How to Buy Movie Tickets Online in Jakarta

There are benefits when booking a show ticket online like you don’t have to queue and can choose seats directly.  You can directly book online tickets through these popular booking platforms such as M-Tix, CGV ID, TIX ID, GO-TIX, and Book My Show. Here are steps to order movie tickets online on several platforms!

1. M-Tix

m-tix online movie ticket

M-Tix is an application made by Cinema 21, the largest cinema chain in Indonesia. Before ordering tickets online at M-Tix, you need to register first. After that, top up your M-Tix balance. If these two steps have been taken, booking tickets online can be done at M-Tix.

How to book tickets on M-Tix:

  • Log in the application with your registered mobile number and PIN in M-Tix app;
  • Choose the location movie, date, showtime, seat, and number of tickets;
  • Click “confirm order” if you’re already sure with your choice and you’ll inquire to input your PIN and you click “buy”.
  • Your balance will automatically be cut according to the ticket price plus the admin fee which is for Rp1.500,00/ ticket. Finally, you will get a booking code and QR code that functions to exchange tickets at the cinema via the MTix application, SMS, or registered email.


CGV online movie ticket
CGV Cinemas

The second-largest cinema chain in Indonesia, CGV also has a cinema ticket booking service directly through an application called CGV CINEMAS. You can create an account by using a Facebook or Gmail account.

How to book tickets on CGV CINEMAS:

  • Register for a CGV CINEMAS account using either your Facebook or Gmail account and enter the application.
  • Select the title of the movie you want to watch and tap the Order Now button.
  • Then select the cinema, studio type, and showtime according to the domicile in which you want to watch the film
  • Tap the Select Seat button to select the seat location from the drawn plan, to continue staying, tap Next.
  • Select the payment method and make payment according to the ticket price plus an admin fee of Rp5.000,00/ transaction.
  • If the payment is successful, you will get an Order ID and Pass Key for you to exchange for a standalone ticket machine available at the CGV store.

3. Cinepolis

cinepolis online movie ticket

Cinepolis Indonesia or formerly called Cinemaxx, which is a relatively cheaper cinema compared to the price offered by Cinema XXI or CGV. Here you can order performance tickets through the official application. Cinepolis Indonesia serves payment via credit cards and OVO balances only.

How to book tickets on Cinepolis Indonesia:

  • First, you must create an account or log in to the Cinepolis Indonesia application.
  • On the Now Showing tab, you can choose the title of the movie you want to watch and tap Buy Ticket.
  • Then you just choose the date, theater, and time of airing. Then select the ticket and start by tapping the floor plan on the screen, then tap Confirm Seat.
  • Finally, you just pay using an OVO credit card ticket price with an additional Rp5.000,00 / ticket as an admin fee.
  • If successful, you will get a transaction confirmation that will be sent to the application or via email.


tix id online movie ticket

TIX ID is a third party application that focuses on booking tickets at CGV, Cinema XXI, and Cineapolis (Cinemax). The advantages of TIX ID are the many promos, such as “buy 1 get 1 free” vouchers, fee discounts with certain payment methods, and others.

How to book tickets on TIX ID:

  • Download the TIX ID application and register. It is recommended to sync your TIX ID  account with your DANA account.
  • Make sure your DANA balance is sufficient and then select a movie, location, type of cinema, date, and time of the show, then tap Buy Ticket.
  • Select the seat you want and tap Order Summary to make the payment process.
  • Double-check the payment details where you have to pay the ticket amount plus an admin fee of Rp1.500,00 / ticket. If you are sure, tap Pay Now.
  • If you use DANA, enter your PIN and your DANA balance automatically will be cut and a successful purchase notification will be shown.
  • Finally, you can view online theater tickets that you have ordered on the Ticket tab and provide a booking code that can be exchanged at the theater you are going to.

 5. BookMyShow


This particular option is also a third-party cinema ticket booking application and website that you can use and has worked with the theater, such as CGV, Cinepolis, Flix, Lotte Cinema, and others. BookMyShow also provides options for buying special snacks for the CGV store that you can bring to the studio. Easy, right?

How to book tickets on BookMyShow:

  • Make sure you have installed and logged your account in the BookMyShow application.
  • On the home page, you have to select the movie you want to watch and tap Ticket  Book to start placing an order. Do not forget to also choose the type of studio!
  • Then choose the date, location of the cinema, and showtime. Then choose the number of seats needed and tap.
  • Select the cinema seat plan and tap Pay to proceed to the payment process.
  • Double-check the details of the purchase with a ticket plus an admin fee of Rp5.000,00 / ticket. If you are sure, tap Pay.
  • Here you can choose payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card, Aja Link, or Doku Wallet.
  • Finally, if the booking is successful, you will get a Booking ID and Pass Key that you just need to exchange for tickets at the theater you are going to.

6. GoTix


Since it was first launched, Gojek has indeed projected the application into a super application that will provide you everything you need. There is a feature called GoTix in which you can book online tickets for your favorite movie. You can also enjoy various discounts by using GoTix and GoPay.

         How to book tickets through GoTix:

  • Open the Gojek application on your smartphone. Select the More menu on the home screen and look for the GoTix service.
  • Then choose a movie that airs in your area then chooses a show date and favorite viewing location, such as CGV, Cinepolis, and XXI.
  • Then select the showtime and you will immediately be diverted to choose a seat to sit. If so, you just tap Continued). Confirm your order by viewing the ticket payment details and admin fee of Rp3.000,00 / ticket. Here you can pay using GoPay and a credit card then tap Order Now.
  • If the booking is successful, you will get a booking code which will then be exchanged at the cinema where you are watching.

7. Traveloka


Who doesn’t know Traveloka? This application is known to be managing online flight ticket booking and hotel accommodation services but now you can book your movie tickets through this application! Traveloka provides payment methods via bank transfer and credit cards.

How to book tickets on Traveloka:

  • Open Traveloka application on your phone, then on the main page you select the     Film menu.
  • Select the chosen city you want to watch a movie and select the movie title.
  • Choose where you want to watch and then specify the date, type of studio, and time of the show. Then just tap Select Seat and continue to make a payment.
  • Then choose the payment method and you will pay for the admin fee (Rp5.000,00 / ticket) and tap Pay with Transfer.
  • Just like other online cinema ticket purchase applications, if the transaction is successful you will get a booking ID via the application or email.

Well, that’s the recommendation of the best and most trusted online cinema ticket purchase application in 2020. Now you don’t need to have to queue!

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