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List of Apartments near LRT Stations in Jabodetabek

Nowadays, Jakarta has started to modernize its public transportation. A project named ‘Lintas Rel Terpadu Jabodetabek’ or more popular as LRT Jabodetabek is fast-paced transportation that is aimed to connect several areas in Jakarta. This project is also provided to support Jakarta citizen’s mobility. With this new public transportation, of course, it will be easier for you to reach certain areas. So down below, we provide you the list of several places for you to live in that is located near the LRT:

Stasiun Depo LRT Kelapa Gading

Gading Nias Apartment

Located in Kelapa Gading, one of the most popular areas in Jakarta, Agung Podomoro build an apartment to fulfill the citizen number demands. Nowadays, Kelapa Gading is known as one of the reputable areas that are filled by the rich and also an important area for the Chinese-Indonesians. Because of the location, Kelapa Gading that is located in the sub-district of North Jakarta is considered as ‘a city within a city’ because of its area that is filled with every single thing that is needed by its citizens. 

Gading Nias Apartment is located in the street of Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading. The street might be dirty because the front exit is filled with street food sellers that put their stalls there but it might be a good choice if you want to feel something different in Jakarta. Gading Nias Apartment also located near the popular shopping mall, Mall of Indonesia, that is not only big but also filled with things that can satisfy your needs. Kelapa Gading is one of the popular sites if you want to look for good bars or pubs, so it is also a good choice to look for.

Well, how about the green living near the area? Gading Nias Apartment is located not far from the Taman Jogging, a famous park in Kelapa Gading that is aimed for runners. So if you want to run, maybe this is the best option to go for. And don’t be afraid regarding the gym shortage because Kelapa Gading offers a lot of options that you can choose from. This is also a good option if you’re looking for a place to settle with your kids because it is located to international schools such as Penabur and North Jakarta International School. This place is also located 350 meters from the LRT.

Stasiun LRT Mall Kelapa Gading

The Summit

Source: Google Maps

Are you searching for a more modern apartment? well, we have the answer for you. Our answer is The summit, a high-end apartment complex located in one of the best locations in Kelapa Gading. On the other side of the summit, the Mall Kelapa Gading will greet you. As one of the most popular shopping malls that are not only filled by youngsters, it’s also a good place to search for what you want. You can spend your weekend midnight with movies in the cinema that you can reach with your foot. Shops are also scattered around it. 

You can enter this shopping mall from the Gading walk, an outdoor area with cafes and restaurants that are lined to offer this place. This is also a hub for youngsters that want something practical and easy to access. do you want to search for a place that is friendly for your furry four-legs friends? well, you can also visit Gading Walk because this place is dog friendly. It offers a playground and also a salon for your dogs. On Monday, you can use The LRT that is only 450 meters away from this apartment, making it practical for you.

The apartment itself is complex with 2 towers and filled with 386 units. Design-wise, this apartment is catchy because it doesn’t have much concrete. There are also a lot of facilities that are offered by the developer, Summarecon Agung. If you’re feeling blue, how about a swim under the clear sky of Jakarta that can ease your mind. You can also hit the gym that is provided for your healthy lifestyle. You can also use the tennis court that is available for the resident of this apartment. Looking for entertainment inside the apartment? well, you can use the game room that is filled by ping pong and billiard or even use the Karaoke Room.

Stasiun LRT Kelapa Gading Boulevard

Wisma Gading Permai

Wisma Gading Permai is an apartment that is located in one of the busiest streets in Kelapa Gading. Because it is located in Jl. Boulevard Raya, you can easily go around the town with LRT that is only 250 meters away from Wisma Gading Permai. This apartment is the first apartment that is developed by Summarecon Agung and opened in 1975. Yes indeed, this is an old apartment with a lot of stories inside. This apartment consists of 3 towers that are filled with 894 units.

Other than its close range from the LRT. Summarecon Agung also facilitated the residents of its apartment with a free shuttle that can get you from Wisma Gading Permai to the other apartments or the Mall Kelapa Gading. A lot of facilitation are also provided by the developer. In the morning, you can start your day with a run because this place offered a jogging track. This place is also family-friendly because it also provides a swimming pool that you can enjoy with your kids. The residents of this apartment can also easily reach everything with their foot because of its location. This place is also famous because the street food stalls that are scattered in their parking lot when the night comes. So you don’t have to worry about how to satisfy your palate.

Stasiun LRT Pulomas

Callia Apartment dan Tifolia Apartment

Source: Google Maps

As a budget apartment, Callia and Tifolia apartments is an apartment that is built by Duta Anggada. This apartment is also well-known, especially between middle-age adults and youngsters. This apartment is consists of two towers of 32 floors that have 500 and 560 units. Callia and Tifolia apartments are located inside the Pulomas Park Centre complex that is pretty well known in its area. Not only its location that is only 200 meters from the LRT, but it is also located in the crossroad of Perintis Kemerdekaan and Kayu Putih, that is the Boulevard Kelapa Gading mainline. Not only LRT and its prestigious location, but you can also easily use the Busway because the Busway shelter stairs are located in front of the Callia and Tifolia Apartments. 

Do you need something for your entertainment? you can directly use the swimming pool that is provided here. Or do you want to try something different? well, you can directly go to Bella Terra Shopping mall that is located in front of the Callia and Tifolia Apartment. So, a midnight movie is not something that you should think about because it is easy to access. Do you plan to go to the hospital? This apartment is also located near the Columbia Asia Hospital Pulomas so it is not an issue anymore if you’re sick because this apartment is close to nearly everything.

so these are several recommendations of apartments near LRT in Jabodetabek. we hope this article will help you find a good apartment for you. also, don’t forget to see other recommendations on our blog!

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