5 Simple and Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Because the kitchen is one of the important elements in a house, it might be difficult to imagine a simple minimalist kitchen concept. “The less is more” – which is closely related to the minimalist concept, does not mean the room has to be empty; a simple kitchen must still be able to function optimally. Think of it as a covert operation – property must be hidden, even though, the equipment is important.

Minimalism is the ideal design trend for kitchens, where cleanliness, layout, and functionality are the basic pillars that must be taken into account. This allows a minimalist kitchen to get more space to avoid clutter and make your stylish kitchen utensils the main focus.

Minimalism doesn’t always mean empty, unfinished, or boring. With the right approach, a minimalist kitchen will remain full, filled with personality and style that reflects the owner of the house. Here Flokq summarizes 5 simple minimalist kitchen ideas that you can imitate to complement your house concept.

1. The Practical Minimalist Beauty

minimalist kitchen in limited space

Designing a neat and neat kitchen but according to your needs is a challenge in designing a kitchen. The goal is to maximize the square area for practical use – which is the main feature of a minimalist kitchen.

There are several surfaces that are sufficient for preparing ingredients or placing cooked food. Many cabinets, drawers or storage cabinets make it easy for owners to store utensils or condiments. Thus, only a few essential equipment occupies the counter space.

Placement of the sink right in front of the stove is also an idea that you can copy, you know, Flokqers! This idea is perfect for minimizing the dirt that falls from dirty cooking utensils. The combination of marble tables, silver and white are also smart – because the size of the place is not too big, use colors that are bright enough to create a spacious impression. The touch of marble elements in this minimalist kitchen appears to balance the minimalist impression but remains luxurious and elegant.

2. Minimalist with Luxurious Feel

modern minimalist kitchen

Another reason why so many people love minimalist kitchen ideas is their long-lasting aesthetic design. Matte black sinks and chairs combined with high-end marble and wood accents add to the beauty and functionality of the food preparation area. Throughout the cooking area, the interior is also black which gives the impression of hiding the cabinets and refrigerators creating a seamless look.

Wooden floors and placing flower vase accessories on the preparation table add a chic impression to this kitchen look. The lamp that is placed right above the table will highlight every meal that is provided, so it looks tastier, of course!

3. Minimalist Masculine Kitchen

masculine look on kitchen

Dark or “moody” colors are perfect for a minimalist kitchen space. The combination of modern wooden cabinets with industrial-style floors and walls creates a contemporary and contemporary kitchen that accentuates the masculine side of the homeowner.

The unfinished touches of the walls and floors give a cool, but still beautiful impression. The kitchen property is not too many and silver (stainless steel), which further emphasizes the masculine side of this design. the placement of the lights that are not too bright (downlight), also gives a warm impression.

4. A Touch of Pop Colors and Natural Accents

Minimalist kitchens are all about making the atmosphere more comfortable. The minimalist version of the aesthetic is all about keeping surfaces free of clutter-free items, by giving utensils and desks the bulk of the cabinet. In addition, the kitchen with a white base color with a touch of contrasting colors and natural textures also creates the illusion of calm.

Flokq recommends using warm neutrals and soft colors that work best in the kitchen as they create a cozy cooking atmosphere. However, the color of the kitchen wall paint can be whatever you like. So, don’t let the minimalist concept deter you from accenting your bright colors or your favorite natural nuances!

5. The Combination of Minimalist and Maximum

Flokqers can definitely incorporate moody colors, natural textures, and dramatic patterns into a cooking space that carries this theme. Backsplash accents touch the line between minimalism and maximumism. However, what keeps the striking black tile from feeling visually overwhelming is the large kitchen cabinet on the left side.

The large kitchen cabinet eliminates the need for an upper cabinet on the far left wall, which makes the space feel less cluttered. The natural wood accents complement the minimalist vibe and the materials balance the “dark” visual impression of some of the room elements.

So, those are 5 minimalist kitchen ideas that might be applied in your home. Keep in mind that minimalism does not mean that it must be free of items, so that the kitchen cannot be used optimally. Conversely, a minimalist design helps you to be able to use the kitchen space as effectively and optimally as possible. You can still provide a touch of color and other accents that can add a neat impression. Minimalist kitchens are not all about white and empty, Flokqers!

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