10 Minimalist Sofa Recommendations: Comfortable and Simple Under IDR 3 Million!

During this PPKM period, you may start to rarely visit other people’s homes, and vice versa. However, still looking at your free space it feels like something is missing. Or maybe you are tired of your old sofa, and want a simpler and cheaper replacement? Do not worry! Here are 10 minimalist sofa recommendations that are definitely comfortable and simple starting from 3 million and below!

1. Retro Sofa

minimalist sofa
Ebonia Retro

The RETRO sofa from the Ebonia brand uses a classic design to give a natural impression to your home. The durable and scratch-resistant rubber wood frame will keep this sofa’s new look for a long time. The double stitching of the sofa keeps the original shape of the sofa. The waterproof synthetic PU leather protects the inside of the sofa from weathering.


  • Brand: Ebonia
  • Material: PU Leather, Wooden Leg, High Elasticity Sponge
  • Size: 1P: 635 x 750 x 750mm, 2P: 1120 x 750 x 750m, 3P: 1635 x 750 x 750mm
  • Waterproof, Durable, Scratch Resistant Frame, Double Stitched

Price: IDR 2,899,000

2. Cloud 9

minimalist sofa
Cloud 9

This minimalist sofa of brand Livien Cloud9 edition comes with Japandi (Japanese Scandinavian) style. Its simple and lightweight form fits in narrow to wide spaces. You can combine this sofa with a coffee table, side table, or tv table.


  • Brand: Livein
  • Material: : Solid Wood, SR 10 FABRIC with NC/DUCO fleece / oscar finish
  • Size: 170 x 80 x 82 (sofa besar), 80 X 55 X 40 (sofa kecil)

Price: IDR 2,800,000

3. Saki Sofa

minimalist sofa
Saki Sofa Bed

For those of you who live in a boarding house or studio apartment, this sofa will be very practical and save costs! The Japanese style (Japan + Scandinavian) not only gives a minimalist but luxurious impression, but is also multifunctional. You can set this sofa to be a seat or bed like the picture below.

minimalist sofa


  • Brand : Heim Studio
  • Material: Woven Fabric, Wood, Foam
  • Size: 180 x 100 x 75Cm

Price: IDR 2,839,000

4. Guise

minimalist sofa

Crafted by hands, Guise adopts a modern minimalist model that combines elements of industrial elegance. The overall physical appearance of this sofa uses premium materials to ensure your comfort. In order to prolong the life of the product, care should be taken not to put colored water, hot coals, acids or chemicals, as well as sharp objects on the sofa. When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth and dry clean. Wipe with a damp cloth following the direction of the wood groove


  • Brand : Heim Studio
  • Material: Upholstery Vienna Linen 54% polyester, 26% cotton, 20% linen and Super Premium Yellow 32 foam, HQ Rebounded, while sofa legs are made of Solid Acacia Wood and Certified Solid Meranti frame, Plywood with Melamine coating
  • Size: Overall Dimension : P 120cm x L 70cm x T 70cm
  • Seat Thickness: 12cm
  • Seat Depth: 55cm
  • Seat Height: 45cm
  • Leg Height: 14cm

Price: IDR 2,680,000

5. HALEY Sofabed

minimalist sofa
Highpoint Bari

This sofabed from iCreate brand is slimmer and lighter. From a sofa 182 cm wide and 49.5 cm wide, it will become a bed 182 cm long and 99 cm wide, perfect for those of you who have a narrow space. You can see the model of this sofa as a bed in the image below.

minimalist sofa


  • Brand: iCreate
  • Material: Polyester soft feeling fabric with ecalyptus wood + foam frame supported by solid wood legs
  • Size: 182cm x 99cm x 38 cm

Price: IDR 2,599,000

6. Minimalist L Capella

L Capella

This L model sofa has a soft seat and neat stitches, sturdy and quality materials, also available in various colors. It is suitable for relaxing with family or just sitting together with colleagues at work.


  • Brand: Offo Living
  • Material: Sofa Fabric + Foam + Solid Wood & PB & Plywood
  • Size: 117 x 71 x 91 cm

Price: IDR 2,149.000

7. Moonie Sofabed

minimalist sofa
Letter L Desk

Equipped with a drink holders and a stool, the Moonie sofabed will be very comfortable for couples who enjoy quality time together. This sofa is also suitable for small families. It’s enough to just raise the drinker section, and you’ll get extra space. You can also use the stool as an extension of the sofa when it is arranged into a bed to maximize your comfort.


  • Brand: SCANDIA
  • Material: PU/Oscar (Artificial Leather)
  • Size: 166 x 83 x 78 Cm

Price: IDR 1,999,000

8. Newark 2 Seater


Weighing 34kg, the Newark is so simple that it’s easy to move around as you like. The foam sofa supported by zigzag springs and wooden legs will guarantee your comfort. It is suitable for new couples or used alone in small or narrow spaces.


  • Brand: Isiruma
  • Material: Foam, Zigzag Spring, Solid Leg
  • Size: 122 x 71 x 73cm
  • Weight: 34kg

Price: IDR 1,999,000

9. FUJI Sofa


If you barely have room for a traditional sofa, try this folding sofa from the Mee-Do brand. This floor sofa is very comfortable and suitable to accompany you to relax, from lying down, leaning back, to sitting upright like on a sofa. The product’s very light weight will allow you to use this sofa anywhere you want.


  • Brand: Mee-Do
  • Material: High quality foam, dacron, iron and folding hinges
  • Size: 200c x 90c x 10 cm (full size)
  • 5 backrest positions

Price: IDR 1.320.000

10. Procella Sofa


Almost the same as FUJI sofa, Procella also has a thick material, soft and comfortable, with a sturdy iron frame to lean on. Procella is more suitable for solo use, such as WFH workers or students studying online. The product’s weight which is only 3kg makes Procella a super simple furniture that can be used anywhere and anytime.

  • Brand: Olympic
  • Material: Fabric, Dacron, Iron Frame
  • Size: 11 x50 x1 06cm
  • Weight: 3kg

Price: IDR 259,000

For large families and new couple it may be more suitable for minimalist sofa that have a larger frame and size, while minimalist sofa that is lighter will be very practical if you live alone. Thus 10 sofa recommendations from Flokq. Happy sofa hunting!

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