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Neighborhood Guide: Kelapa Gading

For those of you who live in North Jakarta, surely you are familiar with this area. Kelapa Gading is a well-planned area and located north of Jakarta. Because of its strategic location, many property companies have developed Kelapa Gading.

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Aside from being a residential area, Kelapa Gading also has places like malls, restaurants, cafes, office buildings, and transport hubs. So, these are the neighborhood guide that you should know, especially for ex-pats while exploring Kelapa Gading. Let’s see more!

Shopping Malls

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People usually think of going to the mall if they feel bored at home. At the mall, they usually do shopping, go to the cinema, hang out at the cafe and restaurant, or simply just strolling around the mall. There are many malls or shopping centers in Kelapa Gading. So, if you want to go to the malls, here are the lists of the mall you can visit.

Night Clubs & Bar

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Jakarta is widely known for its nightlife. Even though the night clubs and bar in North Jakarta is not as many as in other areas in Jakarta, Kelapa Gading still has several night clubs and bars that are worth to visit to hang out and have fun with your friend. So, here are some recommendations for night clubs and bars in Kelapa Gading.

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Sports & Fitness Center

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A busy work schedule will make your body tired and unhealthy. Besides eating healthy foods, exercise and fitness are very important for your body’s health. In Kelapa Gading, there are many fitness centers, gym and other sport centers that you can visit. Start from gym, archery, yoga, and pilates. So, here are lists of the recommendation of sport and fitness centers in Kelapa Gading.


Source: Google Maps

Besides sports, enjoying entertainment is very important for pleasure and peace of mind. There are many entertainment venues in Kelapa Gading that are suitable for stress relief. Start of the escape room, karaoke, cinema, and park. Here are neighborhood guide Kelapa Gading for you to relieve your stress:

Finally! Those are places of neighborhood guide in Kelapa Gading that you can visit. Hopefully, it is useful for you to go around the city! Don’t forget to prepare everything you need. Since now you know about the Kelapa Gading neighborhood, it will be more fun if you can explore more interesting places in that area. Good luck and have fun!

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