid the bad effects.

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