8 Best Natural Stone Tiles for Your Home

Building walls can always be created to give the perfect finish. Starting from adding wallpaper, ceramics, to natural stone walls. Previously, natural stone was more often used as an outdoor ornament, also as a composition for house construction or as a room decoration. However, nowadays many residents use natural stone to sweeten the interior of the house. Let’s find out more about which natural stones would work best for your home!

Two Properties of Natural Stone

Solid Natural Stone

The natural stone itself has two different properties, namely solid and non-solid. Natural stone that is solid has a physical solid, sturdy, hard, and does not break easily. Solid stone also does not easily absorb water because it does not have pores or the scientific language is porosity, so it is suitable for the exterior of the house. In addition, solid rock does not become mossy because it does not have room for water and air to enter.

Non-solid Natural Stone

While natural stone with non-solid properties is the opposite of solid rock, where it has pores so that it can absorb water and air and is easily mossy, as well as a soft texture that breaks easily. Stones with non-solid properties are more suitable for use in home interiors. For those of you who are curious about what types of natural stones can provide a natural and aesthetic touch, let’s look at this explanation. Here are some of the best wall tiles for your home.

8 Kinds of Natural Stones

There are many kinds of natural stones that you can use to beautify your home. This natural stone wall is suitable to compliment the finishing of various types of buildings, from traditional, minimalist, rustic, to the Mediterranean. On the exterior of the house, people usually install natural stones on the floor, pillar walls, fences, terraces, ornamental ponds, and gardens. Whereas in the interior of the house, they can be applied to the walls of the living room or bathroom. The use of natural stone in this house can add a natural, shady, natural impression, and create a contrast that makes the house look much more attractive.

However, there is one thing to remember. Installation of natural stone walls must be done by an expert so that you do not install it incorrectly and produce the desired pattern and finish. In choosing natural stone for use in the exterior and interior of the house, you must know that natural stone for exterior and interior walls is different.

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1. Marble Stone

marble stone

A marble is one type of natural stone wall which people often use for building finishing. The advantage of this marble stone wall is that the house looks more luxurious and elegant. The colors of the marble stones also vary, so you can finish them as you wish. Its non-solid nature makes it easily brittle when exposed to heat or rain. Therefore, make sure only for the interior.

2. Palimanan Stone

palimanan stone
Palimanan Stone

Next, we recommend Palimanan stone. It is a natural stone that people regularly use as home decoration. This stone has large pores and fairly light color, so it is advisable to use a special coating to protect the stone from moss and discoloration. Even though it has large pores, this stone can also be used outdoors and indoors, but still using a special coating.

3. Andesite

andesite stone

Andesite stone is also one of the most popular stones people use in buildings. Not only does it give an aesthetic and natural impression, but this stone has solid properties so it is durable. Andesite stone usually comes in black or gray, so it is suitable for those of you who want to give the perfect finishing touch to a modern minimalist building. Another advantage of this stone wall is that it is resistant to weather and mildew. So, it is very suitable if you install it outdoors. You can then often expose it to sunlight and rain. Even though it only has two colors, this stone comes in a variety of styles, such as a groove or abstract models.

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4. Templek Stone

templek stone
Templek Stone

Next, we have Templek stone. It is a stone that has solid properties. It is very popular since ancient times where people use it as a house’s exterior. This new advantage is that it has a cheaper price compared to andesite stone. You can use random patterns in the installation to make it look luxurious. This templek stone is perfect for the exterior of the house. When exposed to rain, this stone will look like it has just been coated.

5. Limestone


In Indonesia, we regard this rock as limestone. This limestone is solid or has a quality that can withstand all temperatures and weather. Therefore, you can use this stone to be both exterior and interior. Because of its sturdiness, this is the reason why many people have limestone for home decoration.

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6. Granite

Granite tile

Next, we have Granite stone. It is also a popular stone for wall veneers, floor coatings, and bathroom walls. This granite has small pores so it is not easily dirty and easy to clean. In addition, this stone is also strong and resistant to various weather conditions, such as rain and heat. If you want to give your home a natural and fresh impression, then this stone is the right choice, because this stone also creates a natural and luxurious impression.

7. Coral Stone

coral stone
Coral Stone

You must be familiar with this stone, because of its versatile function. Besides being used as a decorative stone for gardens and buildings, we can also use coral on the floor. Coral stone that is installed on the floor, can be left slightly protruding so that it can massage the soles of our feet, and relax the muscles.

8. Sukabumi Stone

Sukabumi Stone

To make the look of your swimming pool more beautiful, you can use natural stone as decoration on one wall. In choosing which natural stones would work best with water surrounding, you needs to consider the water resistance. Solid rock types such as Sukabumi stone is one of the top recommendations. Other solid natural stones such as Andesite or Granite can also be an option to make a swimming pool look more elegant.

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Well, that’s the type of natural stone that you can use as an exterior or interior of your home. Which is your favorite? Don’t forget to bookmark this article to make it easier for you to find it when needed.

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