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Start Your Day by Making Your Bed in Just 5 Minutes!

A diligent person is a person who will be successful in the future. There are many good habits that you can learn and practice, one of which is making your own bed in the morning. Even though you spend most of your time at home right now, this is your chance to pick up lots of good habits that can build you up mentally for the future. Come on, try making your own bed in the morning!

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1. Open windows, blinds, or any other ventilations

Before you start making your bed, you should open your window first! Opening windows can have many benefits not only for your bed but for you too. Nothing tastes better than a breath of morning air (unless your environment is not very friendly to your nose and other senses). An open window or vent can also draw out dust, dead cells, and bacteria that have accumulated during your sleep. Wait one minute so that the dirt that has accumulated in your bed starts to lift. Meanwhile, maybe you can grab a drink, prepare a coffee, or stretch a little.

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2. Get rid of your pillows, bolsters, blankets and other things that are on your bed

After 1 minute passes or you feel that the morning air has entered your room, you can start removing pillows, bolsters and other things that are in your bed (it’s a different story if someone is sleeping, huh). Or, you can do it after opening a window or ventilation. Both are okay!

Oh and one more thing, it is important for you to always change your pillowcase or bolster if needed. Changing pillowcases or bolsters every 2-4 days is highly recommended so that dirt such as dead cells, chemicals from mosquito spray, or bacteria from sweat during sleep do not accumulate on your pillow or bolster.

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3. Take off your bed sheet and put it on again

After you get rid of your pillow and bolsters, it’s time for you to tidy up your bed sheets. Clean your bed from the remaining dust by hitting the bed with a broom stick or the palm of your hand. Do this for about 20-30 seconds before you take off your bed sheet. After you use a broom stick or the palm of your hand to clean the bed from dust, you can start removing your bed sheet and shaking the sheet to remove any remaining dust.

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4. Arrange your blankets and bed covers

After the sheets have been cleaned, it is time for you to return the blankets, pillows and bolsters. Start from arranging the blanket. You can fold the blanket so that the top of the blanket is almost to the place where the regular pillow is. After that, fold the top of the blanket 30 cm long to form an indentation that can hold your body warm. If you have a bed cover, then don’t forget to put it under the blanket as a cover between the blanket and pillow. If you only have a blanket, you can fold the blanket in half and place it where your feet are. Do it based on your preferences and bed type.

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5. Arrange your pillows and bolsters

And voila! You’re almost done making your bed! Now it remains only to arrange the pillows and bolsters that you have according to your taste and the position you sleep in. Congratulations! You managed to clean your own bed in the morning!

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6. Use room freshener for maximum results

Last but not least, use room freshener to make your room smell. This can take many forms, from air freshener sprays to aromatherapy candles. In addition, you can also hang air freshener in your air conditioner so that the fragrance will last as long as you use your air conditioner.

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So, how is it? You feel how satisfying it is to see a clean and tidy bed? Like “that’s where I’m going to sleep later, and I can’t wait to start the day so I can come back here”. Right? There is a sense of satisfaction in making your bed in the morning.

There are tips, to make it more exciting. Try using a timer or stopwatch when you are making your bed. Record your time from day to day to see if you are getting better at making your bed. Think of it as a race with yourself. This will make your morning more exciting and encourage you to make your bed every day. Plus, if you are the type of person who really has to move fast using a timer or stopwatch it can help you manage your time.

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Benefits of making your bed every day in the morning

The habit of making your bed is indeed a good habit, but what are the benefits of making your bed after you wake up in the morning?

1. Build Discipline

Did you know that it’s common for new military recruits to make their beds? They are used to getting up early in the morning and making their beds to prepare for their stations and posts. Indeed, any good habit can build discipline. But making a bed, if you think about it, is a tough thing to do. Why? Because you just woke up.

Now imagine this, when you wake up you must have the desire to “get some air” by rolling around, or maybe opening your phone to see the latest news or updates. If you go to the bathroom or something, there must be a desire to go back to bed. By diligently making your bed, you indirectly fight your laziness and the desire to stay in bed. Cool!

2. Maintain your health

Cleaning the bed can also keep you from accumulated bacteria and other harmful things that land on your bed. In addition, you will also be physically healthier because of doing little exercise when you do it. Plus, your mentality becomes a winner’s mentality who is tenacious and doesn’t give up easily.

3. Keep your room tidy

This is a quite obvious benefit of having a habit of making your bed, the beauty of the room brings comfort and pride to you. There is nothing better than returning to a clean and tidy room.

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It can be seen that making your bed is a good habit which can be done quite easily and quickly. Getting used to this can bring you many benefits, such as disciplined exercise and maintaining your health among many other benefits. If you start your day by making your bed, then maybe the beginning of the day is the beginning of your success story. Keep your spirits up!

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