Check out 7 Tips to Stay Productive During Fasting

When fasting, you will be prohibited from eating and drinking for approximately 13 hours which this regulation applies especially in Indonesia. During this time, your body will feel weak because you don’t get nutrition for hours after you finish eating and drinking at dawn. Changes to eating patterns during fasting also require the body to begin to adapt.

In addition, you may also feel sleepy while fasting, it can even interfere with the focus of your daily activities. Lack of carbohydrate intake during suhoor and iftar also causes your body to easily lose energy and feel weak during the day. This is certainly very disturbing your focus and concentration at work and in carrying out daily activities.

Then, what can be done to stay productive and focused during fasting in Ramadan? Check out more productive tips in this article!

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In general, being productive is a way to get the desired results with less time and less effort. Productive here has the meaning of focusing on the results achieved, while the work effort is usually more flexible.

To be productive, you don’t have to do light work and be busy looking for tools to ease a heavy and difficult job. It’s just that if you find a solution to make it easier, then it can be prioritized.

Reasons why you need to stay productive during fasting

As previously explained, there are still many who consider this month of Ramadan to be a month with the meaning of the month of freedom. The freedom in question can be like lightening the burden, of work, and simplifying activities so that fasting worship runs smoothly. The key to being able to enjoy fasting and get the maximum reward is not to complain about the sensation of thirst and hunger.

So that the sensation is not too felt and tormenting, then try not to just sit still or sleep from dawn until it is time to break the fast. Use your time to do productive activities throughout the day, it is guaranteed that your fast will be smooth without complaints. Check out 5 reasons why you are required to stay productive during fasting.

1. Effectively launch fasting

As explained at the beginning, if your fasting is filled with many activities, waiting for iftar hours will not be felt. So, by being productive, you can make fasting more smooth.

2. Avoiding the large workload

If you are someone who is still busy with school, college, or work during the month of Ramadan, you will automatically carry out daily productive activities. If you are even more productive, then your work can be completed on time, thus avoiding the workload that accumulates because it will increase until the load is many times heavier.

3. Always be enthusiastic and don’t give up easily

A productive person tends to be in a good mood and always spreads positive vibes. Because they are used to being disciplined, there is no workload piling up, and they are always able to do anything, so by doing productive activities in the month of Ramadan, you can always be enthusiastic and don’t know to give up on the difficulties or challenges you are facing.

4. Wake up early

When you wake up too late, you have missed a lot of things. Starting from suhoor, morning prayers in congregation, refreshing sports in the morning, and other productive activities.

If you want to always wake up early, then try to stay productive by doing productive activities during the month of Ramadan. Because by being productive, you will be more disciplined and make your life more organized. Including sleeping hours so you can always get up early.

5. More rewards

Productive in the month of Ramadan will usually involve worship activities, such as sunnah prayers to reciting the Koran throughout the morning. That is, if you can be productive during the month of Ramadan, then there are many rewards that you can achieve.

Tips to stay productive during fasting

Many benefits can be obtained during the month of Ramadan if you fill it with various productive activities. So, don’t hesitate to be more productive amid your fasting. Here are 7 tips that you can apply to stay productive while fasting in the month of Ramadan.

1. Make a daily plan

Daily Plan

The first productive tip to keep you feeling healthy and fit during fasting is to prepare your daily plan. With reduced focus and headaches, you’ll find it’s better to plan what you’re going to do each day. Making a daily plan will help you stay organized and you should focus on the work itself, not on how your day will go and what you will be doing.

2. Adjust sleeping hours

Sleeping Hours

Tips to stay productive during your next fast is to adjust your sleeping hours. Bedtime usually tends to be chaotic during the month of Ramadan. Most people suffer from sleep deprivation during this month, as they tend to sleep right after the Fajr prayer. That’s why adjusting your sleeping hours is important.

You can try two ways to adjust your sleep time; the first way, you can eat suhoor earlier, or in a second way, you can sleep and wake up first to eat suhoor and then go back to sleep. In addition, you can also take a short nap during the day to help you get enough sleep. You need all focus on carrying out daily activities, therefore getting enough sleep will be very helpful in completing your productivity.

3. Eat healthy food

Healthy Food

Some foods can help you stay full and focused during fasting. In addition to nuts and eggs, you are advised to add avocado at dawn. Avocados are a fruit that is rich in fiber (as additional information for you that fiber cannot be digested so it can keep you full for a longer time and your energy will be released slowly).

In addition, you are also advised to avoid consuming caffeine because if you drink it after breaking your fast, it will affect your sleep time such as having trouble sleeping, and eventually you will sleep late. It also increases urination, therefore, will deplete your body fluids and will make you feel thirsty the next day.

4. Take an enough rest


During the fasting month, you can use your rest time to regain focus and refresh yourself. If you feel sleepy or have trouble focusing, try taking a break.

You can use your rest time by taking a walk because the fresh air can reduce your drowsiness and in an instant you will feel refreshed and ready to resume your productive activities. In addition, you can also use your time off by doing nothing just to cool down.

5. Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

You are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and avoid eating spicy foods. Also, don’t add too much salt to your diet as it will increase the body’s need for water. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in water and fiber. You can also eat tomatoes, cucumbers, or watermelons.

Avoid sitting in hot places because it will make you sweat and lose body fluids. This will make you feel thirsty while fasting. If you work from an office or home, make sure the air conditioner where you are is on or choose a place that allows fresh air to enter.

6. Have a self-control

Self Control

Some people tend to feel like eating everything before fasting the next day. This is a false statement, don’t push your stomach beyond its limits. Because it will cause digestive problems and you may even feel nauseous which will affect your work performance the next day. On the other hand, if you eat healthy food, eat it slowly, and give your stomach time to process the food in it.

7. Workout


The workout will help you stay energized because doing sports will release endorphins in the body and will improve your mood. These productive tips will help you stay productive and focused, which will make you feel motivated.

For you to stay productive, your daily activities in the month of Ramadan need to be enriched with various useful activities. Hopefully, you can apply the explanation of the reasons and productive tips during fasting!

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